Two Clubs and a Lounge Rolled Into One Massive Party Place

RCA would be one of Bangkok’s go-to places of every partygoer – in a snazzy, less than shabby fashion. This one-stretch alley never sleeps with its bars and nightclubs galore, crammed with all Bangkok partygoers ready to get lost and have fun. Whether you’re a wild party animal who’s up for anything chilled and upbeat or an occasional clubber with a tasteful choice of genre, Slim & Flix is one of RCA’s bustling clubs that brings you the absolute party experience you’ve been craving for.

The first thing you would probably notice is the club’s intricate exterior made of glass and concrete, giving it a sophisticated feel. Truth be told, Slim & Flix has something many a club doesn’t offer. In fact, it’s not just a club; it’s a unique blend of two clubs plus a live lounge rolled into one vast party space. Each club offers a different kind of genre made to surely satiate your most discerning musical palates.


All Genres Considered for the Hippest Party Crowd in Bangkok

Upon entering the club, you’re greeted by a swanky lounge adorned with a huge chandelier where Flix is. Flix DJs are literally bringing the house down, spinning the most eargasmic tracks, from chilled house to progressive trance and techno. Never miss an all-exclusive party scene with some of the world’s hottest DJs holding an all-nighter event.

Slim caters to lively throngs of hip-hop and R&B loving people.  It has this warehouse kind of feel with all those scintillating laser and strobe lights, upping the party mood a notch. There are free spaces on the side where you can dance and drink, if you don’t feel like bumping to people at the center of the dance floor that’s usually super packed.

The Live Lounge is a separate part of Slim. The room has a cozy, comfortable feel with tables alongside. You can look through the transparent glass walls from the outside to see what’s happening inside. It’s also where you can tune into live band performances, covering the most popular Thai songs. You can listen to some of Thailand’s classic 80s or 90s songs that obviously hit the local crowd. This is why the club mostly draws in young Thai people. It’s a perfect spot for some dining and wining on the side. It could be an interesting venue for social functions and events.

Booze Doesn’t Come Cheap; Limited Dance Floors

Both clubs have a bar lounge that will make you forget sobriety as you can guzzle almost any kind of booze. They have beers, cocktails and liquor shots available, so feel free to take a pick and unleash the party-hardy lush in you. You may mind the price a bit though, since they’re not the cheapest drink you can find here in Bangkok. Some opt to buy a bottle of liquor (whisky or vodka) instead, which is more practical especially if you’re coming in with a group.

Despite its huge size, the club is crazily packed with people especially on Fridays and during the weekends. It gets really crowded, that space would be pretty much of an issue, especially if you’re the type who’d want to dance and bounce around. It would be wise for the establishment to weed out those seats and clear the dance floor, so that everyone has his or her own fair share of space to get down with the pumped up vibe.

It’s usually free during the weekdays. While you have to shell out around 350 THB per head should you party during the weekends.

It’s well compensated by the fun and lavish ambiance despite the mid-price range. There are lots of people you can meet who are mostly youngsters and Thai people dressed to kill. It’s honestly a fair enough place to hit on some hot property around.

By Roanne Vista

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