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The Hangover movies are probably some of the best comedy films ever made.

It’s got everything that we all enjoy – a bit of debauchery, humor, and action, all rolled into one.

From the Hangover series, Part 2 is arguably the most exciting and unique out of them all.

Mainly because it was filmed in the most beautiful country in the world – Thailand.

Thailand’s iconic landmarks and crazy party venues made Hangover Part 2 such an incredible hit.

The movie made Thailand more popular for weddings and the go-to destination in the world for bachelor parties.

So if you’ve seen the movie and you’re wondering where the cast of The Hangover Part 2 had their epic times in Thailand, we have a list of all the places that were filmed in the movie.

⚠️ Careful: this post contains spoilers.

The Resort In Krabi

Aerial view of Phulay Bay in Krabi, Thailand.

The opening scene of Hangover 2 starts with stunning views of Krabi, a coastal province in the south of Thailand.

While Krabi is not where all the action happens, it is where it all starts as Stu (Ed Helms) is ready to get married at a gorgeous and luxurious resort named Phulay Bay, A Ritz-Carlton Reserve.

Phulay Bay is a 5-star resort in Krabi that overlooks several islands in the distance and is considered one of the best wedding spots in the country.

But let’s be honest, while Krabi’s stunning, it doesn’t quite pack the wild ride that Bangkok does, right?

Which is why the gang ended up in Bangkok.

In Which Areas Of Bangkok Was The Hangover Part II Filmed?

After a supposed chilled night on the beach of Phulay Bay, the next morning we see the boys wake up in some random beaten-down guesthouse in Bangkok.

While looking for their friend, the gang visits a bunch of locations in Bangkok, including a few gogo bars, a rooftop bar, and even a monastery.

Let’s take a closer look at these places one by one.

Chow’s Room in Chinatown

The hangover party 2 movie

The building where the crew wakes up after their epic night they can’t remember doesn’t actually exist.

It was a filming set created in a movie studio in California.

The scene on the rooftop of the guesthouse though shows that the building is in Chinatown.

But the hotel everyone remembers from the movie is the one where they meet Chow’s partner / Interpol officer.

More on it later.

Elephant On The Street

The boys walking in the street of Bangkok with elephant behind them.

The next scene involves a busy and crowded street in Chinatown, where you can see a guy riding an elephant in the background.

This is not something that happens anymore in the street of Bangkok.

However, if you want to interact with elephants ethically, you have to visit elephant sanctuaries and national parks in other parts of Thailand such as Khao Yai, Chiang Mai, Kanchanaburi, Phuket, and Koh Chang.

Then from Chinatown, the crew heads to Ratchawang police station.

But we’re going to skip this part.

After all, who plans a vacation to spend time at the police station, right?

Sukhumvit 7/1 And The Tattoo Shop

Guys walking in the street of White Lion in Hangover part 2.

From the police station, the guys go to the “White Lion”, a bar that is supposed to be in Sukhumvit Soi 7/1.

That street is well known for laidback bars, and a few sexy massages.

The boys learn that they got into a bar fight and started a riot the night before.

That’s when they took refuge in a tattoo shop where Stu got the iconic Mike Tyson tattoo on his face.

Stu's tattoo in Hangover 2 in the tattoo shop with Phil

It is one of the best moments in the movie.

For obvious reasons, we won’t recommend you get a tattoo during a night out.

But it is a good idea to get a tattoo with your friends at some point during your trip.

There are plenty of amazing tattoo studios in Bangkok where you can get a lifelong memory of that time you visited Thailand.

Ching Mei Monastery

The boys enter a monastery in Hangover 2

The next scene in the movie is where the boys visit a monastery filled with monks.

There is no such monastery but the venue used for this shoot is at Ancient City, a museum park in Samut Prakan just outside of Bangkok.

The Ancient City is home to dozens of replicas of iconic landmarks from around Thailand, including the monastery you can see in the movie.

Soi Cowboy

Boys enter in a club at Soy Cowboy with sexy girls in the street on Hangover part 2.

After the monastery, the movie takes us to Soi Cowboy, a famous red-light district in Bangkok that is lined with vibrant gogo bars.

While the movie shows a gogo bar called Siam Sam, the scene is actually inside a bar called Tilac bar.

In fact, just before they enter the bar, you can see the logo of Tilac in the background.

Tilac is one of the largest and most popular gogo bars on Soi Cowboy and you can still visit it today.

Soon after, the guys supposedly go backstage to the bars where the legendary ladyboy scene takes place.

It is not uncommon to see ladyboys here as there are also a few ladyboy bars in Soi Cowboy that exclusively hire ladyboy performers and hostesses.

But gogo bars don’t usually mix girls and ladyboys.

If you’re scared to run into a ladyboy by mistake, we have tips on how to spot a ladyboy that could be handy.

The Hangover Part 2 Hotel

Iconic lobby of Lebua State Tower featured in Hangover Part 2 movie.

It’s finally time for Stu and Doug to meet with Chow’s business partner.

The lobby and the restaurant we see are taking place at Lebua at State Tower Hotel in Silom.

That’s in the same hotel that is the rooftop scene, at the hotel’s Sky Bar that we have a bit later.

