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There are a lot of gogo bars in Bangkok with hundreds of smiling gogo girls try to get your attention as you walk down the city’s red-light districts.

But among all those gogo bars, some are way better than others.

How me know? We’ve tried them all and spent a ton of money there.

So leave it to us to guide you through the city’s naughty bars.

Without further ado, here is a list of the best gogo bars in Bangkok.

Let’s start with Nana Plaza:

Best Gogo Bars in Nana Plaza


Thai gogo dancers on stage at Billboard Bangkok in Nana Plaza

Gogo bars are all about girls and entertainment, and Billboard knows it.

This bar located at the top floor of Nana Plaza has the hottest gogo dancers of all the bars on this list, and they know how to put on a show.

If you are looking for a gogo bar with smoking hot girls who love to party and are not afraid to show off their best moves on stage, Billboard is the place for you.


A Thai bar girl at Spanky's gogo bar in Nana Plaza spanking another girl with a foam stick

Spanky’s is another must-try in Nana Plaza. While it’s famous for the girls spanking each other (and the customers) on stage with black foam sticks, it’s really the exciting erotic shows that have built the bar’s reputation.

Shows take place every hour and last about 15 minutes.

Rainbow 5

neon sign of Rainbow gogo bar in Nana Plaza Bangkok

The Rainbow group has 4 bars in Nana Plaza, but Rainbow 5 on the middle floor is definitely the one that stands out the most.

It’s huge, has well over 100 hot girls, and is packed every night.

The only thing it lacks is shows. But other than that, it’s an excellent gogo.


group of sexy bar girls in black lingerie in front of Angelwitch Bangkok sign at Nana Plaza in Bangkok

If you want to see the hottest erotic shows in Bangkok, Angelwitch is the place to go!

Sure the bar has beautiful girls, and it’s fun to party there, but the most important thing is the shows, which are unlike anything you can see anywhere else.


beautiful Thai gogo dancers in bikini on stage of the Butterflies Bangkok gogo bar in Nana Plaza Bangkok

Butterflies is one of the biggest gogo bars in Nana Plaza. Located on the top floor, it has no shortage of attractive young girls and even has sexy hot tub shows.

But the big difference from other bars is the music. There are DJs playing clubbing music instead of the usual gogo bar beats you hear in most naughty bars.


sexy Thai girls in school uniform at Lollipop gogo bar in Nana Plaza Bangkok

Located on the ground floor of Nana Plaza, Lollipop is the first bar you see on the left as you enter the complex.

It has a nice welcoming terrace with charming girls and cheap beers.

The gogo dancers there aren’t the hottest, and the bar inside is quite small, but it is a nice stop to start a crazy night in Nana Plaza.

Now let’s head to Soi Cowboy.

Best Gogo Bars in Soi Cowboy

Crazy House

Crazy House Bangkok gogo bar red sign

If you’re looking for a gogo bar that will wow you, head over to Crazy House.

It’s a truly crazy bar with lots of naked girls, drunk guys, and wild shows.

It’s not for everyone, but if you want to dive right into the heart of Sin City and find out just how crazy gogo bars can be, you have to stop by Crazy House.


three bar girls from Dollhouse Bangkok gogo bar in Soi Cowboy grabbing the leg of one of the girl

Dollhouse is easily the most notorious gogo bar in Soi Cowboy. Open for over 20 years, it is well-known for its incredible girls and the “no hassle” policy put in place by its founders.

The gogo bar has 2 floors, with shows upstairs where girls take it all off.


neon sign of Baccara gogo bar in Soi Cowboy Bangkok

Baccara also has some of the best girls of any gogo bar in Bangkok. And the fact that they take it all off on the upper floors makes it even better.

A must visit for anyone going to Soi Cowboy.

Suzie Wong

red neon sign of Suzie Wong gogo bar in Bangkok

Suzie Wong is another household name in Soi Cowboy.

It’s the only gogo bar in the famous Soi Cowboy where you can see sex shows (including ping pong shows) without getting ripped off.

It may be a little more expensive than other gogo bars in Soi Cowboy, but it’s worth it for the shows and the quality of the service, and of course, the girls.

Cowboy 2

bar girls in front of Cowboy 2 gogo bar in Soi Cowboy Bangkok

Cowboy 2 is a great alternative to Baccara and Dollhouse in Soi Cowboy when those two are full.

The bar has up to 100 girls, friendly staff, and really good deals during the happy hour.

And finally, here are the best bars in Patpong:

Best Gogo Bars in Patpong

Bada Bing

two beautiful young Thai girls kissing on stage of the Bada Bing gogo bar in Patpong Bangkok

Bada Bing is the biggest and most popular gogo bar in Patpong.

Recently renovated, it has maintained the same quality of service that built its reputation and hired a whole new team of hot young Thai girls in their 20s.

A must-visit in Patpong.

Kings Castle 1

Thai girls in air hostess uniform in front of Kings Castle 1 gogo bar in Patpong Bangkok

The Kings group is at the head of 5 gogo bars in Patpong, and Kings Castle 1 is the best of them.

Even though the bar’s design haven’t changed since the 70s, the girls there are beautiful, friendly, and fun.

Plus, there’s no such thing as staff pushing you to buy more drinks there.

You can enjoy the shows in peace with a cold beer in your hand and a hot girl on your lap.

Pink Panther

Thai bar girls from Pink Panther agogo in Patpong Bangkok

Of all the gogo bars we have tried and reviewed, Pink Panther is the most intriguing.

It may not have the hottest girls, but it’s the only place in Bangkok where you can watch Muay Thai fight in a gogo bar (you read that right).

If that picked your curiosity, stop by Pink Panther around 11 pm to see a fight, and the girls.


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