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Are you planning a crazy night out in Bangkok?

Worried about how to get back to your hotel if you’re too drunk?

Maybe you have a work function or a bachelor party.

Thailand is known for its wild parties, where “anything goes.”

If you want to make the most of a VIP party, start and finish your journey in style.

So why not “go” in luxury by rolling with Bangkok’s finest Limousine VIP services.

We’ve found a few classy limo companies who know exactly how to get around Bangkok.

1. First Class Bangkok

Bus and limousine services offered by First Class Bangkok in Thailand

If you want to travel upon a “first-class gas on wheels,” look no further than First Class Bangkok Limousine.

Step out of your hotel, airport, or off the street as you sit and revere in the complete travel package.

Pick your luxury limo as you’ll have countless options.

From Hyundai vans to Mercedes, Jaguar, and full-blown busses.

With around-the-clock bookings and even bodyguard availability, to ensure you’re kept safe!

So feel like that fat in a candy shop, as you pick and choose from a platoon of vehicles.

On top of that, you can request airport fast track & V.I.P. services, bodyguards and close protection services, and even a Rolls Royce Ghost.

Whatever services you want, they’ll find a way.

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  • Opening Hours: Daily 24/7
  • Contact: 081 975 5346; 098 268 5648

Official site Facebook | Vehicles

2. Limousine Express

Minivan and limousine fleet from Limousine Express service in Bangkok

When you want the best of the best, with a proven track record and backing from numerous reputable brands.

With achievements in “Outstanding Performance” from places like Shangri-La Hotel, Miss Universe Thailand, and more…

What sets this brand apart is the intense driver requirements.

They ensure you’ll be riding with the best.

So relax and rendezvous in a +20-year-old service.

They offer VIP Hyundai vans & top luxury sedans driven by the best chauffeurs in Bangkok.

They’re even English speaking drivers verified by Thai Police.

Other services include comprehensive insurance, car amenities (water/ towel), and waived tollway fees.

Before picking you up, they’ll have a pre-set route to ensure safety and time efficiency. 

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  • Opening Hours: Daily 24/7
  • Contact: 02 099 0888; 02 255 7689

Official site Facebook | Vehicles

3. Prestige Limousine

Limousine fleet and interior from Prestige Limousine in Bangkok Thailand

Prestige Limousine is exactly how it sounds.

Refined luxury from the airport and anywhere around Bangkok.

Because of this first-class chauffeured service, flying into Bangkok will never be smoother.

With dedicated airport service specialists from the arrival gate to your limo.

Fast lane immigration check, VIP lounges, “hands-free” luggage assistance, and even golf buggy services…

So fly in and ascribe to Prestige Limousine’s fleet of luxury BMW and Mercedes E-Class sedans.

Or bring the boys in with you as you roll out in their 9-seater high tech Hyundai and Toyota vans.

After your VIP arrival experience, you’ll want to stick with Prestige Limousine.

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  • Opening Hours: Daily 24/7
  • Contact: 063 223 2353; 02 165 0700 

Official site Facebook | Vehicles

4. GB Limos by Ground Business

Limousine service and driver from GB limos by Ground Business in Bangkok

Diplomatic protocol services provider GB Limousine is a special breed of the lot.

Offering excellence entrusted by foreign leaders & dignitaries alike, from tarmac to end destination.

A small and relative newcomer to the industry, who will have you amazed at their capabilities.

They have Police Bureau verified drivers.

Take your pick from an array of high-end vehicles.

BMW 7 Series, Mercedes Benz (S, E & VITO classes/ vans), and premium Toyota Camry’s.

And they even offer Health Care Assistance from a network of trained medical officials.

Your to and from journeys to Bangkok parties will be a complete VIP package.

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  • Opening Hours: Daily 24/7
  • Contact: 02 821 5991

Official site Facebook | Vehicles

5. Bangkok Limousines

Services offered by Bangkok Limousines in Thailand

Arguably the brand with the largest fleet of luxurious automobile offerings.

Come to Bangkok Limousines for the most encompassed travel packages and varied services.

Offering airport service options, provincial transfers (not limited to just Bangkok), and even tour guides.

You won’t miss any Bangkok action when traveling with this sneaky brand.

They have Toyota Camry’s, Honda Accords, Nissan Teana’s, and Toyota commuter vans.

All available for single, half, and multi-day trips.

Got some girls with you?

Impress them by hiring their exclusive Black Stretched Lincoln Town Car.

A one of a kind stallion imported from the USA – and the only one of its kind currently available in Bangkok and Pattaya.

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  • Opening Hours: Daily 7 am-5 pm
  • Contact: 02 910 0857; 084 122 8454

Official site Facebook | Vehicles

6. Thai Limousine Center

Limousine cars exterior and interior

Ring up and ride in Thailand’s most friendly Limousine brand.

They offer trips and packages from Bangkok to Hua Hin.

Thai Limousine’s versatile car fleet starts at the most affordable prices of under 3,000 baht.

They have luxury cars like E-200 Avantgarde, S-300 Bluetec Hybrid, & S-300 Mercedes Benz.

Or go more subtle, and ride in either their Toyota Camry Extremo or spacious Alphard Hybrid van.

If you’re getting married, they also offer wedding limousine services!

Although we’d recommend taking a step back…

You’re in Bangkok, after all, so look for a Bachelor Party limo setup.

Feel free to call them up and ask questions, as their friendly customer service is top-notch.

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  • Opening Hours: Daily 9 am-9 pm
  • Contact: 02 308 8399

Official site Vehicles

7. SP Limousine

Minivans and limousines services by SP Limousine in Bangkok

Come to SP Limousine when your heart desires to travel around more than just Bangkok.

