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Khaosan is without a doubt the most legendary party street in Thailand.

Once known as a haven for backpackers and known for crazy parties, buckets full of booze, souvenir shopping, budget hostels, and a whole lot of debauchery.

When COVID hit, for better or worse, Khaosan had transformed to a deserted street with nothing but closed shops.

But not anymore.

Khaosan is back, boys and girls and it’s better than ever!

Bursting with both old and new restaurants, clubs, bars, hotels, and shopping opportunities, there is a lot you need to re-learn about Khaosan before you step foot back inside so you can have the best experience.

Things To Do At Night

khaosan road at night in Bangkok

Although technically open 24/7, Khaosan really comes to life at night when all the bars, clubs, and interesting characters come together to create the most unique and vibrant nightlife scene.

It is bustling, energetic, and downright chaotic with music blasting from every bar and club.

You can do everything from shop, eat, drink, inhale balloons, dance, and even smoke weed on this 400m stretch of a street.

Let’s explore some of the things you can do at night in Khao San.


Let’s dive into the bar scene on Khaosan road now.

There are too many to name as every 50-100 meters have at least 2-3 bars or clubs on each side of the road.

And let’s not forget the hidden sub streets where there are even more nightlife establishments.

However, here are 5 of the best bars we can think of.


cute young Thai girls at Sup Dude bar in Khaosan road

A new bar to the game but it has quickly become one of the most recognizable spots on Khaosan.

A huge neon sign reading SUP DUDE hangs above the DJ who spin EDM and hardstyle music.

The bar sells good quality drinks including cocktails, beers, and buckets at fair prices.

They also have special promotions and happy hours for select drinks.

Mischa Cheap & Tropical Galaxy

mischa cheap bar in Khaosan road in Bangkok

While these are two separate bars, they are run under the same owner and in the compound that was once Superflow Beach Club.

You won’t find any other bar in Khaosan that plays the kind of alternative music like they do.

If you are into house, techno, indie dance, drum n bass or any of the sub genres, this is the place to be.

It is a unique hangout spot with quite a mystical ambiance.


the one bar in Khaosan road in Bangkok Thailand

It is no wonder why this bar is called The One because it is definitely the loudest and most prominent bars on Khaosan road.

It’s the one with the multi-level flight of stairs, booming electronic music, and tall beer or vodka towers at almost every table.

Even if you weren’t paying attention, you won’t miss this bar because hundreds of people passing by usually stop to either take photos of the eventful atmosphere or try to get in via a long queue.

Here Bar

here bar in Khaosan road Bangkok

Here Bar is the home of hip hop on KS road.

Finding it is a bit hard if you aren’t looking properly but it’s worth going to as they play some of the best hip hop tunes with an interactive MC.

The bar also has a second floor that is air conditioned.

When the ground floor section starts winding down, the DJ and MC move upstairs where the bar stays open till the late hours.

Similar to other Khaosan bars, they have beers, cocktail buckets, bottle services, and balloons.

Rocco Bar 1976

people partying and dj playing at Rocco club in Khaosan road Bangkok

Rocco Bar is another famous and busy establishment in Khaosan.

It is similar to Here Bar but you will find a more mixed crowd.

It is literally the first big bar you see when you enter Khaosan road from Tanao road entrance and it is hard to miss with its big sign and lively vibe.

DJs and MCs here keep you entertained with high energy while you drink beer towers, cocktails or liquor bottles with mixers amongst friends.

Other honorary bar mentions include Man-Se, Hippie de Bar, Bar Next Door, Rere (formerly Khao San 1986), and Empire.

No matter which bar you go to in Khaosan, make sure you try the famous buckets.

Live Music Bars

Live music bars have a completely different vibe than places with DJs.

If you want to rock and roll all night, check out these bars that feature live band music.

Brick Bar

live band and crowd at Brick bar in Khaosan road Bangkok

Brick bar is an incredibly famous hangout and party spot for young Thai crowds.

The bar hosts up to 3 bands every night who play everything from Thai indie, reggae, and ska to pop covers and sing-alongs.

Those looking for a different experience than the usual drag of Khao San should definitely visit Brick Bar.


live band playing at Mulligans Irish Bar in Khaosan road Bangkok

Most people might not know it but Mulligans actually has a decent live band setup.

Here local bands play Thai and Western classics as well as on request songs.

The Hub

Thai live band playing at The Hub bar in Khaosan road Bangkok

Local hangout with good vibes and decent F&B options.

