Often left in the shadows of Nana Plaza’s 3 other dedicated ladyboy gogos, Temptations A Go Go Bar is a small, narrow gogo situated on the first floor of the complex, sandwiched between the larger Fantasia and Rainbow 4, girl gogos.

Being the ‘underdog’ has it’s positive sides.

Partly down to its size and reputation, Temptations was the lesser known of the 4 Nana ladyboy gogo bars for some time. While Obsessions on the ground floor was known for its very feminine, Japanese style ladyboys, Casanova on the first floor infamous for being much seedier, staffed with an Amazonian crew, and Cascade on the top floor the largest by far, with close to 100 ladyboys on the clock some nights, Temptations wasn’t really known for much at all. However, in recent times the bar has seen new management, a new refurb, and a new lease of life.

Not the average ladyboys.

Now run by the same team that owns Cockatoo, Temptations is a much more attractive proposition, with a shiny new sign by the entrance, and a much slicker, fresher and cleaner interior. Ok, the size is still a bit too cosy for some, and once you are in and seated there’s nowhere you can really go besides the toilet and back out again, but at least now the vibe and atmosphere of the bar allows you to enjoy a beer or two without instantly wanting to plan your escape.To be fair the staffs has always been a fairly decent selection, and I’d say your typical Temptations girl is very tall, slim, and fair skinned. Some may argue that describes most of the ladyboys in Bangkok, but the Temptations staff are not the young, cutesy looking girls you’ll find in Obsessions, nor are they the broad, intimidating types you will discover in Casanova, rather a pleasant middle ground in terms of looks and personality.

Being close to the action.

Having a much smaller staff obviously makes the place easy to run and keep everyone happy, and while you’ll still probably be asked for at least one lady drink after entering, it’s not quite the ambush of lady drink requests it was a couple of years ago. Instead the vibe is actually kind of chilled, for a gogo bar at least. The girls dance in bikinis on the narrow central stage, moving from pole to pole, one song at a time, making sure to flirt and make eye contact with any potential customer. Being sat so close to the stage can be a little uncomfortable at first, especially when there’s a horny young femboy trying her best to seduce you, but the feeling soon passes as you either submit to their advances and accept the attention of the ladyboy of your choice, or it becomes clear to the girls that you’re not looking for company. In general the closeness of the seating and stage also means that when you are feeling brave or playful it’s easier to share some fun and banter with the girls as they dance on by.

Temptations is a place to check out.

Drinks are priced in line with most Nana gogos, and bar fines are also the standard 600 Baht. And while it’s still not quite the most impressive of the ladyboy gogos, it’s definitely more worthy of a visit. The new owners are clearly making the efforts to turn the bar into a success, and while the other 3 ladyboy gogos have seen very little change at all in the last 2 or 3 years, Temptations is clearly the winner of the ‘most improved ladyboy bar’ award.