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The future of nightlife is here…or so as they say at Booze Club.

Whether it is the future or not, it is certainly the latest exclusive gentlemen’s club in the Pracha Uthit area.

Booze Club is set to create memorable immersive experiences with its lush interior, state-of-the-art light and sound technology, exceptional services, and its group of hot Thai models.

Beautiful And Classy Thai Girls All Over

Once known as The Villa International, Booze Club is aiming at the same high standard and hosts some of the most beautiful Thai girls in Bangkok (but probably not as hot as its neighbor, The PIMP).

sexy Thai models working at Booze International Club in Bangkok

But hey, beautiful girls are beautiful girls and at Booze Club, they are friendly, elegant, and classy with a penchant for some naughtiness.

Whether they are dressed in all black or in gold glittery dresses, the girls are super easy on the eyes.

Even the female DJs are quite cute and they don’t even get us started on the dancers – phew, are they hot dressed in those sexy black burlesque outfits.

But don’t expect to find girls in bikini or g-string here, that’s not what the club is about.

hot Thai girls dancing at Booze Club Bangkok

Fully equipped with lounge areas and VIP zones, guests can enjoy live music and DJs spinning popular EDM tracks together with stage dancers, performances and a dance floor with an amazing sound and visual systems, and a 360-degree LED screen showcasing some impressive graphics.

And there is always a special event at the Booze Club. From unique live performances, or shows with local headliners and international DJs.

No evening is ever the same.

A Mix Between A G Club And A Nightclub

So, what makes this gentlemen club special?

Well, unlike other gentlemen’s clubs, the experience is closer to what you will get in a regular nightclub.

Guests can enjoy a variety of nightlife experiences here at Booze Club.

Thai singer live at Booze Club Bangkok

It’s a holistic and immersive experience of quality music, F&B, lights, sounds and of course the VIP services.

And the whole experience is enhanced by the dozens of hot Thai girls that surround you from every side.

It might be one of the most complete entertainment venues that meets every type of pleasure in a sophisticated environment.

Get A VIP Room To Take The Party To The Next Level

large VIP room with private pool at Booze Club Bangkok

On top of that, the club has VIP rooms that give you plenty of privacy for private parties, whether it’s a bachelor party or a birthday.

The VIP rooms only cost between 2,000 and 4,000 baht (between 8pm and 1am) and they’re perfect to see how wild and sexy the girls can get.

At this price, you might as well get their large VIP room that has its own private indoor pool!

Get ready for some wet and wild action.

And remember, whatever happens there will never leave these walls, so make sure you get the full VIP experience.


Prices at Booze Club are similar to what you will find in other gentlemen clubs.

Memberships start at 20,000 baht with up to 10 bottles!

They have different memberships that go from 20,000 up to 60,000 baht, depending on the type of alcohol and the brands you choose.

For girls, the price start between 1,900 and 3,040 baht when she joins you, and then you pay 380 baht for every 40 minutes.

You can also book a VIP room at Booze Club for between 2,000 and 4,000 baht from 8pm til 1am, and an additional 4,000 baht from 1am til late.

Looking for a night of fun at the Booze Club? Want to experience one of their VIP rooms?

Contact Party Bangkok to book a table or a VIP room.

About Booze Club Bangkok

Booze Club is replacing The Villa International gentlemen’s club but keeps the same formula with a smart mix between a VIP nightclub and g club.

It’s like going to any top club in Bangkok, but you can invite any girl in the room to come party with you.

And if you want some privacy to enjoy the rest of your night with your friends and the girls, you can get a VIP room.

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What Is The Price Of Booze Club?

A membership at Booze Club is between 20,000 and 50,000 baht for up to 28 bottles, and a validity of 1 year. Each girl cost between 1,900 and 3,040 baht when you invite her, and 380 baht for every 40 minutes. VIP rooms are between 2,000 and 4,000 baht for the night (from 8pm until 1am).

How Far Is Booze Club From Upper Sukhumvit?

Booze Club or Booze International according to Google Maps is about 20+ minutes from upper Sukhumvit and about 15+ minutes from lower Sukhumvit. The best way to get here is to take a taxi or to book a VIP van.

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