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Nowhere comes to life like Bangkok at night.

Once the sun sets on sin city, that’s when the heat starts to rise. 

Here’s our complete breakdown of all the hottest streets to party in Bangkok. 

Local, tourist, and expat alike all agree that these are the best party areas in Bangkok to enjoy your night from start to happy ending. 

Call a Grab or flag down a tuk-tuk and let’s go!

Sukhumvit Soi 11

Levels Sugar and Insanity Clubs in Soi 11 Bangkok

Soi 11 is probably one of the most famous streets in Bangkok for nightlife and it is conveniently located just steps away from BTS Nana. 

The Soi 11 party scene is ever-evolving. 

In recent years it has started to take on a more sophisticated vibe with lively cocktail bars and classic rooftops bars.

However, it still maintains a touch of that down-and-dirty fun that Bangkok nightlife is known for. 

This is a street that swings both ways.

If you’re starting your evening out with a view then look no further than Above Eleven.

Think dress code, excellent cocktails, romantic views, and a classier clientele. 

For expertly made cocktails and stunning girls check out the once-secret but now-bumping Havana Social.

Havana Social is sexy.

You can make your way to an intimate corner with the rum-based cocktail of your choice or get a little heated dancing to the Latin beats near the DJ station. 

Soi 11 also offers clubs if you are looking for that kind of energy.

Sugar Club pulses with Rap/Hip-hop.

It’s a fun and wild place to dance to Rap/Hip-hop drink, and pick up girls.

Explore Sukhumvit Soi 11 Nightlife


three bars in Thonglor Bangkok

Thonglor is Hi-So (Thai slang for high society) and cool.

The crowd is a nice mix of expats and Thais, and people there know how to have fun.

Jump off at BTS Thonglor and make your way down the ever-popular Thonglor Road. 

The street is home to experimental cocktail bars and trendy clubs. 

For world-class cocktails, Thonglor is the place to be. 

Rabbit Hole is one of the busiest speakeasies for good reason. Enjoy perfectly crafted cocktails in an intimate setting. 

If budget is not a concern then try a bespoke cocktail at J. Boroski, home to some world-renowned mixologists. 

Now don’t think for a moment that Thonglor is too cool to party hard. 

Here you will find BEAM one of the hottest places to dance with Bangkok’s coolest crowds.

They have two levels hosting different DJs to find the music that vibes with you. 

Looking for a less mainstream scene?

Any music lover should check out Studio Lam to dance to new and creative music and drink cocktails made out of local Thai alcohol “Ya Dong”.

While Studio Lam is not on Thonglor Road, it’s a very short walk from BTS Thonglor.  

Explore Thonglor Nightlife


Thai DJ girls partying and lazers at clubs in Ekkamai

Come party with Thonglor’s younger sister, Ekkamai Road. 

If you are looking to party with lovely Thai girls then this is the street for you, so let’s get right to the clubs. 

Babyface Superclub is a wild EDM nightclub with confetti rain.

You need to get there early or book a VIP to have a table, but the vibe, the dancers, and the DJs make it worth it.

Ekkamai is also home to some of the best gentlemen’s clubs in Bangkok.

Sherbet Club has stood the test of time and is still one of the best places for eligible men to pay and play with hot Thai girls.

Enjoy the show or opt for a VIP room.

Another gentlemen’s club option nearby Sherbet Club is Czech Club which features more coyote dancers.

Ekkamai is also known to be home to a lot of live music bars where Thais love to sing along to the bands and dance until late.

Dialing down the energy but up on the chill is Bombay Blues Ekkamai.

Bombay Blues has been around for ages and now has a new location at the Movenpick with great city views, shisha (hookah), music, and drinks. 

Explore Ekkamai Nightlife


hot Thai girls at clubs in RCA

If RCA (Royal City Avenue) were personified it would be a drunk university girl. 

This is the place for young Thais to let loose and get wild.

Here you are far from the typical tourist party epicenters, so get local (or get with a local). 

This street full of bars and clubs is located near Rama 9 and Phetchaburi Road.

Onyx and Route 66 are two of the most notable clubs on this street.

You will find House, EDM, and some Hip-Hop accompanied by laser shows and cute girls. 

Expect to buy a bottle (Thai style) that gets you a table and then make some new friends to help you finish it.

RCA also plays host to lots of events (like a big Songkran party), so depending on when you are in town there may be something special in store for you. 

Explore RCA Nightlife

Khaosan Road

khaosan road party street in Bangkok

The famously infamous Khaosan Road is hands down one of the best party streets in Bangkok.

It is something that must be experienced even just once (or twice). 

No dress code, and no rules. 

While Khaosan is home to many of Thailand’s backpackers it is also beloved by party-loving locals and tourists of all kinds. 

Tell any taxi driver “Khaosan Road” and there will be no language barrier. 

The music from the bars competes with each other. The neon signs glow and invite.

Grab a balloon, a bucket, and an insect on a stick.

Khaosan Road is a feast for all of the senses. 

Check out Mischa Cheap & Tropical Galaxy for good music, cheap drinks, and some fun parties. 

Honestly, you don’t need us to guide you down Khaosan Road.

Get lost! Have an unforgettable night.

Explore Khaosan Road Nightlife


rooftop bars in Silom road in Bangkok

Silom at night cast a wide net showcasing luxurious rooftops with spectacular cityscapes, a red-light district, a boisterous gay district, and some of the best bars in the world. 