Longtail Boat Cruise on The Chao Phraya

Stu playing guitar on a boat with his friends in Hangover Part 2 in Bangkok.

Another notable and interesting places featured in the movie are along the Chao Phraya River.

While the exact locations are not clear, you can easily find similar areas by just walking along the river banks.

You can also take a boat tour that takes you around the river and its canals just as the guys did in the film.

Car Pursuit in Chinatown

On a place, guys in a car drive fast to escape enemies in Hangover 2.

After reuniting with Chow, the next scene is a crazy car pursuit in the streets of Bangkok.

This scene is also in Chinatown, as we can see from the signs on the buildings and when they drive through the local food market.

Of course, we recommend you don’t get involved in a car pursuit while you’re in Bangkok.

But if you feel the need for speed, you can race go-karts with your friends, or rent a sports car to get around the city in style.

The Hangover Part 2 Rooftop Bar

aerial view sky bar lebua hangover 2

The crew is now back to Lebua, this time with Chow, for a meeting at the Sky Bar.

Sky Bar is the famous rooftop bar that is featured in The Hangover Part 2 movie.

It is located on the impressive 64th floor of the Lebua Hotel.

It can be easily recognized thanks to the iconic gold dome at the top that can be seen from almost anywhere in the city.

The rooftop offers a stunning panoramic view of Bangkok’s skyline and the Chao Phraya River.

This along with excellent hospitality and great cuisine makes Sky Bar one of the most popular rooftop bars and restaurants in all of Thailand.

The aerial shot of the Sky Bar and Lebua Hotel in the movie was certainly an amazing scene.

By the way, did you know that this was filmed from a helicopter and not a drone?

Tuk Tuk Rides

Guys on a Tuk Tuk on the road in Hangover part 2, Bangkok, Thailand.

Another fun activity that the movie shows is the exciting tuk-tuk ride.

It is one of the most exciting ways to explore the city and a must-do when you are in Bangkok.

You get to go through the streets quickly with the wind in your hair, cool music, and the driver decides to speed things up you’re in for a wild ride.

It’s really fun, and something you have to try while in Bangkok.

However, if you are in a big group, you are better off renting a limousine or a minivan for the rest of your stay.

Bangkok can be quite hot and sometimes smoggy, so it is a good idea to be in a comfortable and cool vehicle, especially if you spend time stuck in traffic.

That being said, the type of tuk-tuk that you see in the same shot is still popular today.

Speedboat on the Chao Phraya River

Guys on a speedboat cruising the river in Hangover 2.

The last place that was clearly shown in Bangkok in the film was the Wat Kalayanamit Pier, which is where the boys grab a speedboat to ride all the way back to their hotel in Krabi.

You should know that you can rent a speedboat or a yacht on the Chao Phraya.

Not to drive to Krabi or the islands, but for a nice sunset cruise, a crazy boat party, or a chill dinner cruise.

Party Bangkok can help you arrange that while you’re in Bangkok. (more on them below)

By the way, while it’s fun to imagine, don’t plan on speedboating all the way to Krabi – unless you’ve got a few extra vacation weeks to spare!

You’d have to traverse all the way down south to the Gulf of Thailand, wave hello to Malaysia and Singapore, and trek back north through the Malacca Strait before finally docking in Krabi.

Quite the marathon that could take days, if not weeks! Now, that’s an epic hangover road trip!”

Recreate The Hangover Part 2 in Bangkok With Your Mates

Group of friends enjoying photos from their epic night out in Bangkok, in Hangover part 2.

Ready to live your own Hangover Part 2 adventure in Bangkok, minus the memory loss?

Party Bangkok can make it happen!

Contact them to create a bachelor party itinerary that follows the steps of the movie.

They can take you to all the cool spots, iconic landmarks, and exciting venues that were featured in the movie.

Or if the movie was too chaotic for you, they can also create a custom-made package.

And how can we end this post without the video of Myke Tyson the famous “One Night in Bangkok” song? Enjoy


Was The Hangover Part 2 shot in Bangkok?

Yes, the majority of the movie was shot in Bangkok.

Where was The Hangover Part 2 wedding filmed in Thailand?

The wedding in The Hangover Part 2 was filmed at Phulay Bay, A Ritz-Carlton Reserve resort in Krabi, Thailand.

What hotel was The Hangover filmed at in Bangkok?

The hotel where the group woke up after their night out in The Hangover Part 2 doesn’t exist.
But the scene where they meet Chow’s partner / Interpol agent and the rooftop scene were shot at Lebua at State Tower Hotel in Bangkok.

What is The Hangover Part 2 suite in Bangkok?

The Lebua at State Tower Hotel in Bangkok has a Hangover Part II suite which is a 3-bedroom suite with photos of the movie on the walls.
The suite comes with complimentary Hangovertini cocktails at the Sky Bar where the movie was shot.
This suite is one the best party-friendly hotel suites in Bangkok for private parties.

Map Of The Hangover Party 2 Locations

About The Hangover 2 Movie

  • Filming location: Bangkok and Krabi (in Thailand)
  • Main cast: Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis and Ken Jeong
  • Release date: May 26, 2011
  • Budget: $80 million
  • Box office: $586.8 million
  • IMDb page

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