Our ultimate goal has always been to create something epic. Our passion has shown throughout this website with its new look and features giving it what we think is a one of a kind user experience. We value our readers and want them to be blown away every time they visit our site. We are setting the benchmark for all others to try and achieve.

Our Journey

Bangkok Nightlife (Bangkoknightlife.com) was launched in August of 2013. Since that time some great things have happened. We now almost 200 venues on our site and each one comes with its own description, photos, and HD video. We have made so many fantastic relationships with the Business owners here in the city. Our Facebook accounts have reached over 50,000, and we rank 2nd on all search engines.

Starting today, all of our content has been updated and is much different than what you saw before. Just take a look below to see all of our new and exciting things we have in store for you!

On a personal note, we have been working tirelessly to make Bangkok Nightlife the most amazing website possible. We want to Thank You for all of your support and feedback, and to encourage you to keep it up! You make us want to work harder and keep bringing you the most ultimate experience.

Design and User Experience

The design of our site has been totally changed to give it a “ Magazine” look and feel. This really pushes our content to the forefront. Being easier to browse and navigate, it makes searching the site a fun and entertaining experience. Imagine that you are shopping in one location, and all of your favorites are right in front of you. You can get as much as you want, and the store never closes. A never-ending buffet of information and content for you to choose from anytime you want.


Without further adieu: The New Face of Bangkok Nightlife

  • Faces of Bangkok: Featuring interviews with a wide variety of people living in Bangkok Focusing on different backgrounds and cultures, we share these stories with the rest of Bangkok and the world. Our profiles range from the celebrity to the man or woman working on the street. You could be the next one to be profiled..
  • Chefs Corner: In this section, local chefs share their special recipes once a week with food enthusiasts in Bangkok. The recipes are well structured and easy to follow. Recipes vary from a 5-star restaurant to the noodle cart on the corner.
  • Mixology Secrets: This section is similar to Chef’s corner but focuses on signature drink recipes shared by local mixologists.
  • Editors Pick: This section features restaurants, bars, and clubs that offer something special to their guests. We share these venues with our visitors to help guide them to the most unique places offering something special in the city.
  • Johnny Dope: Under the Club section. Johnny is an edgy and fun writer uniquely qualified to express his views on the club scene in Bangkok. He is featured under the club section with a unique attitude and the knowledge to back it up. His articles are sure to open your eyes, and drop your jaws. Just remember that this section is written for entertainment purposes only.
  • Destination Unknown: Under the entertainment section, this is where you find out about lesser known but exciting places in the greater Bangkok area.
  • Girl of The Week: Under the Go Go section, this is where we feature one of the ladies and find out some things about her. Presented in a classy way, this personal story takes you behind the lights and tells a story that is both touching and with a sense of class we would like to put the girls in a different daylight.
  • Pimp Secrets: It is under the Go Go section of the website and it is the “PIMP” who is teaching or advising people how to behave as well as sharing his experience in a Go Go venue’s, massage places and other ‘dark’ spots to spend the night.
  • Great Deals: In this section the visitor can find meal or drink deals throughout Bangkok. 365 days a year.
  • Happy Hour: It is what it sounds like. We have all the cheapest and happiest hours listed in one place.. Going out get’s even more fun! Same concept, same deal: 365 days a year.
  • Event Calender: Our event calenders has all the Bangkok happenings together on one page. No need to look for a fun event since we have it all listed!

The future will bring a lot more! Our ideas are endless, and we will continue improving, refreshing and upgrading your Bangkok Nightlife experience.

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