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The Villa Club Is Permanently Closed

Check our list of the best gentlemen’s clubs in Bangkok.

Located about 10 minutes north of Ekamai is one of the most luxurious gentlemen clubs in Bangkok: The Villa International Club.

If you want to party with hot Thai girls, enjoy music from the best Thai artists and DJs, and maybe book a VIP room for a wild private party, head to The Villa Club in Bangkok.

A Gentlemen Club for Everyone

The Villa caters to both Thai and foreign elite customers with its luxurious interior, large seating area, karaoke rooms, and high-quality shows.

entrance of the villa Club in Bangkok

The club is really all-in on the entertainment and spares no expense to bring the best local and international artists to the stage.

Among the list of bands and singers who performed at Villa, you find names like DaboyWay, DJ Buddha from Bangkok Invaders, DJ Da Candy, Pang Nakarin, or Indigo.

sexy Thai dancers at The Villa International Club in Bangkok

If you heard of them, you know it’s a big deal.

But if those names don’t ring a bell, that’s ok.

All you need to know is that Villa has some of the best live bands, singers, and DJs, every night of the week.

And if music is not your main concern, don’t worry.

The club also has some of the most beautiful girls you will see outside of Sukhumvit.

A Lot of Hot Thai Girls

Whoever is picking the girls at Villa is doing a tremendous job.

sensual Thai girls at the Villa Club

That gentlemen club has some of the most beautiful faces and bodies of any club we had the chance to try.

And unlike other clubs like M Club or Sherbet, where the girls are just standing there on stage for most of the night, that’s not the case here.

Their gorgeous Thai girls are either dancing and performing on stage or going from tables to tables to entertain the guests.

sexy show on the stage of the gentlemen club in Bangkok

The only downside is most of the girls only speak basic English.

So make sure you hammer them with shots as soon as you invite them to your table to get them to be more expressive.

A Nice Variety of VIP rooms

There’s no shortage of space at The Villa.

The club has a large choice of VIP rooms, with some big enough for groups of 20 or more.

All their private rooms are equipped with a karaoke system, a TV connected to the internet to stream your favorite songs, and the biggest rooms also have a pool table.

interior of a large private party room at the Villa International Club in Bangkok

Like in other gentlemen clubs, when you get to a VIP room, and the bottles are served, they bring in the room as many girls as they can fit for you to choose who you want to party with.

We recommend selecting the girls you find the most attractive and letting them pick their friends.

That’s how you make sure you’re going to have a wild private party at Villa (or any other gentlemen club in Thailand).


The Villa International Club has liquor packages with 4 bottles of premium liquor for only 10,000 baht. That’s only 2,500 baht a bottle!

Even better, the price for each girl is only between 1,480 and 2,220 baht for the first hour, and 370 baht for every 40 minutes after that.

As for VIP rooms, their price starts from 2,500 baht.

That makes The Villa Club one of the cheapest gentlemen in Bangkok (especially with that quality of girls and entertainment), along with the nearby PIMP Bangkok.

You can contact Party Bangkok to book a table or a VIP room there.

More about The Villa International Club

The Villa International Club is clearly a solid contender to be in Bangkok’s top 3 gentlemen clubs.

The quality of the girls, the service, the shows, and the design are excellent.

There’s nothing left to add outside of recommending you to give it a try.

  • Opening Hours: Daily 9 pm- 2.30 am
  • Address: The Villa Club, 598 Pracha Uthit Rd, Huai Khwang, Bangkok, 10310

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What is the entrance fee at The Villa Club?

There is no entrance fee at The Villa Club. You have 2 options, buy a liquor package with 4 bottles for 10,000 baht, or buy a single bottle.

Does The Villa Club have the hottest Thai girls in Bangkok?

The Villa Club clearly has some of the hottest in Bangkok, but other gentlemen clubs like Krystal, The PIMP, or Emerald have the best girls in town.

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