Why Are There No Strip Clubs in Thailand?

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We know that many of you are searching online for strip clubs in Thailand, and we’re sorry to say that you will not find any.

As surprising as it may be, there are no strip clubs in the Land of Smiles.

Even if the country clearly has some of the best adult entertainment in the entire world.

What you’ll find instead in Thailand are ladies bars and chill bars, KTVs, plenty of sex shows crazier than your wildest fantasies, and the closest thing to strip clubs in Thailand, gogo bars and gentlemen’s clubs.

But there are crucial differences between them.

Let us explain.

What Is a Strip Club?

stripper dancing on stage at a strip club in the US

Strip clubs are adult clubs where you can have a drink while watching sexy dancers stripping on stage, or in some places, right on the table.

Most strip clubs have shows on stage, with different girls dancing all night, and you can invite girls you like to share a drink with you, or to give you a private show.

You can request a private lap dances either at your table, or in private.

It can be in a private booth or in a private room, where you’ll get a hot lap dance with the stripper slowly taking off her clothes or lingerie.

How far it goes depends on the club. Each clubs have their own rules regarding touching or nudity.

Some might let you touch the girls and have girls stripping down completely, while others only let girls get down to their panties and have strict no touching policy.

Strippers in these clubs are usually really hot models with impressive dancing skills.

And that’s what makes it really different from what you’ll see in gogo bars in Thailand.

What Are The Differences Between A Strip Club and A Gogo Bar?

photography of a gogo bar in Bangkok by stickman bangkok blogger

Thai gogo bars are most comparable to American-style strip clubs you’ll find in the rest of the world.

However, what you’ll see on stage is completely different.

The girls on stage at most gogo bars in Thailand barely move.

They just stand on the stage, by a pole, slowly moving their feet and hips (this is the famous Thai gogo dance), showing off their body, and waiting for customers to invite them to their table for a drink.

Gogo girls might be half naked or fully naked in some bars, but they don’t strip.

They just take their clothes off and wait. Rare are the gogo girls who can really dance.

In most gogo bars there are no shows, no special dance, or performance.

Not only there are no shows, there’s no privacy either.

Packed Gogo bar in Thailand

Thai gogo bars don’t have private rooms.

Everyone can see what you’re doing and who you’re partying with.

That’s why most people go to gogo bars for a few drinks and either invite a girl home (pay a bar fine her and take her for a short time. Read our post on bar girl vocabulary if you don’t understand that phrase), or move on to the next bar.

A lot of guys only go there to find a girl to take her to a short-time hotel.

And while some of the best gogo bars have really hot girls, many of them have average girls at best.

If you want to party not only with the hottest girls in Thailand, but also enjoy the erotic shows, live performances, and have a VIP service, go to a gentlemen’s club instead.

What Are The Differences Between A Strip Club and A Gentlemen Club?

Thai models at The PIMP Bangkok for Miss PIMP election

Gentlemen clubs are the closest thing to upscale strip clubs in Thailand.

First, the girls who work there are called party models.

This is because they look like models and are always down to party with you at your table or in a VIP room.

The PIMP, Bangkok’s #1 gentlemen’s club, made a really good comparison to highlight the differences between party models from g clubs and bar girls.

You can read it here.

But the quality of the girls isn’t the only thing that makes these clubs special.

Gentlemen’s clubs also have all kinds of adult entertainment and performers, from sexy dances to erotic shows.

girls taking off their tops during a sexy shows at The PIMP Bangkok

There are no poles and the girls really know how to get you excited with their moves.

There are choreographed shows, special events with different outfits, girls in lingerie, in bikini.

The whole package.

But there are also live bands and DJs playing on stage throughout the night.

live singer and daners on stage of the best gentlemen club in Thailand the PImp

The experience at a Thai gentlemen’s club is more like a VIP nightclub than a strip club, except all the girls you see on stage or around you in the club can join you and your group for a fee.

It’s like a candy shop, but you can do more than just window shopping.

Overall, these clubs are about quality, whether it’s the quality of service, the entertainment, the drinks, or the girls.

But the main thing that sets gentlemen clubs apart from the other types of adult clubs is the VIP rooms.

vip room with pool table stage and sofa at The PIMP g club in Thailand

VIP rooms are private rooms where you can party with your friends, colleagues, business partners and, of course, with the club’s hot models.

With total privacy, the parties are wilder, the girls have less boundaries and you can get as crazy as you want.

The VIP rooms are all equipped with a flat screen TV, a karaoke machine (because it’s Asia after all), and you can play whatever music you want.

The largest VIP rooms even have a pool table, a stage for private shows, a hot tub or their own DJ.

There are even VIP rooms with their own private pool! Like this one.

Pool zone at The PIMP Bangkok gentlemen club

And again, anything can happen in private rooms.

Just ask the club where you want to go about private shows and extras.

Most clubs have their own list of special services only available in VIP rooms.

If you’re going to visit a Thai gentlemen’s club for the first time, read our guide where we explain in detail what to expect in this type of club and how it works.

And next time you’re coming to Bangkok, check out the best gentlemen’s clubs in town.

What Are The Alternatives To Have Sex in Thailand?

girls working at International models massage in Bangkok

Strip clubs aren’t sex clubs, or the best places to have sex, neither are gogo bars and gentlemen’s clubs.

But as you can guess, if want to have sex in Thailand, there are plenty of options.

From different types of happy ending massages to escort agencies and escort apps like Smooci.

There’s also different types of Thai hookers. You might want to learn more about each type before you go looking for them.

We have a lot of guides for that on our website.

And if you want to meet and date single Thai girls and stay away from bar girls, we have a lot of information for you on that as well.

Here you can find out where to pick up single girls in Bangkok, and we give you a complete guide to dating in Thailand, including reviews of the best Thai dating apps.

We even have tips on how to seduce Thai girls.

It includes everything you absolutely need to know to be successful with girls here.

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