Let’s cut to the chase: the number one male fantasy is having an intimate one-on-one with two girls in a three-way. The old 1-2-3. Twins, preferably. My female friends have often asked me why this is such a ubiquitous male fantasy, and my answer is simple: Math. One girl, two titties. Two girls, four titties. Guys love math!


And the good news is that Bangkok, the city of dreams, is the place you are most likely to come face to face to face with the fantasy. If you want to make this dream come true, here are a couple of tips.

The simplest way to get your balls rolling is to visit a go-go bar in one of the red-light districts (Nana Plaza, Soi Cowboy, Pat Phong, your ex-girlfriend’s neighbourhood) The mama-san will be happy to arrange things for you, but be warned: if someone else organizes it for you, then you may not get what you are looking for. You will often find yourself in a room with two girls, yes, but it’s more of a serial one-after-the-other encounter rather than a group-grope. The evening might cost you simply double what an evening entertaining one companion might be, but often there is a premium added for the extra attention you will receive. Do not look for a bulk discount! For simplicity a go-go bar is your best bet.

Although it is more work, I think it is better to arrange things yourself. For this you want to head to a girly bar with a pool table. Find a woman with a nice tight firm personality, chat her up and then let her know you are looking for a dinner-for-three situation. Be bold, be honest, be open. You might get a slap on the arm if she is not interested, but she will still take that free drink if you offer. She will let you know if she is up for it, and will suggest fellow employees who might be interested. If she is not interested she may even be able to point you in the direction of someone who is. Start with one, and build until you have an entire harem.

Get right to it!

When you get back to your room get right to it. Did I really need to say that? Involve both girls at once right from the get-go or else you are destined to be back in the serial one after the other world.

Getting the girls to engage each other is a different matter, however. Surprisingly, in a culture that is so accepting of gays, lesbians, ladyboys, gay-lesbians-ladyboys, and everything in-between, you will come across a significant number of girls who are repulsed by the idea of going downtown with their fellow city-girls. Even girls who are professionals and who are willing and experienced in Rectal Investigative Massage (R.I.M.ing, for short), will balk at the idea of scissoring or lip-locking (of any kind) with a member of their own gender-team. Make sure you make it clear that expectation exists, if you have it, before you hop in a cab together or you may be disappointed. You may find it more difficult to pick your own pair if this is a requirement of your night, as girls who are willing will often have a partner in mind that they want to bring along.

But if all goes well, and the booze and baht are free-flowing, there is a good chance that you will be able to live out your porno dream!

It would be a terrible time to have your first experience with impotence though….but don’t think about that! Don’t think about that! Don’t think about that! Don’t think about that!

By Magnum Reynolds

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