Ekkamai Nightlife: Where To Eat, Drink, And Party?

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For a long time, the nightlife in Ekkamai has been overlooked and underrated.

People see Ekkamai as an extension of its well-known neighbor – Thonglor.

But there are also top restaurants, bars, and clubs in Ekkamai that you should try.

It just has a more relaxed and local vibe to it.

Compared to Thonglor or Sukhumvit Soi 11, Soi Ekkamai (Sukhumvit Soi 63) is right up there with the trendiest bars and clubs in Bangkok.

There’s food from all over the world and lots of shopping and family entertainment from cinemas to ice skating.

So, if you want to party for a night in Ekkamai, where do you go?

Read on, and we’ll show you all the best places to visit.

Cocktail Bars

Ekkamai cocktail bars

The cocktail bars in Ekkamai are one of Bangkok’s best-kept secrets.

Iron Balls Distillery & Bar

sexy girls in black outfits at Iron Balls Distillery and bar in Ekkamai Bangkok

A must-visit is Iron Balls Distillery & Bar, famous for its gin distillery and fancy cocktails.

They specialize in gin and tonics, negronis, and other classic cocktails with a unique twist.

view of some buildings in bangkok from the rootop of nowhere bkk

Nowhere BKK Rooftop Bar

For the best night views, Nowhere BKK is Ekkamai’s rooftop bar on the top floor of THA City Loft Hotel.

They feature a beautiful 180-degree city view and a cozy hangout with delicious food and drinks.


a group of friends is drinking and eating at mikkeller in ekkamai in bangkok

Most expats know Mikkeller, Thailand’s first craft beer pub, with hundreds of beers worldwide.

This beer house features over 30 craft beer taps and a menu of sandwiches, burgers, sausages, and pizza.

And they have delicious cocktails, too.

Live Music Bars

Ekkamai trendy pubs

If you’re looking for the best live bands and DJ’s, Bliss Ekkamai or Tuba Design and Restaurant are the top picks.

Both have chilled vibes, with Bliss Ekkamai playing more upbeat hip hop tunes.

Now if you want to party, listen to live music, and have some bites throughout the night, there are better places.

These pubs include YOLO Ekkamai and The Cassette Music Bar Ekkamai.

All four venues are longtime favorites among local DJs and Bangkok’s bar crowd.

Bliss Ekkamai

a pretty thai girl is posing at bliss ekkamai during an event

Bliss Ekkamai is where young Thais go out to drink shots of whisky while listening to local bands playing the best Thai live music.

It doesn’t get more local or wilder than that in Sukhumvit.

Tuba Design and Restaurant

a group of thai girls is drinking at tuba in ekkamai

If you prefer a more upscale ambiance, check out Tuba Design and Restaurant.

Three nights a week, they feature live bands and serve a variety of beers, wines, and cocktails.

YOLO Ekkamai

two pretty thai girls in pink dresses are posing at yolo in ekkamai

For some real fun, start at YOLO, as the music and drinks start flowing towards midnight.

With the theme of “You Only Live Once,” girls are much more open!

The Cassette Music Bar Ekkamai

front view of the cassette music bar in ekkamai with its typical pink sign

For something unique, you can’t miss Ekkamai’s Cassette Music Bar, a cocktail bar with pink paint and a huge cassette-shaped sign.

The music is all hits from the ’90s, and the bar serves craft beer on tap and signature cocktails.


Ekkamai Nightclubs

Babyface Superclub

Regarding nightclubs, Ekkamai doesn’t get the attention RCA, Thonglor, and Sukhumvit do.

But Ekkamai is home to one of the most popular clubs in Bangkok, Babyface Superclub, and Dnd Club.

It is the biggest EDM dance club in Sukhumvit.

a dj and a singer on the stage in front of a crowd at babyface nightclub in bangkok

The crowd is affluent young Thais and Asians who want to escape the expat clubs in Sukhumvit Soi 11.

And they often bring famous international DJs to play, like Juicy M, Monster Electric Syllable or La Creme.

Gentlemen Clubs

Ekkamai gentlemen clubs

If you like gentlemen’s clubs, two of Bangkok’s favorites are located minutes apart on Ekkamai Road.

Sherbet Club

live singer at Sherbet Exclusive Club in Ekamai

Sherbet Club features beautiful ladies, top entertainment, live thai music, and private VIP rooms.

The VIP rooms there are great for parties.

They include big-screen TVs and pool tables.

As long as you keep opening bottles, beautiful girls will drink with you all night long.

Czech Club

Thai DJ MC and dancer partying on stage at Czech Club Ekamai

Not far from Sherbet, you’ll find Ekkamai’s other gentlemen’s club, Czech Club.

Czech Club is a one-stop entertainment venue with more coyote dancers on the dance floor.

You can either party in the main room or a private VIP Room.

Whichever you choose, beautiful local girls will entertain you all night long with drinks and dance shows.


Ekkamai restaurants

In Ekkamai, you’ll find food from all over the world, including Thai, Japanese, Italian, and Cajun.

We’ll highlight some of the best international options first to start your night.

The Melting Clock

a pretty thai girl is sitting at a table in front of a dali painting at melting clock in ekkamai bangkok

For Italian food with a Thai twist, head to The Melting Clock.

This hidden gem is a perfect place for a night out in Ekkamai with friends, especially when you can choose from over 300 wines.

Bourbon St

front view of bourbon st bangkok displaying chairs and small tables outside

If you’re dying for authentic Cajun, Bourbon Street Restaurant and Oyster Bar will bring the taste of New Orleans to this bar located on Ekkamai Soi 63.

