Strip Go Go Bar is another of Patpong’s gogo bars I knew little about until recently, however, during my rediscovering of this vibrant nightlife district, Strip GoGo Bar has made a very positive impression on me.

The Atmosphere

Just like the lively Bada Bing gogo bar a few steps down the Soi, Strip GoGo Bar is now run by a western management team who are clearly focused on putting a lot of effort into customer care and bringing the fun back to the Patpong gogo scene. Situated next to the fetish club, Bar Bar, Strip A GoGo sits nestled on Patpong Soi 2, and you’ll usually find a couple of pretty lasses holding back the curtains for you to take a peek inside. But this isn’t just another Patpong gogo flesh show, there is more to it than the hard liquor behind the bar and flirtatious dancers on the stage. Expecting to be bombarded by lady drink requests before I even made my seat, I was pleasantly greeted by smiles once through the entrance, rather than the ‘one drink for me’ fingers in the face.

Getting Both Private and Excited

The bar is a decent size, not huge but certainly not tiny, and with a high ceiling and well-planned layout, it has a rather spacious feel to it. After entering through the curtained door your eyes obviously shoot straight ahead at the central stage of 8 or 9 girls doing their thing on the shiny gogo poles, however, when I started to let my eyes wander my intrigue was quickly caught by the curtained off booths along the left hand wall. While the right hand side of the bar has traditional cushioned gogo seating, on the opposite side of the stage are private booths, within which you’ll find soft seating circling a table with a private gogo pole. Perhaps this is not so unique for a lap dance club back in Europe or the US, but it’s a fun and interesting novelty for Thailand, one that both the customers and dancing girls have clearly taken too.

The private booths are a great idea in my opinion and I enjoy seeing gogo bars trying something different, however they are not the central feature of the bar, which has to be the bar itself. The large solid bar at the back of the room has several more gogo poles which often hosts the coyote dancers, and when the gogo gets into full swing the lively atmosphere is topped off by huge flames which shoot up from the bar top, behind the girls, creating a real exotic look and vibe, even drawing all ogling eyes from the stage. The bar also has a shower show high and to the right side, but with so much else going on I barely noticed it.

Visit Your Wild Side!

With a motto asking you to ‘visit your wild side’ Strip GoGo Bar certainly offers you the opportunity to do so. Not only have they created a playful and imaginative setup, they have also recruited a team of quality gogo girls, including a few obvious personalities. I’ve had way to many San Miguel’s there to remember any names, but the contortionist dancer who was constantly stretching her legs into positions which were almost hotter than the flaming bar, most definitely caught my attention.  In total the bar seems to have around 16 gogo dancers and 6 coyotes, and while there are no set uniforms, they have been putting on themed week, such as supergirl week where all the girls dressed in tight pants, big boots, and capes (which trust me, was a lot sexier than I’m making it sound).

A Complete Night Out

Open from 7 PM until 3 AM, the best time to hit this place seems to be after 10, with things particularly wild on Friday and Saturday nights. Along with Bada Bing and the temptations of the erotic Bar Bar next door, Strip GoGo Bar is helping turn Patpong 2 back into a must visit Soi for any true gogo fanatic (especially those who have avoided Patpong in the recent past).

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