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Elite calls itself the “biggest and most luxurious gentlemen club in Bangkok.”

Most luxurious, that’s open to debate.

But we can’t deny it’s by far the biggest gentlemen club in Bangkok.

With 5 floors, 40 karaoke rooms, including some which can fit up to 100 people, and most importantly, hundreds of gorgeous Thai girls every night, Elite Thonglor 13 (the ex-Emerald club) is a must-try.

Let us tell you more about it.

The Biggest Gentlemen Club in Bangkok, Really?

It’s hard to describe how big Elite club actually is.

Drive by Thonglor soi 13, and you’ll see the building is so big, it will catch your attention as soon as you get near it.

outside entrance of Emerald Club Thonglor

From the outside, it looks like a big safe, with huge walls and no windows.

And it doesn’t show anything of the opulence you can find on the inside.

But once you enter it, you quickly realize the box-looking building is home to a luxurious club that beats in size every other gentlemen club in Bangkok.

You read it at the beginning of this post; the club spans over 5 floors, with the main room big enough for a few hundred people, and over 40 private VIP rooms, including some which can fit up to 100 people.

Yes, it’s that big.

Just look at the size of the entrance hall.

entrance hall of Emerald Club in Thonglor soi 13

An entrance that big in one of the most trendy neighborhoods in Bangkok, that’s luxury pushed to its max.

That reminds us that if you’ve never been to a gentlemen club and don’t know how it works there, you might want to read this post before.

The PIMP (Bangkok #1 g club) created a short guide to explain how gentlemen’s clubs work and what you can expect there.

What About the Girls?

You’re not impressed by the building or by the expensive design?

We get it.

You didn’t end up on this review because you love architecture.

The girls at Elite are on point with the club’s image.

They’re gorgeous, young, and classy, especially when they wear those beautiful sparkly jackets.

But don’t worry, they also know how to get sexy and naughty when they put on bikinis and lingerie.

If you love the charm of Asian beauties, you’re going to be served there.

Plus, the girls are friendly, speak decent English, and are always down to play drinking games and drink shots.

Sexy Thai girls on stage at Emerald Club Thonglor13

But if you’re looking for wild girls who will bring the party to your table, it’s probably not the right place.

The girls at Elite Thonglor 13 are pretty, elegant, and friendly.

But rare are the girls that are a lot of fun and who are down for anything and everything.

The Best Private KTV Rooms in Thonglor

The quality of the girls and the entertainment are not the only reason to choose a gentlemen club over a gogo bar.

Most customers go to g clubs to have privacy, with their friends, and a couple (or a lot) of hot Thai girls.

With 40 karaoke rooms, often used by important entrepreneurs and corporate executives, you understand why the other name of the club is Elite Business Lounge.

large VIP private room at Emerald Club Thonglor

The gentlemen club offers VIP rooms of all sizes.

Some small for 1 guest and a few girls, others big enough to host the entire executive team of two large companies about to sign an important deal.

That’s why Elite has a reputation for hosting parties for high-profile businessmen, Thai hi-so, as well as local politicians and celebrities.

If you want to seal a deal with a business partner, the club has everything to help you get the job done.


Even with so much luxury, Elite is not drastically more expensive than other gentlemen’s clubs in Bangkok.

A membership there starts at 20,000 THB for 1 year, with 3 to 8 bottles depending on the type of liquor and brand you choose.

For the girls, prices are 2,500 THB for the first hour and 420 THB for every 40 minutes after that.

Note that these prices are for non-members, members get 10% off the bill.

As for karaoke rooms, prices start as low as 3,500 THB for the night.

Contact Party Bangkok for a booking there.

About Elite Thonglor 13

It’s not hard to understand why Elite club has become so popular so fast.

With its posh design, expensive shows, and incredibly elegant Thai girls, nothing disappoints there.

Plus, whenever you want privacy, they have so many karaoke rooms there that you are almost guaranteed to have one available, even during busy weekends.

  • Opening Hours: Daily from 7 PM to 2 AM
  • Address: Elite Thonglor 13, 16 Akkhara Phat Alley, Khlong Tan Nuea, Bangkok 10110

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What Is The Price Of Elite Thonglor 13?

Prices at Elite Thonglor 13 start from 20,000 THB for a 1-year membership, 4,000 THB for a bottle, 3,340 THB for a girl for 3 hours, and 3,500 THB for a private room. Membership holders get a 10% discount on the bill.

What’s A Good Place To Have Dinner Around Elite Thonglor 13?

Thonglor has some of the best restaurants in Bangkok. Before heading for drinks at Elite club, you can enjoy a nice dinner at Canvas, El Gaucho Thonglor, or at Arno’s Thonglor. See our guide of the best restaurants in Thonglor for more recommendations.

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