Words to Know Hunting Sexy Hot Thai Girls at Gogo Bars & Clubs

Not everyone reads a bar girl forum day and night.

If it’s your first time in Bangkok on a Sex Holiday, you may quickly get lost and confused by the jargon used.

Especially if you are on your first trip into the exciting neon-lit world of gogo bars, nightclubs, massage parlors, and more.

So before you head out for the ultimate party experience, either to a go-go bar or night clubs in Thailand, make sure you know these words. 

Definitions of Common Thai Jargon


Bar Fine

A bar fine is a fee paid for a staff member to leave work early for the night or take a night off.

By paying a bar fine, a customer can then leave the bar with that staff member.

You can do whatever is agreed between two consenting adults. i.e., have sex.

Bar fines can vary.

But a typical bar fine for a gogo dancer is around 600 THB, while showgirls and coyotes can be up to 2,000 THB.

Not all staff members are available to be bar fined.

Some staff may only be allowed to leave the bar after they have finished their duties for the night.

The bar fine is kept by the bar, and it’s uncommon for the staff member to receive a significant percentage of it.

Therefore, it’s important to negotiate how much the staff member wants for their time.

This is typically referred to as ‘short time’ or ‘long time.’

Beer Bar

A small bar with girls working, talking, and playing games with you.

Normally beer bars open early, some in the afternoons.

And girls can bar fine and have sex at a lower price than the go-go bars.

BJ Bar

A bar where girls give you a BJ sitting under the table.

And sometimes there’s a corner with a curtain to provide more privacy.

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Check-bin basically means bill.

If you want to pay up, you ask for your check bin.

This is usually calculated by the receipts kept in your ‘chit’ (bill cup) sitting on your table.

Thai Coyote Dancer

A coyote is a type of gogo dancer working in a G-club or coyote bar.

Coyotes are not trained step-dancers, normally talented in freestyle movement, as you might find in this video.

Coyote Similar to gogo dancers, coyotes, are employed to dance and drink with customers.

But it’s uncommon for a bar to allow you to bar fine a coyote or take them home for the night.

With this in mind, they tend to rely more heavily on drinks and customer tips in the bar.

Thai Entertainment Complex

Also known as massage parlors.

Some provide wet services like soapy massages.

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A “farang” is the slang word for ‘Westerner’ or non-Asian foreigner.

It’s derived from the word Farang-set, which means French.

Some ex-pats and regular tourists find the word offensive, which is debatable.

But it is a widespread word used on the gogo bar scene.

Fetish Club

A club where…..BDSM is practiced.

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Freelancers (Hookers)

These are girls who go to nightclubs looking for guys to pick them up.

But for a price, of course!

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G-Club (Gentlemen Club)

G-clubs or gentleman’s clubs also more like VIP clubs.

You’ll find more attractive and better-educated staff.   

G-clubs cater more exclusively to entrepreneurs and wealthy customers — most member clubs provide bottle service, live music, bottle service, and private rooms.

These exclusive clubs have a “run-time” system. 

You don’t pay for individual lady drinks. 

Instead, you pay the club for girls’ time to join your table or VIP for the night. 

The standard price is about 600-750 THB per hour per girl.

Some clubs have up to 200+ girls working on the weekends, many more than at a normal go-go bar. 

But don’t assume the models and dancers on staff here are prostitutes.

It’s very different from go-go bars, where customers are encouraged to “find love” and take girls home.   

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Gogo Bar

Hopefully, you have a rough idea of what a go-go bar is.

Don’t get confused with the obscure subgenre of 70s funk music.

A gogo bar is basically a bar, which employs go-go dancers.

They’re different from beer bars that tend not to have any paid dancers on staff.

Unlike coyote bars or gentleman’s clubs, gogo bars tend to be more ‘down-to-earth.’

In other words, cheaper and a tad seedier.

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Gogo Dancer

A gogo dancer is employed by a gogo bar to dance on a stage or platform in the bar.

Gogo dancers will typically dance in uniform or bikini (or even naked in some raunchier bars).

They spend most of their time doing the Bangkok Shuffle or variations of this.

Some gogo bars will also hire showgirls/boys, but most of the dancers are there for customers to chat to, and the bar fine.

While some dancers are happy to make their money from tips and drinks, many will be keen to spend the night with you!

Hostess (Reception)

Hostesses are employed by bars to bring in the customer, usually done by sitting by the entrance and looking attractive or flashing promotions (that isn’t a euphemism.).

