Step inside this popular Thonglor nightspot and you could be forgiven for thinking that you’ve just entered Bangkok’s coolest second hand store. Tuba Bar and Restaurant in Ekkamai is an eclectic mishmash of comic book heroes, vintage antiques, still life portraits, funky seating and other crazy randomness.

Around the bar area, model airplanes hang down from the ceiling (well, why not?). There’s a chandelier made from balloons and a life-sized model of Yoda. Just about the only ‘normal’ part of Tuba’s décor is its pool table, which is pretty well kept as it goes.

Great Drinks to choose from!

Aside from its unusual interior, Tuba is perhaps best known for its extensive cocktail menu, which is arguably one of the best in Bangkok.

The cocktails served here are decent, make no mistake and you’ll find all the classics including mojitos, strawberry daiquiris and tasty cosmopolitans. Tuba also serves a good selection of its own in-house creations, which are huge in size and reasonably priced, with prices starting from around 230 Baht.

But that’s not all. Each and everyday Tuba has a happy hour between 5pm and 8pm where its 2-for-1 on all of its drinks – what’s not to like about that?

Tuba also boasts a wide range of imported European lagers, pale ales and stouts, including the likes of Guinness and Hoegarden, with a few delightful blonde Belgium beers thrown for good measure.

Music, Food and Laughter

The food menu, is presented in a purple velvet case and offers a good mix of Thai and Italian dishes, with pasta and pizzas available from between 200 and 400 Baht, whilst prices for traditional Thai food starts from around 120 Baht. There are also plenty options for seafood lovers, as well as a variety of vegetarian dishes available.

The music played at Tuba is every bit as varied as its wonderful décor. One minute it’s fairly non-descript chill out tunes, before the sound system blasts out your favorite 80’s pop anthem (A-ha – Take on Me), only to then play some obscure jazz b-side and where it is likely to go after that is anyone’s guess!


In what is a little like stepping into the vintage filled front room of a really cool friend, for all of its quirks and eccentricities, Tuba has a cozy and relaxed atmosphere, which is clearly what helps to add to its appeal. It’s a regular haunt of the trendy Thonglor scenesters and it’s easy to see why. Due to its unique décor, you’re never short of something to look at, and it is well worth taking your camera along if you’re visiting the place for the first time.

Tuba Bar and Restaurant is located in Soi 21, just off Ekkamai Road. If you’re travelling there by Sky Train, be warned, as the walk from Ekkamai BTS is much further than you think, so it is well worth taking a taxi to the bar once you arrive at the BTS station.

Tuba is a great place to go for after-work drinks or for those looking to really kick back in what is one of Bangkok’s most interesting and unique settings.

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