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Every year, tens of thousands of men from all over the globe travel to Thailand to meet beautiful Thai girls.

Thailand is the world’s top destination for a dream holiday, partly due to the warm climate, cheap rates, energetic nightlife and the beauty of the local girls.

But the main reason every man wants to come to Thailand is to have romantic and/or sexual encounters with Thai girls.

Thai Girls are known to be young, slender, and seductive. They also have a reputation for being carefree and entertaining.

And more importantly, a Thai girl can go to every length to satisfy her man.

For all these reasons, Thai bar girls from Bangkok, Pattaya, and Phuket are famous worldwide and attract men from all corners of the globe.

Here is more information about the infamous bar girls of Thailand.

Thai Bars Girls Explained

Generally, all girls who work in adult bars and clubs such as gogo bars, ladies bars, and beer bars are classified as “bar girls.”

These infamous nightlife and sex tourist spots in Thailand have many freelance prostitutes who work in bars.

But that doesn’t mean every woman that works in a bar is a prostitute.

Even though in Thailand, everything is for sale.

Thai Bar Girl Culture

Thai Girls Are Close To Their Family in the Countryside

Every bar girl in Bangkok or Pattaya has a story to tell why she got into the bar business.

Most women become bar girls because they feel like they have no other option. The money they can make in farming is not sufficient to support their family.

Working in the nightlife business is a quick and easy way for beautiful girls to find extra money to help their relatives, children, or even boyfriend/husband.

And if it might also be a way to find a wealthy foreign partner (like you?), buy land, and build a new home in the country.

Most women in the famous ladies bars and gogo bars come from the countryside, often from the province of Isaan, in the northeastern part of Thailand.

Much of the industry in these areas is agriculture, so parents of an average bar girl may be low-paid rice growers or the like.

Most of the time, the family lives in tiny village settlements on a shoestring budget. Their house is made of a bare brick or wood structure with a metal roof.

Even though the girl might be intelligent, her parents can’t always pay to send her to school, so most don’t even finish high school, let alone get a chance to go to University.

For these girls, lack of a college degree means she will never find a regular job, other than perhaps as a maid or service staff in a hotel.

The only choice is to continue in her parent’s footsteps on the farm or accept comparable low-wage work in a factory.

So for many cute ladies, becoming a “bar girl” may be their only opportunity to meet a guy from the West and raise their family out of poverty.

Thai Bar Girl Job Description

Thai Bar Girls Dreaming Of A Better Life

All guys have their reason for hooking up with Thai bar girls, and as you might expect, sex is the primary motivator in most cases.

Thai bar ladies can do whatever a guy needs them to do, of course, if he pays the right money.

One week, a slutty Thai bar girl becomes a pornstar chained to your bed.

And the next week, the same girl can have a romantic girlfriend experience with a different guy.

How’s that not an academy award performance?

Thai bar girls can do it all.

Thai Bar Girls: Wages & Incentives

If this is your first time in Thailand, we better explain the system for the Thai bar girls.

Whether they are hired as strippers to dance or PR to stand in front of the bar, bar owners hire and pay them to bring clients into the bar.

Once in the bar, the girls keep the guys engaged in spending lots of money on booze and “lady drinks.”

Bars pay a base wage plus bonuses and gratuities based on the number of lady drinks sold.

Each girl’s popularity determines their earning power, and that power, of course, depends on her physical appearance.

Thai bar girls typically earn about 15,000 ฿ per month.

Except for go-go dancers, on the other hand, who can make up to 25,000 ฿ every month.

In addition, these bar girls may receive the following incentives:

  • 50-100 baht commission on lady drinks.
  • A share of tips and perhaps a portion of the bar’s service charge.
  • For those who provide sexual services, compensation ranges from 2,500–5,000 baht.

A gorgeous, sexy girl working in a popular bar will get at least 10 lady drinks a day, and one customer will pay the bar every night to have sex with her.

So it’s easy to see those top girls make around 60,000 ฿ per month, or more.

Now that is a lot of money in Thailand and considerably more than her parents would earn in a whole year of rice farming.

They are running their own business, and that’s more than enough money for them.

So let’s go, guys. Time to help the bar girls!

Buy bar girls a lot of drinks, try to bar fine the hottest bar girl you meet, have a private party in your room, and have fun.

Thai Bar Girl: Drinks & Bar Fine Costs

Cute Thai Coyote Dancer Ready to Go Home With You
Cute Thai Coyote Dancers Ready to Go Home With You

Many men would like to understand how much sex will with a Thai bar girl, including drinks and bar fine:

Here is a breakdown of the costs involved:

DRINKS: 400 THB (1 beer plus 1 lady drink)

BAR FINE: 1,000 THB (paid to the bar)

SEX: 2,500 THB (paid to the girl)

HOTEL: 400 THB (optional for 2 hours)


So you can see that hooking up with bar girls in Thailand is reasonably cheap.

But everyone has their own ideas, and some might not want to spend money on Thai bar girls.

