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Imagine a nightclub filled with hundreds of young hot Thai girls ready to party and drink with you all night.

That’s exactly what you’ll find in gentlemen’s clubs in Bangkok.

Whether you want to go there to party the girls while listening to live music and some of the top DJs, or you prefer to have complete privacy with your friend and the girls in a VIP room, the choice is yours.

We’ve checked out all the gentlemen’s clubs in Bangkok, and here are the 10 we recommend for a VIP party.

The ones that provide some of the best entertainment, live entertainment, erotic shows, service, and of course, the most beautiful Thai girls.

1. The PIMP Bangkok (Menjai Town’N-Town)

The PIMP Bangkok (Menjai Town'N-Town)

The PIMP Bangkok was founded in 2011 and has quickly become one of Bangkok’s most popular VIP nightclubs in Asia.

The club is known for its live shows with international singers and professional dance performances.

It also has super popular cosplay parties every weekend, with different themes, from The PIMP University to The PIMP Top Gun party.

With these events, you get the chance to see the hottest young girls dressed up as any character from your fantasies.

But the VIP rooms at The PIMP are really what make the club a must-try.

They have 16 comfy private rooms that come with a karaoke machine, a high-end audio system, and complete privacy to enjoy the night with your friends and the girls.

It’s like having your own nightclub for the night.

Their largest private rooms, called party rooms, have a private pool table, their own DJ, and even a stage and a hot tub for private shows.

private VIP room at The PIMP gentlemen club in Bangkok

The biggest rooms can accommodate up to 30 people and are perfect for a special night in Bangkok.

That’s why we recommend it as one of the must things to do for bachelor parties.

This gentlemen club also has a large pool, which can be booked by groups upon request.

hot Thai bikini models at a pool party at The PIMP Bangkok

If there’s one gentlemen’s club you need to visit while you’re in Bangkok, it’s The PIMP.

  • Address: Opposite PT Gas Station, 496 Rotchanamin Alley, Pracha Uthit Rd, Wang Thonglang, Bangkok 10310
  • Opening Hours: Every day, from 8 PM to 3 AM

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2. Booze Club Bangkok (Menjai)

hot Thai girls dancing at Booze Club Bangkok

Like The PIMP, Booze club is located on Pracha Uthit, about 15 minutes drive from lower Sukhumvit road.

This club is relatively small, but that does give it a more intimate and friendly vibe.

On the stage, you can see live music and gorgeous Thai dancers performing all night.

One of the highlights is the group performances when a lot of girls dance together.

There’s also an elevated balcony in the club area from which you can get an excellent view of the stage.

Booze club also has several VIP rooms with a huge TV, and a karaoke machine loaded with songs.

The biggest rooms have a pool table too.

There’s even a private room with a large indoor pool, which is perfect for a private pool party with a small group.

  • Address: 598 Pracha Uthit Rd, Huai Khwang, Bangkok 10310
  • Opening Hours: Every day, from 9 PM to 2 AM

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3. M Club (Kasit-Nariman)

M Club Bangkok (Kasit-Nariman)

M Club Bangkok is an excellent gentlemen’s club for a wild night out in Bangkok.

The club is located in the Lat Phrao district and is surrounded by restaurants, making it a great spot to party after a night of eating out.

Like the other g clubs, M Club Bangkok features a main stage, where bands and singers perform for the crowd.

This club often brings popular Thai bands and singers, making it a great place for everyone who enjoys live music.

And between the sets, they have girls on stage that are dressed up around a theme, like brides or nurses.

The tables are close to the people dancing, so you can see the performers really well.

M Club also has different VIP rooms for private parties and a pool area that you can rent for a private event.

  • Address: 6 Pradit Manutham 19, Lat Phrao, Bangkok 10230
  • Opening Hours: Every day, from 8.30 PM to 3 AM

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4. Sherbet Club Bangkok (Ekamai)

Sherbet Club Bangkok (Ekamai)

Sherbet Club Bangkok is in the trendy area of Ekkamai.

This one is one of the oldest and most popular gentlemen’s clubs in Bangkok.

Sherbet is known for having excellent live bands playing different kinds of music from rock to jazz and even hip-hop.

Then as the night progress, the live bands make way for beautiful female DJs playing EDM and other electronic music.

You can also get a private room at Sherbet for a true VIP party.

The VIP rooms are all equipped with a karaoke system, a large sofa to chill with the girls, a private waitress, and you’ll find a pool table in the biggest ones.

Of course, no shortage of pretty girls to party with you at Sherbet.

  • Address: 59 Sukhumvit Soi 63, Khlong Tan Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok 10110
  • Opening Hours: Every day, from 5 PM to 12 AM

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5. CZECH Club (Ekamai)

CZECH Club (Ekamai)

Not far from Sherbet, just a few hundred meters down in Ekamai, you’ll find CZECH Club.

The live area of the club has live music with bands playing all styles of music from rock to jazz.

And later during the night, they have sexy female DJs playing club-like music all the way until 2 AM.

If you decide to party in the live area, a hostess will lead you to a table where girls entertain you with games and dance performances.

CZECH also has a wine bar and restaurant, ideal to start the night before you move to the club.

If you want privacy, CZECH Club has 16 VIP rooms.

The rooms have a TV with a karaoke set and pool tables so that you can be entertained until the early hours.

  • Address: 41 Sukhumvit Soi 63, Khlong Tan Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok 10110
  • Opening Hours: Every day, from 8 PM to 2 AM

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6. Dubai Luxury Club (Ratchada)

Dubai Luxury Club (Ratchada)

The Dubai Luxury Club is in the northeast part of Bangkok.

It’s just a short walk from the Huai Khwang MRT station.

