The Harem: A New VIP Club With Sexy Girls in Lat Phrao

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Here’s another gentlemen’s club in Bangkok where you can enjoy a VIP party with beautiful Thai girls.

The Aladin Exclusive Club has now been replaced by a new g club called The Harem.

It is a gentlemen’s club located on Prasert-Manukitch road in the Lat Phrao district.

This luxurious multi-entertainment venue is making waves in Bangkok’s nightlife scene and as far as g-clubs go, it is one of the tops. 

Here’s why.

Is This The Place to Build Your Thai Harem?

The Harem has been building itself to be the go-to place for parties and entertainment by bringing the best in premium offerings, quality music, exciting performances, and of course, a ton of gorgeous Thai party girls.

Thai party girls dancing on stage at The Harem Bangkok g club

The energy here is lively and you get the full experience of wild parties surrounded by beautiful models.

Live bands and DJs keep you entertained all night while the dancers perform sexy dances every now and then.

sexy dj playing at The Harem g club in Bangkok

The club has been known to host special artists and famous performers over the years such as Paradox, Indigo, Get Sunova, Sek Loso, and many more.

Thai artisit Sek Loso live show at The Harem Club in Bangkok

The Harem club area has an excellent sound and lighting system that makes you feel like you are at one of the top nightclubs in Bangkok.

The service there is excellent, and you’re guaranteed to have an amazing and memorable customer experience.

The Harem truly does its best to give its elite customers a good quality time, no matter if they are locals or tourists, Thais or foreigners.

What About The Girls?

The Harem has over 100 beautiful and sexy young Thai girls every night who like to dress provocatively.

Many of them are students and sideliners and are looking to have a great time.

To have an idea of the experience at the club and how the girls are there, The Harem regularly posts reels of gorgeous girls on their Facebook and TikTok.

You can see these women dancing and being all sexy, which is just a preview of what they can really do at the club itself and in the VIP rooms.

The VIP Rooms

Like any proper gentlemen’s club, Harem also has fantastic VIP rooms that you can book if you want privacy.

In one of their luxury private rooms, you can take the party to the next level as you are surrounded by beautiful girls and a whole lot of booze.

You might not get to see live bands or hear the crowd, but there are benefits to choosing VIP rooms.

a pool table in a VIP room at The Harem g club in Bangkok Thailand

Of course, firstly you get to choose from a long line of incredibly gorgeous Thai party girls to keep you company.

They will drink with you, give lap dances, and much more, all in complete privacy.

VIP rooms are also equipped with everything you need for a party with friends, colleagues, or clients.

They all have their own lights and sound systems, including a karaoke machine that has over a thousand songs.

You can even stream your own music through Bluetooth on Spotify or watch sexy music videos on YouTube.

Some VIP rooms even have their own pool table,

In addition, having a VIP room makes sure that “whatever happens in Harem stays in Harem”.


The Harem is a relatively reasonably priced gentlemen’s club.

Memberships start at 10,000 THB for 1 year, which includes up to 4 bottles of liquor.

They also have membership packages that go up to 55,000 THB including up to 15 bottles.

Premium bottles are around 5,000 THB.

VIP rooms start at only 2,000 THB for the night.

For the quality and offers, this is a great deal.

As for the girls, it is 1,950 THB for the first 40 minutes, then 390 THB for every 40 minutes, for members.

For non-members, the price starts at 2,150 THB for the first 40 minutes, then 430 THB for every 40 minutes

For more information about the club or help with bookings, you can contact Party Bangkok.

About The Harem Bangkok

The Harem is without a doubt one of the best gentlemen’s clubs in Bangkok with its sophisticated interior and exterior design that creates a unique luxury ambiance.

And one that has been around for over a decade, from Neverland to Qeenz, Aladdin, and now The Harem.

Every single element of the club from the decor to the visuals and equipment are well thought out and have elegance to it.

The purple and gold theme of the club certainly creates that feeling of luxury. 

The club has truly built a unique nightlife experience, whether it is in one of its VIP rooms or the main hall where all the performances take place.

It is no wonder it is such a hit with both Thais and foreigners.

The only major downside of this club is its location.

It can take up to 1 hour to get there from upper Sukhumvit, Siam, or Silom, even when you take the highway.

So you better have your own limousine with a chauffeur to make the ride more comfortable.

  • Opening Hours: Every day from 9 PM to 2 AM
  • Address: 51 Soi Prasert-Manukich 29 Yaek 1, Chorakhe Bua, Lat Phrao, Bangkok 10230

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Where is The Harem Bangkok?

The Harem Bangkok is located at 51 Soi Prasert-Manukich 29, in the Lat Phrao district of Bangkok.

What is the price of The Harem Bangkok?

A membership at The Haremn is between 10,000 THB and 55,000 THB for 1 year.
The price of bottles starts at 5,000 THB for non-members. But when buying a membership package, you can get bottles for as low as 2,500 THB each.

How much is a VIP room at The Harem Bangkok?

VIP rooms at The Harem start at 2,000 THB for the night for members.

If you haven’t been to a Thai gentlemen’s club, we have a guide for you where we explain in detail what it is and how it works there.

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