I’ve never favored any clubs in Sukhumvit, until I met a friend from Germany, being the foreign expat that he is, it only makes a perfect sense that he’d roam where so many other expats find themselves amongst each other. Since then, I’ve come to discovered so of the hottest night spots in Bangkok, such as BASH, Levels & Q Bar.

‘The secret garden of Soi 33’

Thus begin my next article, I’ve at times heard of Velvet Nightclub, but the entire time being given the expression of a Gentlemen’s club, I’ve never once thought to step a foot in it, until I found out that it was a nightclub which opened its doors to the public in early June of this year on a quiet street of Sukhumvit Soi 33.Velvet Nightclub stands on its own and far away from all the traffic and the ruckus, in description of Sukhumvit Soi 11. VNC would be better described as the secret garden of Sukhumvit Soi 33, as its presence is still very young and unfelt but certain individuals has proudly admitted that it does take attendances after 2:00am, meaning that VNC is an after hour club, although the doors are open at 10:00pm.

Entering the world of ‘Velvet’

Through the opening of an iron gate, as you enter; there faces a classic harlequinesque like balcony with stairways on each side, decorated with tables and chairs and other small seats that are made for comfort, and beneath it, there awaits the cashiers desk where you pay the entrance fee. One thing that is very unique about Velvet Nightclub, are the doors which leads you in and out, you open one then you find yourself opening yet another door, for a bit lazy person like me, it’s a rather a workout and time consuming, then again, I can use the exercise.

Velvet Nightclub consists of 4 different areas. The main floor, where sits a single bar facing it’s only seating area and the DJ booth and the VIP room, on its main foundation and the upper deck and the balcony. Velvet does play more Hip Hop than most of the clubs usually do, along with the trending house and electro, which is nothing unusual. If it trends, then they will play it.

Having all the features of a proper club, but still being small enough to find your friends.

No matter, Velvet Nightclub has all the components, just like every club you go to, the illuminating laser lights which gives it more of an atmosphere, good music and some of the choice selections of booze and alcohols and the people, but, there is one thing that sets Velvet Nightclub apart from many of the local clubs, it’s small and convenient and you can easily find the people you came with if separated and the main occupants are the smart generation, professional young adults, in trend with today’s fashion and music.  Velvet Nightclub is best made for a social gathering of friends.

It sets a perfect environment that is both welcoming and warm. Velvet Nightclubs main occupants are the younger generation of adults who are in their prime, I am confident that Velvet Nightclub will be the new trending social outlet and gain further attention in due time. Once again, thank you for taking your time to read my personal opinionated article and until next time, see you ate the clubs.

By Sean Jin Young

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