When you see the club, it looks like little Dubai, with mini versions of its famous buildings.

There are palm trees, cool cars, and Middle Eastern-style buildings that make you feel like you’re in Dubai.

Inside, you can’t miss the big stage that’s like a catwalk, with tables for guests all around.

There are super cool shows with bright lights, fog machines, and awesome music.

The stage also has pole dancers and groups of “angel” girls dancing.

Get ready for a great time, because the tables are right up close to the stage where the beautiful girls perform.

  • Address: 202/1 Ratchadaphisek 13, Din Daeng, Bangkok 10400
  • Opening Hours: Every day, from 9 PM to 2 AM

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7. The Play Exclusive Club (RCA)

The Play Exclusive Club (RCA)

The Play Exclusive Club can be found close to the well-known party street of RCA.

Whenever you choose to visit The Play, you’re guaranteed to enjoy top-notch live music.

The music range from techno DJs to talented Thai singers, ensuring there’s something for everyone’s taste.

As the night goes on, stunning girls wearing high heels and masked dancers keep the crowd energized and excited.

But The Play Exclusive Club offers more than excellent music.

They have some of the hottest Thai girls working there.

And for those looking for a more exclusive experience, beautifully decorated VIP rooms are available.

In the VIP rooms, charming hostesses will cater to all your drink and entertainment needs.

So, make sure to check out The Play Exclusive Club for a fun, casual, and unforgettable night.

  • Address: 559 Soi Thale, Bang Kapi, Huai Khwang, Bangkok 10310
  • Opening Hours: Every day, from 8.30 PM to 2 AM

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8. The Harem (Lat Phrao)

Thai party girls dancing on stage at The Harem Bangkok g club

The Harem is a popular club located in the northeastern part of Bangkok, Lat Phrao.

It is a gentlemen’s club that combines great entertainment, beautiful girls, and a relaxed atmosphere.

At The Harem, you’ll see the most attractive girls wearing eye-catching outfits.

The Harem is also great for music fans, as it often has rock concerts.

The club also offers a large choice of private rooms with cozy sofas and good-looking waitresses to attend to your needs.

All the VIP rooms are super roomy and have a TV and karaoke set.

This way, you and your buddies can sing your favorite songs together.

Plus, The Harem offers delicious food and snacks, so you can enjoy some tasty bites during your karaoke session.

  • Address: 51 Soi Prasert-Manukich 29 Yaek 1, Chorakhe Bua, Lat Phrao, Bangkok 10230
  • Opening Hours: Every day, from 8 PM to 2 AM

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9. Elite Club Thonglor13

live show with singers and dancers at Elite Thonglor 134 g club in Bangkok

Elite Thonglor 13 is Bangkok’s premier gentlemen’s club, featuring five floors, over 40 VIP rooms, and hundreds of stunning Thai girls every night.

Catering to an upscale clientele, the club offers live performances, themed shows, and special events with local and international celebrities.

Everything about the club will make you feel like a VIP, from the beautiful hostesses welcoming you at the door, to the luxury interior design and the incredible service.

Elite Thonglor 13’s spacious VIP rooms are equipped with high-end karaoke systems and comfortable sofas, providing the perfect setting for unforgettable parties.

Whether you’re planning a grand celebration or an important business meeting, Elite Club Thonglor 13 promises a luxurious and memorable experience.

  • Address: 16 Thong Lo 13 Alley, Khlong Tan Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok 10110
  • Opening Hours: Every day, from 5 PM to 12 AM

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10. Florence Club Srinakarin

Florence Club in Srinakarin Bangkok

If you’re searching for an affordable and laidback gentlemen’s club, check out Florence Club Srinakarin.

This cool spot has a restaurant, nightclub, and VIP rooms all in one place. The vibe is casual and easygoing, perfect for a fun night out.

One of the best parts of this club is the live music.

You’ll get to hear popular Thai bands and singers, making the night even more exciting.

But that’s not all – over 150 young and pretty Thai girls are there to dance and party with you.

It’s sure to be a night you won’t forget!

For those who want a more private experience, Florence Club Srinakarin has 45 private KTV rooms.

These cozy spaces let you enjoy karaoke with your friends while still being part of the lively club atmosphere.

So if you’re looking for a great time that’s easy on the wallet, this is the place for you!

  • Address: 916 Srinakarin Rd, Suan Luang, Bangkok 10250
  • Opening Hours: Every day, from 8 PM to 12 AM
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Bangkok Gentlemen Clubs Map

What Happens In A Gentlemen Club?

Gentlemen’s clubs in Thailand are very different from adult clubs in the rest of the world.

And we know a lot of you are not familiar with how things work here.

If you ignore what happens in a gentlemen’s club, how much it cost, and what’s the deal with girls there, we made a complete guide to take you through it.

Make sure you read it before you enter a g club for the first time.

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What is the best gentlemen’s club in Bangkok?

The best gentlemen club in Bangkok is The PIMP Bangkok in Huay Kwang. They have the best adult entertainment, live music, VIP rooms, and by far the hottest girls.

Which gentlemen’s club in Bangkok has the hottest girls?

The gentlemen club in Bangkok with the hottest girls is The PIMP.


The PIMP Bangkok5/5Super hot and wild!!
Booze Club Bangkok4/5Young & cute
M Club4/5Gorgeous
Sherbet Exclusive Club4/5Charming coyotes
CZECH Club4/5Fun & seductive
Dubai Luxury Club4/5Elegant and pretty
The Play Exclusive Club4/5Shy & innocent
The Harem5/5Sexy costumes
Elite Thonglor 134/5Sexy stockings
Florence Club Srinakarin3/5Local beauties

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