Unlike most Khaosan bars, The Hub features live music only where the bands play rock and heavy metal music with some popular cover songs thrown in from time to time.


If you like partying indoors in a proper club, Khaosan has a few of those too.

Here are the top 3

The Club

girls at the club khaosan road

The Club has basically become synonymous with quality clubbing experience in Khaosan.

Tourists, expats and locals alike queue in line to enter this state-of-the-art club, which is equipped with some of the best light and sound systems on the street.

It is always pumping inside with an energetic vibe made up of a vibrant crowd and electrifying music covering all sorts of electronic dance music genres.

It’s like a mini music festival inside.

The Back

entrance of The Back club in Khaosan road Bangkok

The Back is the latest clubbing addition to Khaosan.

Walking through a long hallway brings you to a dark room with just the bright lights radiating from a giant LED screen, DJ panels, and the bar.

Although it’s hard to see in there, being in there heightens your acoustic senses so you can truly enjoy the heart-thumping music.

The crowd is mostly young Thais but you will find a few foreigners as well.

Best to order a bottle with mixers so that you don’t have to keep going to the bar as the club gets quite packed, especially on weekends.

Rocco Club

people partying and dj playing at Rocco club in Khaosan road Bangkok

Also having a bar on the other end of the road, Rocco has made a name for itself on Khaosan for clubbing and nightlife.

Spread across 6 floors of a building at the corner of Chakrabongse Road, Rocco Club is quite possibly the biggest entertainment venue here.

It consists of two party rooms as well as a rooftop restaurant & bar.

Each host excellent parties with local DJs and MCs spinning a mix between hip hop and EDM.

Usually when Khao San starts winding down, many head on over to Rocco Club for after hours partying.

The energy in Rocco is surreal, matching only that of The Club.


While the best dining spots are actually located on a more relaxed nearby Rambutri Road, the famous Khaosan road also has a handful of decent restaurants.

Khao San Center

terrace of Khao san center in khaosan road in Bangkok

Khao San Center is a multi-purpose venue that is quite popular with both tourists and locals.

It is a restaurant and bar with a complete drink and Thai food menu.

The indoor space is mainly for dining while the outdoor seating is for drinking and dancing.

However, that is not a rule.

You can do anything anywhere.

Come early if you want to eat in peace.

As the night progresses, Khao San Center gets extremely busy and chaotic with loud music, people dancing on chairs, and drinking towers of beer.

Taste of India

sign taste of india restaurant in Khaosan road Bangkok

Indian food is quite popular in Bangkok, which is why it is not hard to find an Indian restaurant wherever you go.

There are quite a few Indian restaurants in and around Khaosan but Taste of India is the most renowned one on the road for its stylish design and good vibes.

It has a large vegetarian and non-vegetarian north Indian food menu at a fairly decent price range.


Mulligans Irish Bar in Khaosan road Bangkok

If you feel like stepping away from Thai food and want to dig into some comfort food, head on over to Mulligans.

It is an air-conditioned restaurant and pub that serves all types of classic western dishes such as burgers, sandwiches, pies, steaks, and chips.

The restaurant also has live music, sports on TV, and a selection of draught beers.

Buddy Beer Wine Bar & Grill

entrance of buddy beer and wine restaurant in Khaosan road Bangkok

This is one of the few restaurants and bars tucked away in Khao San where you can truly escape the noise and have a nice evening with friends or even a date.

It is a stylish and chic venue with quality food, drinks, and service.

This means the prices are also generally higher than any other place on the strip but still offers a good value for money.

Buddy Beer Bar has a great atmosphere and elegant ambiance with tunes that don’t make you want to cover your ears.

side walk cafe in Bangkok

Side Walk Café

If you want to have a street food experience but with proper seating and a full range of Thai food and drink menu, Side Walk is the best choice.

It is the best of two worlds because you can be away from the chaos of the street but also get to see all the goings-on as people walk past.

Street food

old Thai woman preparing pad Thai in Khaosan road Bangkok

The biggest draw of eating in Khaosan is actually the variety of street food.

You cannot walk a few meters without seeing some kind of stall by the street serving up snacks or cooked meals.

There is everything from kebabs, fried chicken and spring rolls to an assortment of Thai sausages and of course, the famous pad Thai.

Some bigger stalls with outdoor seating that cook up popular Thai dishes can also be found on Khaosan road. 

If you are feeling a bit adventurous, try some of the more unusual delicacies here such as deep fried bugs and creepy critters that several vendors sell.

