I do not believe in magic, but after an evening at SPICY, one of Bangkok’s more popular late-night dance clubs, I will have to admit, I believe in voodoo! ‘Cause something happened in there, and it was not natural! But it was all good!

The spirit of Spicy reminded me of a trip I took in college once to Florida for spring-break, insofar as Spicy, like Florida on spring-break, has the ability to convert normal, average women into gyrating, undulating, grinding, uninhibited sex-pots! I entered the club with a group of high-school teachers ready for a night out, and left with a pack of pornstars… or so it seemed: but it was in fact the same women. Spicy did something to them. Something magic. Something I liked a lot!

The Evening Begins

Our evening at Spicy began well. A free cab ride! Almost every cab driver in Bangkok knows exactly where Spicy is, which is nice (it’s on Ron Muang soi 1, btw), and what is even better is that the club will pay your cab fare there. (I am not sure if that is only if you show up with a cab full of women. Anyway, I recommend showing up with a cab-full of women. It’s always a good start.)

Like everyone else there that night we had already been out partying for hours by the time we got there. I made the mistake of going there once before at some reasonable hour, something like 11 pm to find the place was dead, with only about ten people in the huge cavernous room. Spicy is a late-night venue. Things don’t really get going until everything else has closed down. It has something to do with the voodoo!

Now, don’t panic! There is a 300 baht cover charge, but it includes a drink, and it is well worth it… especially as the night becomes morning!

What’s in Spicy?

The airplane hanger of a room is dominated by a huge raised dance floor in the centre. The dance floor is over a meter high and is surrounded by a railing (you know, for safety) It is more like a raised stage or a catwalk than a dance floor as everyone dancing is on display to everyone else in the bar; No matter where you are there is a clear view to the dance floor. I think the stage-like feel brings out the performer in the women who go there. It activates some latent stripper gene. A couple of girls were grinding, kissing, and sexy-dancing up a storm when I first arrived. They seemed like pros. But soon my teacher friends were up there as well, grinding with the best of them.

The clientele is mostly Thai women, all of whom are hot beyond believe (the voodoo again, I think) and men of African persuasion, again I wonder if this is the origin of the voodoo!

The drinks are fairly reasonable, and there is a lot of entertainment value. People who love Spicy love it because it plays Hip-Hop all night long. And does a good job of it. I like it because it turned some school marms into pseudo-strippers! If that is not worth 300 baht, what is?


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