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Thai Girls are a dream for many Westerners traveling to Thailand for holidays. 

As soon as guys arrive, they quickly discover the myth is true.

Thai girls are all slim and sexy!

Thai girls have great body shapes compared to Western women, especially the Thai teens 18+.

Most Thai Girls know the word “6 pack” and strive to get one.

Let’s examine how they do it.

Sexy Thai Girls Have a Small Body Structure

Thai girls are small and have petite bodies. The average woman’s dress size sold in malls around Bangkok is between an American size 0 – 4.   

Thai girls Small Waists

That’s super tiny! Well, Asian genes play a big part in it.

Thank God.

Sexy Thai Girls Don’t Eat Much!

Thai girls love to eat with friends. And when they do, they usually order “family style” and eating many different dishes off shared plates.

Sharing food means typically you consume smaller portions of food.

Thai girls hang out together and eat family style

And then there are the snacks!

Thai Girls love snacking all day, which can increase the body’s metabolism to burn more calories. 

And did you ever notice that Thai Girls always Drink First, Eat Later? All those drinks reduce appetite.  

Not to mention all the bottles of water Thai girls drink every meal. All that water helps the body’s circulation work and digest the food meal.

And finally, based on sales at Starbucks, we also know Thai Girls love Green Tea. All those smoothies are not only healthy, but they can also help you lose weight.   

Sexy Thai Girls Spicy Diet Burns Calories

Thai Girls love spicy food. The hotter, the better! Spices in the foods help the food travel through your body. It helps burn calories along the way.

Thai Food is Spicy.

Thai people rarely eat beef. They prefer pork and chicken, generally mixed with vegetables to keep portions down. 

Did you ever see Thai girls order steak?

And last, Thailand is HOT. Thai Girls usually eat at open food stalls, and who wants to eat a lot when it’s hot outside? Climate can reduce your appetite.

Society Pushes Thai Girls to Keep Fit

So at all levels of Thai society, there is a lot of pressure for girls to maintain a think, slim, and become bikini net idols showing off their sexy figure.

Thai Girls have enormous pressure to keep fit. Their future depends on remaining sexy.

And this is especially true for sex workers and Thai Bar Girls working at night.   

When hundreds of thousands of Thai girls compete for the same guys, who would allow themselves to become fat?

Sexy Thai Girls Pics – So Cute – So Hot

And finally, we promised you some photos of sexy cute Thai girls, some of them in their Teens — all 18+.

Have a look and enjoy:

Skinny Thai Girl Dancing on Stage at the Pimp Bangkok

I think you will agree that Thai teens are of some most Sexiest, Cutest girls you have ever seen, certainly compared to Western girls.

All these girls all work at The Pimp, Bangkok’s Best Gentleman’s Club. They are all fun, intelligent, sweet, and sometimes naughty.

And if these cute girls are not your thing, check out our report and photo gallery on Busty Thai Girls.

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Why are Thai Girls so Thin?

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