Specials include blackened fish, gumbo, jambalaya, fresh oysters, and American BBQ.

And if you’re looking for a drink, head upstairs to discover a chic bar on the 3rd floor, which is excellent for private parties.

Khao Ekkamai

dinning room displaying elegant tables and soft light at khao ekkamai

Michelin star restaurant enthusiasts may want to dine at Khao Ekkamai, where they serve the most authentic Thai cuisines.

For more Asian food, try Gen Japanese Charcoal Grill or traditional Thai at SabaiJai and MK Gold Ekkamai.


Ekkamai shopping

Ekkamai has three main shopping malls, which are all quite different.

We’ll highlight their main features so you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Right next to Ekamai BTS, you’ll find Gateway Ekkamai, an 8-story shopping mall with retail shops and big-box stores.

It mixes restaurants, retail shops, beauty salons, IT stores, and electronics.

Upstairs, you’ll find IT City with branches of Apple, Samsung, Acer, and Toshiba.

Another popular Japanese-themed shopping mall is Donki Mall, further up Soi 63.

a large blue and white penguin wearing a christmas hat is the mascotte of donki mall in ekkamai

For even more shops and entertainment, go to Major Ekkamai.

They have an ice rink, bowling alley, and cinemas upstairs.

For groceries, you can go to Big C Supercenter.

You’ll find imported foods, household supplies, furniture, and electronics – all in one store.

Things To Do

Ekkamai things to do

Ekkamai has a few interesting places you won’t find in a tourist guide.

Here are some of our recommendations.

Wat That Thong

global view of wat that thong temple with a golden buddha statue

Wat That Thong is a Buddhist temple near the Ekkamai BTS station.

Visitors come to Wat That Thong to view the beautiful Golden Buddha statue.

The best time to visit is during Buddhist Holidays when the temple has carnivals with food and games.

Health Land Ekkamai

a woman getting a massage at health land ekkamai

Health Land Ekkamai is part of Thailand’s premier massage and spa provider.

It’s one of the best places for a top-quality relaxing massage.

They offer a variety of spa and massage services starting from 1,000 baht.

Major Ekkamai

red velvet sofa next to counterat major cineplex in ekkamai

Major Ekkamai is an eight-screen cinema complex, a stone’s throw from Ekkamai BTS.

They show all the latest Western and Thai films.

Tickets usually cost 90 baht with higher prices on weekends.

If you don’t want to sit through a movie, there’s a bowling alley and an ice-skating rink in the mall.

Hotels in Ekkamai

Hotels in Ekkamai

There are several hotels and Airbnb nearby.

But we only recommend staying at the following places after a big night out.

These are all highly rated and conveniently located near Ekkamai nightlife.

Civic Horizon Hotel

two beds bedroom with white and dark brown decoration at civic hotizon hotel in bangkok

Civic Horizon Hotel is a short walk from Ekkamai BTS Station. The hotel offers comfortable modern rooms, an outdoor pool, and a fitness center.

The Somerset Ekkamai

view of a bedroom at the somerset ekkamai hotel in bangkok

The Somerset Ekkamai Bangkok is a 4-star hotel, only a 3-minute walk from the main street and Iron Balls Distillery & Bar.

These are serviced apartments ranging from 1 to 3 bedrooms.

THA City Loft Hotel

a queen size bed in a simple room with a pagoda drawing on the wall at city loft hotel in bangkok

THA City Loft Hotel is perfect if you’re going to the Nowhere rooftop bar.

If you go to have a drink there, you might as well stay at this hotel since it’s in the same location.

It’s also a girl-friendly hotel, so get ready to party!


How To Get To Ekkamai?

The best way to get to Ekkamai is to take the BTS. Ekkamai BTS station is close to most venues on this list.
But if you want to arrive like a VIP, book a limousine with all your friends.

What Is The Best Bar To Party In Ekkamai?

The best bar to party in Ekkamai is YOLO for its wild atmosphere and awesome live music.

What Is The Best Restaurant In Ekkamai?

The best restaurant in Ekkamai is Khao in Ekkamai soi 10.

What Is The Best Cocktail Bar In Ekkamai?

The best cocktail bar in Ekkamai is Iron Ball Distillery and Bar.
Especially if you like gin, they have more than 100 combinations of gins and tonics.

Where Do The Hottest Girls Hangout In Ekkamai?

The hottest girls hang out at Babyface Superclub. Babyface has become one of Bangkok’s best nightclubs.
The crowd is young, primarily Thais and expats with money.
And the local girls love it when guys take charge! Don’t be surprised if you see some hotties in tight skimpy dresses.

Which Area Has Better Nightlife: Thonglor or Ekkamai?

Most people prefer Thonglor because there are more bars, clubs, and restaurants.
But Ekkamai’s nightlife scene is catching up to Thonglor. Its relaxing vibe attracts many expats and local girls, so it’s worth a visit for any party.

Ekkamai Nightlife Map

Learn more about the best party streets in Bangkok.


Ekkamai NightlifeBest Places
Cocktail BarsIron Balls Bar
Nowhere BKK
Live Music BarsBliss Ekkamai
Tuba Design and Restaurant
YOLO Ekkamai
The Cassette Music Bar Ekkamai
NightclubsBabyface Superclub
Gentlemen's ClubsSherbet Club
Czech Club
RestaurantsThe Melting Clock
Bourbon St
Khao Ekkamai
ShoppingGateway Ekkamai
Donki Mall
Big C Supercenter
Things to DoWat That Thong
Health Land Ekkamai
Major Ekkamai
Hotels in EkkamaiCivic Hotel & Residence
Somerset Ekkamai Bangkok
THA City Loft Hotel by TH District

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