Sick and tired of the ‘typical restaurant’? Anything goes in Bangkok, you can have your own experience at some pretty crazy, yet memorable, restaurants.

Dancing Robots @ Hajime Robot Restaurant

The name itself promotes curiosity. Here Japanese food, which you get to BBQ yourself, is ordered on a sleek touch screen menu. Minutes before you get to cook away, you are notified that the bots are on their way. Cool and cute robots come sliding down the track with food in ‘hand’.  If that is not impressive, wait until they start dancing to the tunes while making silly gestures. With an extensive menu of over 100 items, it is surely worth a try.

Priced Between 120-250 Baht+

Chickens Really do Fly @ Ka Tron Restaurant

Be prepared to get amused at this nearly over the top restaurant. Order the ‘Fly Chicken’ from the menu and you will soon see a chicken set afire and launched from a catapult from which a man on a unicycle will ‘catch’ on a spike attached to his helmet-safety first. Top it off with karaoke music and the occasional catapulting orange or lime and you have yourself a show.

Price: 150 Baht+ Show is Free

Get Crafty @ The Big Knit Café

Don’t be put off by the word ‘knit’; it’s still an ‘in’ thing. The cheerful shop is lined wall to wall with quality yarn in all sorts of colors to choose from. Don’t worry about not having materials or knowing anything about the craft, skilled teachers are on hand to lend you supplies and teach you the techniques needed to make an array of items. It’s a place you could spend all day having fun and socializing and when you get hungry, you can indulge in cakes, pasta, or Thai food.

Price: 100 Baht +

A Quick Protein Fix @ The Bug Cart

No time to sit and relax? Stop by a local Thai market, or Khao San Road, and pick out some fried bugs of your choosing. All sorts are on offer from silkworms and cicadas to beetles, ants, and spiders. Flavor and texture varies, so don’t be put off if the first one you try is not for you. If you cannot decide what to try, ask the vendor what locals prefer.

Price: 5 Baht+

Do you know of a weird, wacky, or wonderful Bangkok Restaurant not on the list? If so, please share it with the rest of us!

By Ashley

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