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What does RCA stand for?

RCA is short for Royal City Avenue.

It’s a popular entertainment district in Bangkok filled with nightclubs, bars, and restaurants.

Young local Thai love this area. 

This long street stretches from Rama 9 on one end to Phetchaburi Road on the other.

RCA is a government-approved nightlife zone, so venues are issued special licenses.

This allows the clubs and bars to stay open later than other nightlife areas in Bangkok.

You can bet there’ll be some great parties in RCA.

More importantly, you’ll meet some beautiful local girls here too.

Does RCA have the Best Nightlife in Bangkok?

SHOW DC mall in RCA Bangkok

RCA is one of Bangkok’s hottest all-time nightlife areas.

For years, RCA venues have opened to the wee hours into the morning.

Clubs and bars offer partygoers a variety of entertainment options, with distinct music drawing in like-minded crowds.

There’s everything from famous international DJs to live concerts by local artists.

Because it’s a designated entertainment zone, RCA stays busy seven nights a week.

Particularly on the weekends, the clubs and bars are filled to capacity.

Every year, RCA hosts several special events like Songkran parties and music festivals.

After almost twenty years, RCA is still one of Bangkok’s most popular places to let loose after dark.

And it’s a great place to meet hot local girls.

What’s the Crowd like in RCA?

Thai girls taking a selfie with a guy at a club in RCA

The crowd in RCA is young twenty-something Thais, looking for a place to get wasted at night.

They love to drink!

If you’re looking for fresh and hot Thai girls, RCA is the place.

It’s the favorite party spot for girls from all Bangkok’s universities.

You won’t find many westerners in RCA, as the clubs charge non-Asians a 200-to-400-baht entry fee.

When the younger Thais go out to party, it’s always with a group of friends.

Instead of individual drinks, they buy their liquor by the bottle.

Most clubs serve bottles, mixers, and ice at the table for groups to share in RCA.

If you don’t finish the bottles, the club will keep hold onto them for you until you’re ready to drink more.

That’s if you even remember you had a bottle!

The best way to find local hot Thai girls in RCA, book a table, buy some bottles, and see who stops by.

Show local girls you know how to drink, and you may be in luck later that night.

What are the Best Clubs in RCA?

hot Thai girls at clubs in RCA

RCA is home to some of Bangkok’s top nightclubs. 

Onyx is one of the biggest and most impressive nightclubs in Bangkok. 

If you’re looking for a club with the most beautiful girls, Onyx is the place.

You’ll see young hotties in tight shirts, skimpy short dresses, and very provocative smiles on their faces. 

To get them going, the world’s top EDM and House DJs rock the dance floor every night of the week. 

The laser light show is also the best in the city. 

Most people party the “Thai Way” at Onyx by buying VIP bottle and table packages.

Down the road is another very popular nightclub is Route 66.

It is legendary for its wild parties and variety of music. 

Two of Route 66’s zones play the latest hip hop with huge screens displaying music videos. 

The other two zones feature live bands playing Thai and western hits. 

Whether you stop by Onyx or Route 66, there’ll be girls letting loose once the music gets going.

A quick smile, and you may be rubbing shoulders (or more) with a gorgeous Thai girl.

Book VIP Packages – Impress the Girls!

VIP packages at Onyx Bangkok in RCA

If you’re visiting RCA’s clubs to meet hot Thai girls, you have to get them to notice you.

Ordering bottles of Sangsom or bottles of Chang is just weak!

To get the hot girl’s attention, you have to buy VIP packages.

In Onyx and Route 66, the packages range from 20,000 baht to 100,000 baht.

VIP packages include top-shelf bottles like Dom Perignon, Grey Goose, or Chivas Regal.

You’ll receive VIP passes to your table for 10 to 15 people.

A private waiter or waitress is included, and the whole club knows when a VIP opens another bottle.

The more bottles you buy, the better your VIP table.

Offer a few girls to drink with you, and more likely than not, they’ll accept. 

But make sure you call and book ahead. 

You’re not the only one in town keen on young Thai girls.

If you want to check out other clubs, there are more in Soi 11, Silom, Thonglor, and the rest of Bangkok.

Bars in RCA with Live Music

Thai girls and live music at Old Leng Bar in Bangkok

If you’re looking for something other than hip hop or EDM, RCA has several live Thai and western music bars.

The Old Leng Bar is legendary for its chill atmosphere and reasonable prices.

Decorated in vintage Chinese style, it feels more like an old teahouse than a bar.

Old Leng offers live music every night until 2 am featuring local Thai artists.

Their sweet fruity cocktails are popular with local Thai girls out for the night at RCA’s clubs.