You can choose between grasshoppers, worms, beetles, scorpions, and more.


night market of Khaosan road in Bangkok

A few months ago, the night market and shopping were practically non-existent in Khaosan.

Now, the shops are back and selling all types of souvenirs, handmade jewelry, odd trinkets, and lots of clothing.

Most of the items are geared towards tourists but locals do also shop sometimes as well.

There are plenty of shops alongside the street.

Some are makeshift stalls while others are proper shops that share space with some of the bars.

Unfortunately, there’s no proper night market as in the past. But it might come back when tourism picks up again.

Also don’t forget, if you are looking for more shopping, Rambutri road has a lot of options as well.

Cannabis and Weed in Khaosan

truck selling cannabis in Khaosan road Bangkok

You can now buy cannabis in Bangkok and even at Khaosan.

There are several vendors who set up small stalls on the road and are selling different strains of cannabis at different price points.

While it is available for sale, it is not legal to smoke in public areas.

A few bars allow you to smoke inside but most don’t so it is best to ask in advance.

Where To Stay In Or Near Khaosan Road?

Many tourists like to stay in or near Khaosan road as some of the overnight buses and vans to other provinces depart from this area.

Here are a few good accommodation options.

Mad Monkey Hostel Bangkok

people posing in front of Mad Monkey Bangkok party hostel near Khaosan road

Just walking distance from Khaosan, Mad Monkey is a chic party hostel with a variety of room options.

You can bunk in shared dorm rooms or even book a private room.

Staying here means more than just a place to sleep.

You also have access to exclusive experiences such as happy hour specials, pub crawls, pool parties, and even cooking classes.

Villa De Khaosan by Chillax

hotel room at villa de Khaosan near Khaosan road Bangkok

Villa De Khaosan is an elegant luxury hotel that is only minutes from Khaosan but also hidden enough to drown all the noise.

It has a unique French era style design with incredible facilities such as a stunning rooftop pool and bar that overlooks the old town skyline.

Riva Surya Bangkok

premium riva room at Riva Surya Bangkok hotel with riverside view

One of Bangkok’s finest riverside hotels that makes you feel like you are staying at an urban oasis in the heart of a bustling city.

The rooms here are spacious and extremely comfortable with balconies and river views.

Riva Surya Bangkok is also equipped with amazing facilities such as a gym, spa, restaurant, bar, and a riverside swimming pool.

It is usually very popular for staycations.

Praya Palazzo Boutique Hotel

villa praya palazzo in Bangkok

Built in 1923, Praya Palazzo is a beautifully-designed boutique hotel located on the banks of the Chao Phraya River.

It resembles an Italian-style mansion offering solitude and serenity for those looking for it.

The hotel is equipped with 15 elegant rooms or suites, a library, art gallery, dining room, swimming pool, and a meeting hall.

Perfect place for business or pleasure.

Villa De Pranakorn

Villa de pranakorn hotel in Bangkok

Although the furthest from Khaosan on this list, Villa De Pranakorn is a must-stay hotel because of its rich history, fascinating architecture, amazing facilities and a quaint neighborhood.

No matter if you choose between deluxe, Queen, King or a stunning suite, a stay at this hotel will certainly make you appreciate the real culture and history of old town Bangkok.

For more accommodation options in Bangkok, check out our hotels page.

How To Get To Khaosan?


Take the MRT to Sam Yot station.

From there it is a 23 minute walk or a 10 minute taxi or Tuk Tuk ride to Khao San Road.

By Taxi

Hail down any taxi and they will know where Khaosan is.

You can also download and use Grab or Bolt to take you there.

By private transportation

There is no parking at Khaosan so we recommend not driving there but you can still get there in style by renting a limousine with a driver.

Khaosan Nightlife Map

You will notice lots have changed but also certain things have remained the same.

As the saying goes in Thailand “Same Same But Different”.

Have you found our Khaosan nightlife guide useful? 

Read the rest of our website for more information on the best party streets and things to do in Bangkok.


Why Is Khaosan Road Famous?

Khaosan road is famous because it is an ultimate entertainment hub for partying, eating, and shopping.

Is Khaosan Road Worth It?

Khaosan road is a must see because of all the interesting venues it has, all the people you will meet, and epic memories you will most probably make. 

Is Khaosan Road A Red Light District?

No, Khaosan is not a red-light district. Here are where the red light-districts are in Bangkok. And there are no gogo bars in Khaosan road either.

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