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Every single guy who visits Bangkok will at some point meet a ladyboy.

They are everywhere – not just the nightlife areas of Bangkok and Pattaya.

The beautiful receptionist at your hotel might be a ladyboy.

Or the hot-looking retail clerk at the department store.

Ladyboys can be as beautiful as Thai girls, some even more so.

However, after a few drinks at the bar, it can be hard to tell the difference unless you know what to look for.

We know many visitors come to Thailand looking for ladyboys, and this article might not be for you.

This is actually for guys who look for pretty girls but don’t want any nasty surprises in bed.

We will give insights on where ladyboys tend to go out in Bangkok and Pattaya.

More importantly, we’ll provide you with a checklist so you know exactly how to spot a ladyboy.

Check Ladyboy’s Physical Body

1. Height

Thai girls are normally not tall.

Their average height is 5ft 2in, and men are at least 4 inches taller.

There may be exceptions to the rule, but if Thai a woman is over 5ft 6in she probably wasn’t born a woman.

2. Face

Men’s faces have wider jaws and square chins.

On the other hand, women’s faces are softer and more rounded.

A woman with a wide jaw and a square chin is likely a ladyboy.

difference between ladyboy and thai girl faces

3. Adam’s Apple

Bottom line, men have adam’s apples and women don’t.

If someone dresses like a woman and has an Adam’s Apple, they’re a ladyboy.

Ladyboys will try to fool you though, by having surgery to shave their adam’s apple.

4. Breasts

Both ladyboys and Thai girls have surgery to enlarge their breasts.

But for Thai girls, even after enlarging their breasts, there’s not a big personality difference.

So what’s the biggest factor if both girls and ladyboys get breast enlargements?

You’ll find most ladyboys will get the largest breasts and show them off to everyone.

They will be much more confident, and even perhaps aggressive, to the point where they’ll try to pick you up!

A real lady with oversized breasts, however, will wait for the guys.

They know they have the goods!

body shape of ladyboys v thai girls

5. Body Shape

We love the hourglass figure in girls.

Most Thai girls have narrow shoulders and broad hips.

On the other hand, men have broad shoulders and narrow hips.

Also, if you look at their tummy, you may see more abs in ladyboys. 

Women have more body fat and tend to require more effort to get toned.

6. Hands

Men usually have bigger hands than women, but some Thai men’s hands are small.

So what else can you check on their hands?

If possible, try shaking their hands.

Thai women’s hands are smooth, while men’s hands are rough.

Even with small hands, a man’s ring finger is longer than the index finger.

If a lady’s hands are rough and her ring finger is longer than her index, she’s very likely a ladyboy.

7. Feet

Thai girls are shorter than men, so in proportion, their feet are smaller.

Even tall Thai girls have smaller feet than men of the same height.

If you see big feet, the size of “you know what” might be the same length!

What Do Ladyboys Wear?

ladyboy putting on makeup

1. Too Much Makeup

A ladyboy will use lots of makeup, more than the average Thai girl.

They also go for over-the-top, elaborate hairstyles.

Putting on too much makeup is used to hide male features or cover up facial flaws.

While some ladyboys may be more talented at applying makeup, it’s generally excessive.

It’s almost like they’re preparing for a beauty pageant.

2. Dresses

Thai women are conservative and don’t wear flamboyant or revealing clothing.

Ladyboys are exactly the opposite.

You’ll see them wear long gowns, lots of feathers, extremely high heels, and other unnecessary accessories.

Or, they wear the smallest size possible, showing lots of skin and cleavage.

Ladyboy’s Personality

1. Feminality

Ladyboys act more “girly” than actual women.

They overdo all the typical ideals that we love about girls, including walking, sitting, and talking.

For example, ladies who walk like a model on a catwalk are usually ladyboys.

See if you can spot the ladyboy in Pattaya.

2. Dramatic Reactions

Thai women are quiet and reserved – that’s their culture.

On the other hand, ladyboys are loud and flamboyant.

They overreact to ordinary situations and are easily upset.

You’ll always know when ladyboys are around – they make a big show out of anything.

3. Voice

Generally, a ladyboys voice should be deeper.

At times, when they try to sound too feminine, the tone and the pitch may be off.

You can try cracking a joke, and make them laugh.