We guarantee you will find something here to suit your needs.

This area is serviced by the Dark Green BTS Line (Saladaeng & Chong Nonsi) and MRT (Silom). 

At Revolucion Cocktail Bar you can eat, drink, and dance to Latin beats reggaeton and house.

They also have a highly entertaining fire and flair bartending show. 

If you are looking for something a little more subtle Vesper Cocktail Bar is ranked on The World’s 50 Best Bars 2022 list.

Or head to Sky Bar for a drink at the rooftop on top of the Lebua hotel, made famous by the Hangover 2 movie.

Sky Bar has hands down the most spectacular views of Bangkok.

You come here to be impressed or to impress someone. 

If you are LGBTQIA+ or just an ally who likes to party you cannot miss out on all the fun Silom Soi 2 & 4 have to offer. 

For strong but cheap drinks and nightly Drag performances, there’s the iconic Stranger Bar.

DJ Station is another famous gay haven to joyfully dance the night away well into the early morning hours. 

For those of a kinkier persuasion enter the pleasurably painful world of Barbar Fetish Club, one of the 3 fetish and BDSM clubs in Bangkok.

Come for a show, or a for a small price, be part of the show.

The mistresses will spank you (paddle, flog, or cane), tie you up with shibari ropes or cuffs, and drip hot wax all over your body. 

In the Silom – Sathorn area Wong’s Place is an institution because they refuse to change and they serve drinks until 6:00 AM or 7:00 AM (it’s empty until well after midnight). 

It’s dark and dingy, and the decor is 1980s decrepit, but if you are still standing and don’t want to turn in just yet, Wong’s will have your back.

Explore Silom Nightlife

Sukhumvit Soi 4

Live band and Thai girls in Sukhumvit soi 4 in Bangkok

Welcome to Nana Plaza, the red-light hub for all your adult entertainment.

Your boys’ night will reach epic levels here. 

Not far from Soi 11, just off BTS Nana, Soi 4 offers beer bars and gogo bars. 

If it’s a night of naughty fun you are after, head to the aforementioned Nana Plaza for sexy girls and even sexier shows.

Billboard is a top pick featuring a giant jacuzzi filled with bubbly girls.

Feeling guilty after a night of indulgences?

Spanky’s is waiting for you.

Be ready to be spanked (with a foam tube) by a team of even naughtier girls. 

For a more low-key vibe check out Lollipop on the Plaza’s ground floor where the girls are friendly but chill. 

Outside of Nana Plaza, you can grab a pint at Hooters or Hillary 2, both prime locations for an affordable beer and some eye candy.

Explore Nana Plaza And Sukhumvit Soi 4 Nightlife

Soi Cowboy

Soi cowboy photos

Giddy-up cowboy, it’s time to ride.

Soi Cowboy is the most famous red light street lined with gogo bars, street girls, ping pong shows, and more.

Located near bustling Asoke, head towards the literal glowing red lights and get lost in the fantasy.

For beautiful nude (or nearly nude) Thai girls, be sure to hit up Baccara.

The night is young so why not visit a few other top-notch gogo bars as you make your way down Soi Cowboy?

For a good time say ‘hello’ to Suzie Wong and for a great time star in your own version of the Hangover 2 at Tilac Bar.

Soi Cowboy is a carnival of all the carnal pleasures Bangkok has to offer. 

Remember nothing is free and be sure to tip your girls for all the fun they provide.

Explore Soi Cowboy Nightlife


soapy massage girls in Ratchadaphisek

Just a stone’s throw from RCA, you will find even more late-late night fun around Rachada. 

Ratchada is certainly the area on this list where you will need to practice your basic Thai conversation.

Consider it a cultural exchange. 

Here there is no shortage of soapy massage parlors and gentleman’s clubs to choose from.

Dubai Luxury Club stands out for its Arabian fantasy decor, large catwalk stage, and plenty of gorgeous and talented ladies.

Ratchada Soi 4 is packed with bars where whiskey is king.

In this street, bars stay open late, and they cater to locals.

Take this as an opportunity to stand out in the crowd.

Snop is the place to go to experience live Thai bands and Thai DJs. 

Get off the beaten farang path and explore what Ratchada has to offer. 

Explore Ratchada Nightlife

Map Of The Best Party Streets In Bangkok


What Is The Most Famous Party Street In Bangkok?

For expats and tourists, Sukhumvit soi 11
For backpackers and tourists on a budget, Khaosan road
For young Thais, RCA and Ratchada
For Hi-So Thais: Thonglor
For adult entertainment, Soi Cowboy

How Much Is A Typical Night Out In Bangkok?

Bangkok nightlife has something to offer for the budget backpacker and VIP visitors. A night in Bangkok can cost you anywhere between 1,000 and 20,000 baht depending on the type of venues you decide to visit.
Also, consider your neighborhood. Thonglor, Ekkamai, and Soi 11 tend to be more pricey. Soi 4, RCA, and Khaosan Road are affordable options.

What Is The Legal Drinking Age In Thailand? 

The legal drinking age in Thailand is 20 years old. Checking ID cards is not as common in Thailand as it is in other countries like the US. However, some bars and all the clubs will certainly ask for an ID at the door, so have something on you.

Take this roadmap of Bangkok’s hottest party streets and get going.

For more insider information on everything Bangkok at night has to offer check out our homepage

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