8 Bodyguard and Close Protection Services in Bangkok for VIP’s Private Security

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Being a VIP gives you access to the finer things in life and connect with the best people.

But, it also comes with a price as it compromises the safety of you and your friends.

Fortunately, there are several bodyguard services in Bangkok available.

These specialized agencies are highly trained in ensuring maximum security for clients.

From fast track VIP pickups at the airport, close protection to travel security, and events surveillance – you name it.

You can go by your day-to-day tasks without any worries or paranoia.

Here’s a list of the best-trusted bodyguard services in Bangkok.

1. TCB Corporation

Close protection service from TCB Corporation in Thailand

TCB Corporation is an international close protection agency.

With operations all over Europe and Asia, they are trusted worldwide.

They have well-trained English-speaking professionals adept in combat and overall security standards.

Aside from close protection, they also offer various services like elite transportation.

You can avail yourself of any of their chauffeured options, whether it’s by land, air, or sea.

Uniquely, you can also hire a female Close Protection Officer (CPO) who can pass as a nanny or caretaker.

It allows a more discreet protection service without drawing unwanted attention.

  • Opening Hours: Daily 24/7
  • Contact: 094 345 6016

Official site Facebook

2. Bodyguard Team

Bodyguards from Bodyguard Team company in Bangkok

Bodyguard Team is one of Thailand’s most prominent security agencies.

They cater to a lot of VIPs, especially both local and international celebrities.

To that end, they excel in close protection services and event security.

They are experts in managing external environments to ensure the client’s safety.

Whether it’s a concert, mall event, seminar, and among others, the Bodyguard Team is always ready.

Feel free to enjoy your event the moment they pick you up until you get home safely.

  • Opening Hours: Daily 24/7
  • Contact: 087 441 6597

Official site Facebook

3. Deimos Security Solutions

Bodyguard team from Deimos Security in Bangkok Thailand

Deimos Security Solutions is a 360 security agency in Thailand.

They provide a wide array of services for all-around safety to clients.

Standard close protection and event security are accessible, but there are more interesting options, too.

They also offer protection to static locations, film production sets, and governmental agencies.

Additionally, you can also train with them so you can defend yourself.

They teach basic and advance techniques against any harm.

Need a private investigator to do some digging?

That’s feasible through Deimos, as well.

  • Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 10 am-5 pm; Weekend closed
  • Contact: 097 016 7764; 02 653 4328


4. SPI Security Company

SPI Security team at events in Bangkok Thailand

SPI stands for Security, Protection, and Intervention.

It’s a fitting name for the SPI Security Company, given their credibility.

With trained officers in combat and other practical skills, they establish themselves as the Asian Leader in such aspects.

This is a perfect fit for their close protection and events security duties.

It doesn’t matter how many you might need, as well.

They have quite an extensive network of professionals that they can look into.

SPI also do consultancy in case you need a sustainable security solution in the long run.

  • Opening Hours: Daily 24/7
  • Contact: 095 440 7800

Official site Facebook

5. BKK Protection

Bodyguards from BKK Protection company in Thailand

BKK Protection specifically caters to residents and visitors of Thailand.

However, their capabilities are still world-class in many ways.

They go beyond the basic security services for added value and benefits.

For example, they can make end-to-end travel arrangements for you.

It would be best to let them know of your plans and give you the necessary security solution.

Furthermore, their officers are trained to do medical treatments in case anything happens.

  • Opening Hours: Daily 24/7
  • Contact: 089 121 1741

Official site Facebook

6. V Protection

V Protection security team and bodyguards in Thailand

Another security agency in Thailand that you can check out is V Protection.

Their English-speaking bodyguards are educated in giving clients the safety that they need.

They have adequate background to combat hostilities and do self-defense, armed or unarmed.

It might also be of interest to you that their escorting solutions include many things.

Even before you go to the venue, they already conduct risk assessments and project planning.

They also work closely with each venue you go to for extra measures.

  • Opening Hours: Daily 24/7
  • Contact: 087 701 0000

Official site Facebook

7. Thailand Bodyguard

Thailand bodyguard service in Thailand

Bodyguard VIP Thailand provides advanced security for diplomats and celebrities alike.

They only employ professionals trained in modern security development set for international standards.

Clients have access to various car services to and from their destinations.

For example, a unique selling point that they have is the Traffic Control and Driver Guard Service.

Here, you can arrive at your chosen location safely and on-time.

You can also set a preference between male and female driver guards.

  • Opening Hours: Daily 24/7
  • Contact: 082 443 5538; 081 457 7220

Official site Facebook

8. Bodyguard VIP Thailand

Close protection service by Bodyguard VIP Thailand

Last but definitely not least is Bodyguard VIP Thailand.

This company is the number 1 leader when it comes to bodyguard services and VIP protection.

They assign a professional team of the highest level and experience for all clients.

They make use of technology for modern approaches in dealing with all kinds of danger.

It might be worth noting that they have a team of lawyers, as well.

In case you deal with legal matters, Bodyguard VIP Thailand can quickly step in and assist you.

  • Opening Hours: Daily 24/7
  • Contact: 061 687 8888; 091 158 8888; 087 561 9999; 089 441 1234

Official site Facebook

Bodyguards for Parties & Events

Are you trying to organize a party or event?

Having a bodyguard service means you can resume your daily life worry-free.

But which bodyguard service is most suitable for you? 

There are many security agencies for all occasions, and we can assist.

With our local contacts, we can organize complete packages to ensure you have the safest party in Bangkok.

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What other services can bodyguards and close protections services provide in Bangkok?

Aside from the standard security, other agencies train their bodyguards in a lot of areas.

For example, BKK protection is trained to do medical treatments.
If there’s an emergency, you’ll want these guards next to you.

On the other hand, V Protection goes beyond simple security.

They create a blueprint of risk assessments and thorough project planning.

Will the bodyguards follow you everywhere in Bangkok?

It depends on the service that you availed.

Most of them have close protection services, which ensures safety wherever you go.

If you want to be more conspicuous, hire female bodyguards from TCB Corporation.

They can pass as a nanny so that you won’t get any unwanted attention.

Are there VIP packages in Bangkok that include bodyguards?


At BangkokNightlife, we specialize in parties, and bodyguards are part of this!

Just send us a message, and we’ll make the arrangements for you.

You can buy VIP packages for all things nightlife and beyond, which includes private security if needed.

No more anxiousness of paranoia every time you go out.

You have fun and enjoy the rest of the party.

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Bodyguard ServiceContact
TCB Corporation094 345 6016
Bodyguard Team087 441 6597
Deimos Security Solutions097 016 7764; 02 653 4328
SPI Security Company095 440 7800
BKK Protection089 121 1741
V Protection087 701 0000
Thailand Bodyguard082 443 5538; 081 457 7220
Bodyguard VIP Thailand061 687 8888; 091 158 8888; 087 561 9999; 089 441 1234

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