As their trips and packages extend from down near Pattaya to the deep norths of Nakhon Sawan.

So pack your travel pillow and camera as you ride in lounging comfort and style in what this company has to offer.

Ranging from E-class Mercedes Benz rides to Toyota Camy and Nissa Teana sedans.

If you have a group of friends, we’d recommend an Alphard Hybrid Toyota van.

And should you need to make a quick getaway upon first landing down in BKK, then fear not…

As they also offer airport services ranging from Suvarnabhumi to DMK.

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  • Opening Hours: Daily 24/7
  • Contact: 02 327 0360; 02 327 0361

Official site Vehicles


MEKHE minivans limousine and party bus fleet in Bangkok

MEKHE knows a thing or two about the limo business.

They boast a robust 67 driver army and a track record expanding over 45,000 clients.

Bring the family, your boys, or your grandma, as this company can cater to them all!

They can organize airport transfers, tours, and of course, party groups.

MEKHE is one of the best limo companies for 20+ seater coaches.

Perfect for big VIP parties. 

If you need to roll in style, summon one of their signature “Private Cloud Transport” vehicles – a Mercedes Benz S Class.

They even have free Wi-Fi onboard and complimentary snacks!

Request Now

  • Opening Hours: Daily 10 am-6 pm; Sunday closed
  • Contact: 02 101 0100; 02 101 0101 

Official site Facebook | Vehicles

9. Bangkoklimo.org

Promotional rates by Bangkoklimo.org limousine service in Thailand

This is a more budget-friendly revered limo service.

But plenty of options for party vehicles.

They offer airport transfers and convenient transportation around Bangkok.

Entrust your needs with true, dedicated road warriors who know every backstreet.

They have dedicated route experts, so whoever drives you will KNOW the way, inside and out.

Have your pick at their wide range of budget-friendly options, starting from 1,500 baht and up.

With choices ranging from standard Toyota Camry’s to their executive BMW 3 series.

But don’t hesitate if you need more space, because in this case, bigger IS better.

Their fleet can accommodate large parties and groups with minivan and bus options.

Request Now

  • Opening Hours: Daily 24/7
  • Contact: 095 862 5582

Official site Vehicles

Extra Services for a Limo Party

Montage of a private jet a luxury limousine and people partying inside a stretch limousine

Don’t restrict yourself to the hum and drum of the average man’s limo ride.

When you’re in Bangkok, you gotta live it up…with style.

And what better way to do it than in a limo?

Can you imagine the mood and vibes rolling up to clubs like Sing Sing and Sugar in a limousine?

Or how about getting dirty around Soi Cowboy and Nana…but you’re in Limo, which makes it classy!

Sightseeing tours, the fanciest of hotels, the naughties of experiences, all pre-booked and arranged, so you don’t have to do a thing…

Unfortunately, no Limo company is up to the task.

But BangkokNightlife.com is ready to handle the burden of planning your fun!

We can even arrange a luxury sports car if you prefer to drive.

So contact our staff to organize the complete party package!

Contact Us

Hire Luxury Limos with Gorgeous Girls

Sexy Thai girl wearing a dress next to an AMG Mercedes car

We’ll admit, it’s no fun to ride alone.

So why not fill up your ample Limousine space…with a friend? Or two!

Hire hot Thai models, cute uni girls, or the sexiest bar babes, we got you covered.

While Bangkok’s limo services will make sure you get to your destination with ease and protection, they don’t know how to have fun…

But we do!

Let us arrange your pick of babes, and they’ll be waiting in their sexy dresses on arrival.

We can assure you. There’ll be no nasty surprises like The Hangover movies.

Contact Us

Hot Thai girl wearing a leopard dress next to a white limousine

Where Can you Go in Bangkok in your Limo?

Besides the usual airport transfer, there are plenty of places in Bangkok where you can pull up in style with your limo.

Check out our other guides here:


Which limousine service in Bangkok has the most exotic foreign limos?

First Class Bangkok has the best limo with their Rolls Royce Ghost model.

Another notable mention is Bangkok Limousine’s black Lincoln Town Car option.

Which limousine service in Bangkok has the best VIP vans?

First Class Bangkok also has the largest range of vans, including luxury minivans perfect for VIPs and parties.

Their selection of vans goes from the Toyota Vellfire to their Mercedes Benz (10 seaters).

Their Sprinter van even has an inbuilt coffee bar!

Does any limousine service in Bangkok has a party buses?

First Class Bangkok has the most versatile upscale V.I.P. options.

This includes their party buses which has a capacity of 40 seat and free wifi!

Does any limousine service in Bangkok offer bachelor party packages?

No, unfortunately, that is above their area of proficiency.

However, here at Bangkok Nightlife, we do offer exciting and affordable bachelor party packages.

They are customized to suit your needs.

Contact us for more information, and we’ll get the party going for you.


Limo ServiceOpening HoursContact
First Class Bangkok Limousine & Service24/7081 975 5346; 098 268 5648
Limousine Express24/702 099 0888; 02 255 7689
Prestige Limousine24/7063 223 2353; 02 165 0700 
GB Limousine24/702 821 5991
Bangkok LimousinesDaily 7am-5pm02 910 0857; 084 122 8454
Thai Limousine CenterDaily 9am-9pm02 308 8399
SP Limousine24/702 327 0360; 02 327 0361
MekheDaily 10am-6pm; Sunday closed02 101 0100; 02 101 0101 
Bangkoklimo.org24/7095 862 5582

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