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There’s one hotel in Bangkok perfect for private parties, and that’s The Davis Bangkok!

Located in Sukhumvit 24, only 5 minutes from Sing Sing Theater and Thonglor’s incredible nightlife, and only 10 minutes from Sukhumvit Soi 11, The Davis is the most party-friendly hotel we had the chance to try.

But the real advantage of this hotel is its large hotel suites and pool villas.

The Ambassador Suite

Ambassador suites at The Davis Bangkok

It is by far the best hotel suite in Bangkok if you want to host private parties or after parties.

For only around ฿5,000 a night, you got yourself a 2 bedroom suite with a jacuzzi big enough for 8 people.

And the rest of the suite is like an apartment or a condo, with a kitchen, TV, and couch.

It’s also really spacious. The whole suite can easily fit 30 people.

Plus, you have the room service to bring you ice if you need, and there’s a Family Mart (one of Thailand’s most famous convenience store) across the road to buy what you need for your party.

The Diplomat Suite

diplomat suite at the Davis Bangkok

This single bedroom suite comes at around ฿4,000 and has the same jacuzzi hot tub as the Ambassador Suite.

What makes this suite almost better for parties than the Ambassador is that you have no rooms next to it.

You have the street on one side and the parking lot on the other.

So you’re never going to have other guests complaining about the noise.

And still, even at that price, this room is big enough to fit 20 people.

Baan Davis Pool Villas

Baan Davis hotel in Bangkok

The Davis Bangkok also has a few villas with 2 or 3 bedrooms behind the main building.

That’s probably the biggest private pool villas you will find in this part of Bangkok, and they come at only around ฿12,000 a night.

Each villa can easily welcome up to 50 pax, and if you rent all the pool villas, you can bring a few hundred people there.

Other than that, their hotel is pretty easy going when it comes to guests.

They might ask to see their ID, but more often than not, they don’t ask any questions.

That’s rare enough to be noted.


Does the Davis Bangkok have a spa?

No. But one of the best onsen spa in Bangkok called Yunomori Onsen & Spa is only 5 minutes walk from it.

Do they have smoking rooms at the Davis Bangkok?

Yes, the Davis has a large selection of suites and hotel rooms that allow smoking.

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