Living in Bangkok means living in a city where temptation is rife.
It’s everywhere. The clothes, the drinks (THE SHOES!) but for me, temptations most seductive form is Thai food.

Thailand is, of course, famous for its local cuisine, and rightly so. From fine dining restaurants to street food stands, each establishment demonstrates its own version of Thailand’s intricate flavour combinations. But as well as mastering their local flavours, Bangkok is also a city well established on the international food scene, with many restaurants boasting well flavoured ‘fusion’ or ‘western’ dishes.

Hailing from England, I love a good western meal as much as the next Brit, but Thai food is the ultimate cuisine and I find that with every new restaurant that pops up, it becomes increasingly difficult to sift through them all and find good authentic Thai restaurants. Restaurants that serve dishes as they’re supposed to be served, and don’t hold back on the flavour for fear that you cant handle the heat. Luckily for you, (but not my waistband) I’ve been doing a lot of eating during the year that I have spent here, and I have finally narrowed down my list of go to restaurants. Here are some of the Best Thai Restaurants in Bangkok:

A House Of Loved Heart | Kanchanaphisek road | Bang Khae

My go to place for all things curry. This restaurant serves a great selection of Thai dishes, that come spicier than you’d like to admit too, and the yellow crab curry is not to be missed! This restaurant was shown to me by one of my Thai friends, and they don’t hold back on spice when serving westerners. Something I love, but if you can only handle a little bit of spice be sure to mention this when placing your order. Although the restaurant name is written in Thai don’t worry – menus are available in English and the staff have good levels of English communication too.

Baan SomTam | Pramuan road | Silom

9/1 Soi Sriviang, Pramuan Road, Silom Subdistrict, Bang Rak District., Bangkok, Thailand

My go to stop for all things Isaan. If you like som tam then you’re in luck because this restaurant serves whopping 26 different variations! The food is prepared in an exposed kitchen, which means not only do you get to watch as the food is made, but the room fills with the fragrant aroma of the spices as they’re ground down. For a traditional dish done well, order the duck or pork laab, or for something different but extremely delicious try the deep-fried papaya salad!

Courtyard @ Baan Chart | Near Khaosan Road

98 Chakrapong Road, Taladyod, Pranakorn, Bangkok 10200

Think of Khaosan road and I’m sure a million different things flood your mind. A road full of clothes stalls, food carts and backpackers, however if you turn right at the end of the strip you’ll find Courtyard nestled in-between Burger King and Starbucks. Although it serves a mixture of both Thai and Western food, the Thai food is where it’s at. Serving dishes such as Khao Soi Gai, sundried beef and sweet corn fritters, there’s a mixture of spicy, and less so, dishes.

La Table De Tee | Sala Daeng road | Silom

69/5 Soi Saladeang, Rd., BKK, Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500, Thailand

Run by chef Tee Kachonklin he is the first chef to run a daily tasting menu.  Tee combines interesting Thai flavours with both Thai and French cooking techniques. Each menu reflects fresh local produce and the dishes are served with meticulous presentation. The tasting menu offers 6 courses but each dish is sized perfectly, giving you a full taste of the course, but not over filling you and ruining the next one. The restaurant is small so bookings are advised.

Than Ying | Silom

10 Thanon Pramuan (Pramuan St.) off Silom Rd., between Silom 17 and 19, Bangkok 10500, Thailand

Whilst many claim to do ‘Royal’ food, few actually deliver on authenticity. The main difference in Royal food is that the preparation process is much longer. Fruits are deseeded and bones removed from both meats and fish, before being presented exactly as they were before. Royal cuisine ensures the dishes are never too salty, sweet or sour, and the focus is kept on delivering dishes full of well balanced flavour.

By Amy Morgan

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