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After being closed for about a year, The Play, an exclusive club in RCA, is back with a bang.

With its luxurious feel, impressive light and sound systems and a lineup of stellar artists, live performances and concerts, the club promises an unforgettable nightlife experience for elite Thais and foreigners.

Definitely one of the top venues for a wild night with hot Thai models in Bangkok.

A Gentlemen Club For Playboys?

As the name suggests, The Play Exclusive Club is all about play and fun, which is perfect for playboys to have their bachelor or birthday parties.

club area with girls on stage at the play exclusive club g club in RCA Bangkok

The club has a luxury vibe to it and offers high-end VIP service, food, fine drinks and premium liquor.

The main room feels like a true VIP nightclub that will go beyond the expectations of the most exigeant elite clientele.

Plus, of course, The Play has more hot girls than you can count. Or handle.

Drive by Thonglor soi 13, and you’ll see the building is so big, it will catch your attention as soon as you get near it.

What About The Girls?

Without a doubt the girls are gorgeous at The Play.

hot Thai girls in lingerie on dancing at The Play Exclusive Club in Bangkok

The management is obviously putting a lot of effort into selecting the best girls who are not only gorgeous but also friendly, flirtatious, and who know how to entertain guests.

Some girls are classy and beautiful, while others are sizzling hot.

There are also young cute girls among them, often sideliners, who you can easily spot by their innocent face and attitude.

Thai girl in white lingerie performing an erotic show on the stage of The Play Gentlemen Club

But don’t get duped. These girls are often the wildest ones.

All this to say, no matter what your type is, you will find a girl that will cater to your every need.

If you don’t find one that catches your attention right away, like in every other gentlemen’s club, ask the mamasan (the girl’s manager) to suggest one (or more) that is what you’re looking for.

Book Your VIP Room in RCA

Gentlemen’s clubs’ private rooms are where things really go down.

For a private party, The Play has no less than 7 sizes of VIP rooms, all equipped with a TV, sound system, a karaoke machine with thousands of songs, and even a pool table for the biggest.

big private party room at The Play Exclusive Club in Bangkok

Like the rest of the club, the decoration there is lush and above what you will get in most clubs in Bangkok.

But don’t forget to book in advance during the weekend, as private rooms are almost always fully booked on Friday and Saturday.

The Biggest G Club in RCA

While an exclusive club, The Play is indeed one of the biggest gentlemen’s clubs in Bangkok, and the biggest in the RCA area.

live show on stage at The Play Exclusive Club in RCA Bangkok

And it has to be as it is hosting some of the most exciting concerts.

Its most recent events featured live performances by Thai artists such as Getsunova, Klear and Aof Pongsak.

Apart from that, they have regular resident DJs as well, spinning all kinds of EDM songs.

In the past, they have even had international DJs, sexy dance performances and a special appearance by Joeyboy, an iconic Thai artist.

sexy female DJ at a gentlemen club in Bangkok

The club also has incredible erotic shows and sexy dancers performing all night between each artist.

With entertainment like this combined with exclusive VIP benefits and beautiful hot women walking around for your service, this luxurious gentlemen’s club is a perfect nightlife venue for those who want everything of a VIP club in one place.

It combines both a clubbing experience and a strip club…but better.


Despite being one of the most luxurious g club in Bangkok, prices at The Play are similar to clubs of this type in the city.

A membership there starts at 10,000 baht for 1 year, with between 3 and 45 (yes, 45!!) bottles depending on the type of alcohol and the brand you choose.

The biggest memberships (20,000 baht or more) also come with free VIP room bookings.

For the girls, prices start between 1,900 and 2,600 baht for the first 40 minutes depending on the girl’s look, and 380 baht for every 40 minutes after that.

As for the private rooms, they are between 2,400 and 8,000 baht for the night, with a capacity of up to 50 people for the biggest.

These are prices for members. Non-members pay up to 20% more for drinks, girls, and VIP rooms.

So we recommend you to get a membership or to contact Party Bangkok for a booking.

About The Play Exclusive Club

Go play with Thailand’s hottest girls at The Play.

RCA latest edition is a must try for every fan of gentlemen’s clubs and a great place to start for those who have never tried this type of establishment before.

Regardless whether you’re there for the entertainment or the girls, both will not disappoint.

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What Is The Price Of The Play Exclusive Club?

Prices at The Play Exclusive Club start from 10,000 baht for a 1-year membership, 3,000 baht for a bottle, 3,420 baht for a girl for 3 hours, and 2,400 baht for a private room. For members. Non-members can pay up to 20% more.

Is The Play Exclusive Club The Best Place To Party In RCA?

It depends on what kind of party you are looking for. If it is a gentlemen’s club with an exclusive feel, then it is definitely the place to be. But if you are looking for a party club, there are many other options in RCA such as Route 66 or SpacePlus.

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