If you’ve ever entered Soi 4 from the Sukhumvit road and made it past the NEP (Nana Entertainment Plaza) you’ll find a lot more to this infamous Soi. There are quite a few bars designed and laid out by the same cookie-cutter, namely a long terrace area which is right on the pavement but slightly elevated and there is loud music and a pool table within.

‘The Strikers concept’

As the string of bars comes to an end, on the right side you will come across the Rajah Hotel Complex. There are a number of those aforementioned cloned bars immediately visible around the periphery of the plaza and sitting bang in the middle is Strikers Sports Pub.

Sitting proudly in its new location, Strikers gives you all the sports you care to see and then some. Upon walking up to the bar, you are always greeted by a friendly member of staff who takes you to a seat and gets you involved, whether that be at one of the five pool tables, perched at the bar or sitting with one of the many hostesses is of course your choice.

Opening 10am through until 2am, one can buy real food as well as the usual Soi 4 fuel – on that note, there’s the expected wide selection of draft, bottled beers and spirits to choose from – Western and Thai food is available.

Watch coyotes dancing, sports or both!

Strikers has a cool blend of open air breeze and air-con rooms with a mezzanine floor which serves as a great vantage point for watching the interactions down below. However, Friday and Saturday has Coyote-style dancing on the bar counters, so you may wish to be closer for that.

Equipped with a VIP room for up to 25 people, Strikers can cater for private functions, and the number of patrons can be as many as 80 people as they will seal off the mezzanine floor for you.
The venue really comes alive during the big sporting events and you will find a fair following of fans for most sports and their respective teams. The English Premier League sees biggest fans turnout, but they can be viewed in most bars. If you have particular sports in mind, check out and contact them via their Facebook page. The manager, Mike usually gets back to you within a couple of hours.

Strikers offers you the same, all day, every day.

The benefit of a sports bar in this location is that it enjoys customers all day long. You will find your usual Soi 4 clientele here either grabbing a morning mender or simply passing the time in a different bar. One does crave a little variety from time to time.

Here you will get well looked after regardless of the time of day you turn up. There’s a distinct emphasis placed on customer service as they clearly see the value in you enjoying your time enough to stay for a few more beers and return another day. Pricing is transparent for every transaction from breakfast to beers and bar fines.

By Kevin Goldsmith

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