The Pimp is an exclusive gentlemen’s club on Pracha-Utid Road, Lat Phrao. The Pimp club is more or less a bar/club social hub with adult entertainment venue. Those that are familiar with The Pimp club understand exactly what I am talking about. Very well possibly, the expression “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” fits the analytics of this article. The Pimp club first opened their doors to the public back in 2010 and to the present, The Pimp club is without a doubt a contender amongst many other existing clubs around Bangkok, although, The Pimp club’s concept is valued as an adult entertainment business, The Pimp club does close follow suit as any other night clubs in Bangkok.

Structure & Setting

Does it really matter how The Pimp clubs looks like? What if I told you The Pimp club has THE hottest sexually desirable young Thai university girls, and they are walking around in their skimpiest outfits, bras and panties, ass cheek Daisy Dukes, what if I told you there are over 200 of these girls all under one roof every night, would you still question what The Pimp looks like? For all you curious Georges, here is a brief description, The Pimp looks like your typical Thai bar/club, DJ’s and bands, you get the picture, as I am assuming if you do go to The Pimp , you’re not going there to see how it looks but because you heard about what happens at The Pimp.


Girl, girls, girls of The Pimp

I can tell you about how the girls look and how good sweet they smell, etc. etc., but do you really want to sit there and read about it or even take my words for it? It is in my best interest to rid you of any curiosities or of your dirty imaginations, but to simply advise you to go and see it for your selves and make of what you will. I will guarantee you that you will not be disappointed.

Drinks at The Pimp

The Pimp club does have a certain negative review about the prices of the drinks. Many have complained that The Pimp clubs alcohols beverages are expensive but then I question, why go? You know The Pimp is an exclusive adult entertainment venue and if you’ve read the sign outside says “The Pimp, Exclusive club then what’s to follow is expected, and you are not just going to have fun but going to spend a lot of money having fun. So here is a Fair Warnings to all my fellow club goers, Keep your wallets fat and be prepared to pay.” After all it is fair to say that if you want to play then you have to pay.

Membership 20,000 Baht for 12 bottles & Drinks are 270 Baht for members and 330 non-members and 250 Baht for each girl per sit.  For any further question you can contact The Pimp Club: 087 360 3666.

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