A few steps up is another top spot, Bar Rock on Rama 9.

They’re open from 10:30 am until late, featuring live music, cold drinks, and cheap food.

Once the music starts, it’s hard to find a table, though.

If you call ahead and order a bottle package, your table will be waiting when you arrive.

Pour a few glasses, and girls might start eyeing you. 

Restaurants in RCA with Live Music

LAX live music bar in RCA

If you want a feast, head to LAX RCA.

This restaurant serves a variety of organic and healthy dishes.

They serve a tasty buffet from 5 pm to 10 pm every day.

Two live bands perform nightly from 7 pm until closing to get the girls moving.

LAX is a popular spot for partiers to fill up before hitting the clubs.

For authentic Japanese food, you have to try Donabe Shabushabu and Nara Sukiyaki Buffet.

Donabe features the best shabushabu hot pot in RCA and is a great place to hang out with friends.

Besides sukiyaki, Nara offers BBQ skewers and a 199 baht buffet.

However, if you want to draw in the local girls, authentic Thai dishes might be the way to go.

Head to Nai-Torr or VIP Club RCA.

They have the best Thai BBQ and Somtum in RCA.

They’re the perfect spot to meet some young hot girls before hitting the clubs.

If there are two things Thai girls love, it’s Papaya Salad and Thai BBQ.

Events in RCA

Festival and water fights during Songkran in Bangkok

If you love music and partying, RCA is the place to go during Songkran.

The street will be closed to traffic, as bars and clubs get together for one big street music festival.

There are parties and water fights at every club from one end of the street to the other.

Water guns are just part of the tradition, so there’ll be plenty of babes in wet T-shirts!

You’ll like what you see – we promise!

During Songkran, RCA plays host to two of the biggest music festivals in Bangkok.

The S2O Songkran and the Siam Songkran Festival.

There’s no holding back as they bring the world’s biggest DJs to Bangkok.

S2O has become the most exciting Songkran party in Thailand.

For 3 days and nights, the world’s top EDM DJs spin the best dance tunes in Bangkok from April 13 to 15.

The Siam Songkran Music Festival is a 4-day festival headlined by Europe’s top DJs.

They feature plenty of food stalls and water fights as well.

If you’re looking to meet hot Thai girls during Songkran, RCA is the place to be every night.

For more hot girls, you can attend other music festivals in Bangkok.

Hotels Near RCA

Zazz Urban hotel near RCA Bangkok

There are several 4- and 5-star hotels located near RCA.

Zazz Urban Bangkok hotel is one of the best spots to relax after a night on RCA.

They feature 24-hour check-in, room service, and breakfast.

Head to the rooftop bar, Zook skybar.

This is the perfect start to any evening, with buy one take one cocktail from 4:30 pm until 8:30 pm.

Another hotel nearby is Maitria Rama 9 Bangkok.

This is a serviced apartment with one and two-bedroom suites.

The outdoor pool and jacuzzi is the perfect place to recover after a night in RCA.

And if you meet a hot Thai girl, the A-One Hotel is the place to spend a romantic hour or two.

They offer a 799 baht short time promotional rate.

If you want to stay longer, it’s only 1,295 baht for all night.

RCA Nightlife Map

RCA isn’t the only place to find hot girls.

If you want to cut to the chase, we know where you can go to pick up more Thai girls.

Visit the gentlemen clubs or red light districts, and all the women you’ve been dreaming of will be falling in your lap!

Or explore the other party streets of Bangkok.


What’s the best way to get to RCA?

The best way to get to RCA is by taxi.

There are MRT stations at either end of RCA, but you’ll need a ride from the stations to reach the hottest clubs.

Tell the taxi driver “RCA.”

They’ll know where to go.

When’s the best time to visit RCA?

The best time to visit RCA is between 11 pm and midnight.

The clubs don’t get busy until 11 pm.

If you arrive before midnight, you have a better chance of grabbing a table.

Remember, RCA is a designated entertainment zone.

The clubs don’t close until 2 am or later.

Which other areas in Bangkok have hot local girls?

Other Bangkok areas where hot local girls hangout include Sukhumvit Soi 11Thonglor, Ekamai, and Silom.

Sukhumvit Soi 11 one of Bangkok’s party zones with clubs like Insanity and Levels.

Thonglor’s cocktail bars Rabbit Hole and Iron Fairies serve cocktails Thai girls love.

Silom’s clubs like Maggie Choos and Club at Koi are popular with girls too.


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EventsS2O Songkran Music Festival
Siam Songkran Music Festival
HotelsZAZZ Urban Bangkok
Maitria Hotel Rama 9
A-One Hotel Bangkok

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