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Billboard Bangkok claims on their website and social media to be “Thailand’s #1 go-go bar”.

It’s true that if any gogo bar has what it takes to be number one in Bangkok, it’s Billboard.

With 100 beautiful Thai girls and unique shows, this gogo bar, located on the 3rd floor of Nana Plaza, is one of the best places to party with sexy gogo dancers in Bangkok.

About Billboard Bangkok

  • Prices: drinks start from 160 baht / bar fine from 700 baht
  • Opening Hours: Tuesday to Saturday from 8 pm – 2am
  • Address: 3rd floor of Nana Plaza, on your right

Why Go To Billboard in Nana Plaza?

beautiful Thai girls at Billboard gogo bar in Nana Plaza
  • The incredible Billboard girls. Opened in 2011, Billboard has quickly gained a good reputation, mainly thanks to the quality of its girls. The management does a fantastic job of keeping only the best girls who are young, hot, and wild. Just the way we like them.
  • An overwhelming amount of sexy Thai girls. When you walk in, you don’t know where to look. There are hot Thai girls everywhere in the bar, whether on stage or at the bar, waiting for their turn to dance. Billboard can have well over 100 girls on busy nights, so you’ll never run out of options.
  • Billboard’s incredible shows. The gogo has great shows every hour, with sexy lap dances, lesbian shows with girls playing together, and of course, shower shows as well as naughty foam rubbing in the jacuzzi.
  • Enjoy the jacuzzi and shower shows. Right in the middle of the bar is a spinning carousel stage where the girls dance, a couple of standing tables next to it, and to the right is an oversized jacuzzi and a shower cabin where the girls love to get wet and play. Be careful though, because it’s not uncommon for those sitting next to it to get wet.
  • Many special events and themes. Billboard is also known for its special events and always finds an excuse to organize theme nights where they love to go crazy with decorations and costumes. You should definitely keep an eye on their Facebook page to see what event is coming up.
sexy coyote girls in red bikini at Billboard agogo in Nana Plaza

With that said, we leave it up to you to decide if Billboard is the best gogo bar in Bangkok or even in Thailand.

But without a doubt, it’s a fun bar with tons of beautiful Thai girls, and it’s a must-visit if you go to Nana Plaza.

If you like Billboard gogo bar, you’ll love Butterflies, its sister gogo bar owned by the same team and located on the same floor.

You can learn more about the world famous adult entertainment complex in our review of Nana Plaza.

Also don’t forget to read our guide to Thai gogo bars. Perfect for those who go to this kind of bar for the first time.

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