This is one of the hardest things to control as a man.

However, only use this as an indicator, since everyone’s voices can be different and unique.

And, there are some extremely talented singers, like Bell Nuntita, who can naturally use female and males voices.

Check it out – pay attention at 1:54!

4. Nearby Friends

Ladyboys hang out in groups whether it’s in a bar, the mall, or on the street.

If you want to know whether a woman is a ladyboy or not, check out her friends.

Most ladyboys are more comfortable in groups of friends with a similar mindset.

So they could gay, or of course, also ladyboys.

It’s quite common to see groups of ladyboys at nightclubs as well.


ladyboy at nightclub in bangkok

Most of Thailand’s ladyboys are in Bangkok and Pattaya, and there are plenty in the adult nightlife districts. 

You’ll find a lot of them in the adult nightlife areas like Walking St and Nana Plaza.

But not all ladyboys are sex workers.

They’re men who would like to live a normal life as a woman.

Some work as entertainers in cabaret shows like Calypso Cabaret and Tiffany Show.

You’ll also find ladyboys at common places like nightclubs, hotels, restaurants, and shopping malls.

The daytime clerk at 7/11 may put on a wig and heels at night and perform at Tiffany.

In Thailand, ladyboys are everywhere.

Best Ways to Spot Ladyboys

ladyboys with IDs

1. Ask Politely

Thailand’s Buddhist culture is pretty open-minded, so there’s no shame in being a ladyboy.

Most ladyboys won’t try to hide it.

If you ask politely, they’ll usually tell you if they are or not.

2. ID Card

If you want to be sure someone is or isn’t a ladyboy, ask to see their ID Card.

They’re required to carry it, and it shows the gender they were born with.

Even if they’ve had transgender surgery, the gender on their ID won’t change.

However, some also have medical certificates as proof they’re transgender.

3. Between the Legs!

We don’t suggest you grab a male or female between the legs.

Asking to see their ID card is a safer and more reliable option.

Otherwise, you’ll definitely know once you’re back in your hotel room.

How to Spot Ladyboys on Dating Sites

ladyboy dating site

It’s fairly easy to spot a ladyboy on online dating sites. 

Thailand’s most popular dating site, Thai Friendly, separates Thai girls from ladyboys. 

Thai Cupid also separates ladyboys, so they’re easy to find. 

Sites like Tinder and Bumble have ladyboys, but they show up as girls. 

You have to check their description or send a direct message and ask politely.

If you’re looking for a ladyboy, there are dating sites just for ladyboys. 

For example, Myladyboydate has only ladyboys and transgenders on their site. 

How to Deal with Ladyboys

The best way to deal with ladyboys is to treat them the same as you would any Thai woman.

Ladyboys can be unpredictable.

They overreact to the smallest situation and are easily upset.

The best way to deal with them is to be calm and respectful.

Avoid subjects or situations that would cause them to overreact.

In other words, don’t make them mad.

Where to Find Ladyboys

ladyboys bars in Thailand

You’ll find ladyboys everywhere, not just in nightlife areas or on adult websites.

They’re on online dating sites like ThaiFriendly, Thai Cupid, and Tinder.

They’re performers, not just in cabaret shows, but in bars and clubs.

Also, most ladyboys love cosmetics, so it’s common to find them at the makeup counter in the malls.

They could be hotel receptionists, restaurant waiters, or massage therapists.

Wherever you go in Thailand, you’ll always find a ladyboy. 

We have a complete guide on where to find ladyboys in Thailand if you’re keen to try something different!

Why are there so many ladyboys in Thailand?

Ladyboys vs Thai Girls 

FeaturesLadyboysThai Girls
HeightTall over 5ft 6inShort 5ft 2in
FaceWide, Sharp JawlineSoft, Round Jawline
Adam's AppleYesNo
BreastsOver sized, ExposedNormal, Covered
Body ShapeBroad Shoulders
Narrow Hips
Narrow Shoulders
Broad Hips
MakeupToo Much
Normal Amount
DressesFlamboyant, SexyMore Conservative
ReactionsFlamboyant, OverreactReserved
VoiceUnnatural Nasal ToneNormal Tone
Friends NearbyOther Ladyboys, gaysOther Thai Girls


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