Maybe you want to open a bottle and drink a lot of booze in a Thai gentlemen’s club instead to party with more beautiful, more entertaining, and more educated Thai ladies.

Or you want to off a stunning young lady who can easily demand 5,000THB for short-term, and that’s AFTER you buy her 20+ shots at the bar.

In that case the entire bill may likely exceed 8,500 ++THB


Remember that the price of a bar fine is non-negotiable. The costs for sex, on the other hand, are strictly between you and the bar girl.

But don’t be scared to bring up the subject of pricing.

It’s pretty typical, and bar girls are accustomed to it. Even if you continue to lowball, they’ll still grin, but don’t push it.

It typically works with the bar’s least beautiful ladies.

However, when dealing with young and pretty girls, there is no space for negotiating the price down.

So, are you now ready to go out for one night in Bangkok?

If so, go hunting and bar fine a hot bar girl.

How To Find the Hottest Bar Girls in Thailand and Bangkok?

We put together a complete guide to Thai A-Go-Go bars, an excellent resource for 1st time visitors who want to visit go go bars in Thailand.

This guide covers the best strategies to hook up with bar girls and gogo dancers.

Further, it explains what you can expect inside these bars and helps you understand the system for lady drinks, bar fines, and more.

And if you’re in Bangkok, and looking for hot gogo bar girls, check out our summary review of the best 14 gogo bars in Bangkok.

There are many bars and nightlife areas to choose from.

And if you’re not really into the bars and want to pick up street hookers in Thailand, check out our feature story about Thai freelancers.

Picking up a Thai girl for sex in all tourist areas around Thailand is pretty much the same.

So make sure to check out our sex guide for Thailand, which lists all places to find the sexiest Thai girls around the country.

And finally, we’ve also put together a short list of vocabulary related to Thai bar girls that helps understand the jargon and come across as an expert when talking to a Thai girl working at night.

Expanding Your Search To Pattaya And Beyond

And if Bangkok does not have what you are looking for, head south to Pattaya for a week or more.

As you enter Pattaya City you will see many girls standing on Beach Road street looking for guys to pick them up for some fun.

The going rate for these girls is only 1,000 THB for a short time, but instead of focusing on these girls, many of which may be men, we recommend you then search for Pattaya’s best ladies bars around Walking Street.

Just pick the location and bar that feels right and get to know the staff.

In the bars you can be pretty sure the girls are of legal age. But if you’re not sure, just ask to see their ID card.

Making friends with the staff and asking for advice in the bar is the best way to find what you want.

Thai people are friendly and will generally provide advice for free.

And if Pattaya does not work out you can try Phuket or Koh Samui.

Happy Hunting.

Warning: Thai Bar Girls Scams And Lies

If you’re in a relationship with a Thai bar girl, you’ll be in for a surprise.

Most girls regularly lie, especially about their past.

To help you avoid being duped, we’ve put together a list of the five most frequent lies that bar girls tell Western men:

“I’m not in a relationship.”

Most ladies working in bars prefer Thai men.

And even if these working girls had a boyfriend, she would never tell you.

Many of these ladies want to have numerous relationships with several guys at the same time and have as many of them as possible send money every month or so.

“This is my first day working at the bar.”

Nobody wants to hear that they’ve been in the bar business for years. A lot of Thai bar girls are constantly lying and pretending to be new to the scene.

“I never sleep with clients.”

If you begin spending time with a bar girl in Thailand, you can count on hearing this lie.

“I don’t have a child.”

Bar girls fake their family history and make every effort to appear more attractive to their clients. Most likely, they have a kid back home and it’s their parents taking care of it.

“I’m pregnant with your baby!”

This is a blatant fabrication. The condom broke, and now you’re receiving a call informing you that you’re about to be the father and that you need to send money.

Be careful about these scams and lies.

Some bar girls are masters at manipulating guys.


Are All Ladies in Thailand Bar Girls?

Absolutely not.
Most Thai ladies work in ordinary jobs.
However, in Bangkok, Sukhumvit bars are full of Thai bar girls and freelancers, especially in red light districts like Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy.
If you want to meet a traditional Thai lady, and avoid Thai bar girls, then the dating app ThaiFriendly is the place to go.
Dating apps are an excellent way to meet a good Thai girl.

Is It Wrong To Fall In Love With A Bar Girl In Thailand?

You can fall in love with a bar girl in Thailand.
Just remember that “you can take the girl out of the bar, but you can’t take the bar out of the girl.”
The most charming phrases and compliments out of her mouth are frequently a precursor to her following sentence: “Please give me more money.”

Is It Bad To Associate With Thai Bar Girls?

Some of the most excellent tips for gents touring Thailand:
Don’t believe a bar girl.
Don’t trust a bar girl.
Don’t marry a bar girl.
Don’t pay money upfront to a bar girl.
But of course, there are many reliable and trustworthy Thai girls who work in Thailand’s nightlife looking for a handsome man.
Who knows, maybe you’ll pick the right one.

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