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In the middle of Thonglor, hidden from the main road, is one of the most exclusive clubs in Bangkok, Exotica.

But with the arrival of Krystal and Emerald, two other luxurious gentlemen clubs in Thonglor, can Exotica Exclusive Club still compete with the big boys?

That’s what we’re going to see.

A Smaller And Older Gentlemen Club

Exotica can’t be compared to the new clubs opening in Thonglor and Ekamai.

This exclusive club is from a different era, and the design and interior reflect that past.

Sexy Thai girl with tape at Exotica Bangkok

Nothing is flashy in there (except the girls). The decoration is only old furniture with molding on the walls and ceilings.

Going to Exotica is like traveling in the past.

If you want to have a taste of the golden age of the first gentlemen clubs in Bangkok, be our guest and give it a try.

But compared to the new gentlemen clubs in the city, Exotica is smaller, the interior looks old. Only the girls and the shows keep it interesting.

The Shows and the Girls

Exotica has around 50 to 100 girls every night.

topless girl at Exotica Thonglor in Bangkok

The club has some really stunning girls and dancers (like the one in the photo), but it doesn’t have as many hot girls and pretty faces as its competitors.

Unlike other clubs in the area, you’re not going to get overwhelmed by the number of girls working there.

All the girls are pretty, friendly, fun, and will show you a good time, but there’s not that many of them.

Now if you’re after the hottest models or young fit Thai girls, Exotica isn’t the right place. There are a ton of clubs with hot girls in Thonglor.

Now regarding the entertainment, the club has live music and shows every night, with a few great sexy shows and dancers.

They even invited some gorgeous models like Faii Orapun, Nat Kejsarin, and the Thai rapper Youngohm as well as the band JAZZ JSPKK.

sexy DJ Exotica Exclusive Club in Bangkok

But outside of a few big events each month, there’s nothing special going on there.

The VIP Rooms and Private Pool

Like other gentlemen clubs, Exotica has a few VIP rooms where you can have a private party with the girls.

Each room has a different style, but like the rest of the club, their interior feels old and they could use a renovation.

red VIP room at Exotica Exclusive Club in Thonglor

But the exclusive club has something special you might not expect, a private pool on the rooftop of the building, which you can rent for the night.

That’s the only gentlemen club in the Sukhumvit area with that option.

So if you want to have a private pool party with your friends and hot Thai girls, that’s one of the best places in Bangkok for that.

The pool is big, has a terrace that comes with it, and offers complete privacy. So you can go as wild as you want there.

private pool on the rooftop of Exotica Exclusive Club in Bangkok

But let’s be honest, it’s not nearly as nice as the private pool you can book at The PIMP in Pracha Uthit.

And the pool area at The PIMP comes with a VIP room attached to it to keep the party going until late or if it’s raining.

So you might want to check this option before you book the pool at Exotica.


Prices at Exotica Exclusive Club are almost the same as other clubs of this type in Thonglor.

The price of a 1-year membership starts from 20,000 baht and can get you up to 7 bottles.

The price for each girl starts at 2,000 baht for the first hour and 420 baht for every 40 minutes after that.

And for VIP rooms, the price starts at 2,500 baht.

It’s not super expensive, but not cheap either. In particular, if you consider that you can get way party rooms and stunning girls only a few minutes away and for the same price.

If you want more information or make a booking, contact Party Bangkok.

They can help you with bookings at every gentlemen club in Bangkok.

About Exotica Exclusive Club

Despite having a good reputation and some great events once in a while, we can say that the golden era of Exotica Club Bangkok is over.

The private pool on the rooftop is interesting, they have good looking girls and a few nice sexy shows, but it’s not nearly as appealing as other gentlemen clubs in Bangkok.

Save your money, go spend it elsewhere, and thank us later.

  • Opening Hours: Daily 7 pm- 2 am
  • Address: Exotica Exclusive Club, 119/1-2 Thonglor Rd, Khlong Tan Nuea, Bangkok, 10110

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Where is Exotica Exclusive Club?

Exotica Exclusive Club is located in the middle of Thonglor road (Sukhumvit Soi 55), a few meters from the popular bars Ainu and Rabbit Hole

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If you want to eat Thai food, you can try Supanniga Eating Room across the road from Exotica Exclusive Club. Or have a look at the other restaurants we recommend in Thonglor on this post.

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