A “Hostess” is usually much younger and more attractive than Mamasans/Papasan.

Their duties go a little beyond getting you inside the bar.

It’s common to be dragged into a bar by a hypnotically beautiful hostess.

They’ll sit you down and help you order your first drink, then basically disappear.

Hostesses are normally under pressure to bring many customers in.

But if you offer to buy them a drink, they should at least keep you company long enough to work your charm.

Karaoke Bar

This is normally a 3-4 story shophouse.

They have private rooms with KTV Karaoke systems.

All these bars have PR girls who can join your room for a sexy party.

On most occasions, they have an offer to take the girls home.

Lady Drinks (Shots)

A lady drink is a drink bought by a customer for a member of staff.  

Staff members will often ask for a drink as a form of a tip.

Normally, the lady drinks are small TQ shots (tequila), but they might be a fruit punch in some bars.

By buying them a drink, they are then expected to spend a period of time sitting with you chatting.

They’ll keep you company until their drink is finished, but it all depends on how you are getting on – or how busy they are.

If you spend time or request a staff member to sit with you, you are expected to buy them a drink.

Drinks are usually priced from 160 to 250 THB more than customer drinks, so be sure to check first.


The meaning of “Longtime” is open to interpretation and can mean almost any period of time from 3 hours to 24 hours.

While it will typically refer to an overnight stay, don’t be surprised if you’re woken up at the crack of dawn.

Some guests may prepare to leave and visit the local temple.

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A mamasan (female/ladyboy) or Papasan (male) is a gogo bar staff member.

They basically take care of customers in the bar.

They also manage the girls and waitresses on staff.

In most bars, the head Mamasan/Papasan will have great influence over the staff.

At times, they may take staff with them when they move bars.

Mamasans help introduces you to the girls/boys and sorts out any problems you may have in the bar.

They are typically much older and more experienced (and bigger!) than other members of staff.

Massage Girl (Service Girl)

A girl that works in a massage parlor.


The NEP is the abbreviation for the Nana Entertainment Plaza.

Today, it is better known simply as Nana Plaza.

It is a multi-story courtyard building lined with gogo bars, located on Sukhumvit Soi 4.


Patpong is an area of gogo bars located among the Patpong Night Market in Soi Patpong 1 and 2.

You’ll find Patpong in the Silom district of Bangkok.

PG – Thai Pretty Girl

Pretty girls (models) that promote a product, normally at a mall or trade show.

If you’re looking for these types of girls, you can sometimes find them at chill bars in Bangkok.

Selfie Sex Shuffle

A dance-like move involving minimal limb movement.

Gogo dancers use it to give the illusion they are happy dancing for customers. 

They watch themselves in mirrors on the walls to boost their self-confidence.

As their slim sexy bodies move back and forth, it may hypnotize and control you for the night.

But in reality, they would much rather be outside of the bar eating and gossiping with their friends.

Short Time

‘Short time’ refers to the amount of time a staff member will spend with a customer after leaving the bar.

This can vary greatly, but typically it can be anything from 30 minutes to 4 hours.

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Thai Showgirl

A showgirl is the next step up from a go-go dancer.

Showgirls tend to be more attractive and confident.

They do more complex dances and choreographed shows.

Like gogo dancers, they are also typically there to drink with the customers.

They are available to be bar-fined but often at a higher price.


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Soapy Massage

Also known as Body to Body massage.

You can read more about them here:

Soi Cowboy

Soi Cowboy is a lively street of neon-lit gogo bars located near the Asoke intersection in Bangkok.

Like Nana Plaza, there are plenty of go-go bars, along with clubs and live music.

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Thai Street Hookers

The traditional image of a prostitute.

Girls are standing or walking on the street and wait for a man to approach them.


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What other basic Thai words should you learn?

A few basic words can be used in everyday situations.

Keep in mind, if you’re a guy, you end sentences with (khrup/krap).

For the ladies, end your sentences with (ka/kap).

Here are a few handy Thai word you’ll need.

Hello – Sawadee khrup/ka.
Yes – Chai (khrup/ka)
No – Mai (khrup/ka)
Thank you – khop khun (khrup/ka)

What’s the best city in Thailand to learn more words?

We’re a bit bias, but Bangkok is definitely the best city to learn more words.

It’s the capital of Thailand and is the most populated city in the country.

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What can you expect at Bangkok go-go bars?

Besides all the new words, go-go bars can be a unique experience in Bangkok.

There are beautiful girls, cheap drinks, and rules to follow if you want “extras.”

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