Like a Kitchen Party where you can go into the fridge.

Titanium Club & Ice Bar (they are the same place) is a two story bar just a few metres up Soi 22 from Sukhumvit on the left-hand side. It’s an upscale place with a couple of gimmicks to grab your attention and your beer money. The main draws, as I see it, are the HOT and the COLD. Downstairs is a well laid-out bar filled with some outrageously hot hostesses, while upstairs is where you will find the absurdly cold Ice Bar.

Ice Bar is basically an industrial walk-in freezer. I have spent some significant time in my life in the bitter cold, and this room holds its own. The small room has a tiny bar made of ice, and there is an ice Christmas tree sculpture in the corner. Other than that there is enough room for 4 people to stand around shivering together. Perhaps if you press up against each other it will help to keep you warm! Maybe that’s the idea. One wall is solid glass and from the ground floor you can look up and into the room and mock the fools standing in there freezing, before you head up there yourself to stand freezing and be mocked.


Downstairs is where things heat up. A nicely located stage is the home of the all-girl house band that performs every night, and over a dozen stunners in Vietnamese style uniforms sit along one wall waiting to serve. One thing that really struck me was that the female staffs were all amply supplied in the chest department. Because it is Thailand I was, of course, a bit suspicious. Some close inspection seemed to verify that these ladies were not ladyboys… but for legal reasons I cannot guarantee anything these days. You are on your own! But if they are men, then those men have some great tits.

The bar staff at Titanium are friendly and efficient, and speak English well enough to get your order right. And although the drinks are reasonably priced but not cheap there is a happy hour until 10 where you buy one get one free vodka drink. Great things seem to come in pairs at Titanium! Downstairs you can have ice in your drink, and upstairs you can have your drink in ice.


The only thing actually titanium in the place might be the metal stairs up to the second floor, which looks like a high-end waiting room at a plastic surgeon’s office. There is one long couch from one end of the room to the other, and the fridge… I mean, Ice Bar. It might be a nice place to chill (pardon the pun) with friends, or somewhere to have some private moments with a new friend. Maybe you can take her into the Ice Bar if things get too hot.

By Mark X. Here

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