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You’ve been out sweating all day in the Bangkok heat; you’ve seen the temples and gotten lost in the malls.

Now the sun has gone down and you are recharged for an evening full of adventure and pleasure.

Come and explore the cooler, darker side of Bangkok at night.


Explore The Best Party Streets

Khaosan road party street in Bangkok

You don’t need any plan when you’re going to explore the legendary party streets of Bangkok. 

Start walking and let the music (or girls) call you.

Soi 11 is always a popular party destination because it offers everything from classy rooftops to sexy clubs.

And it’s really easy to meet friendly girls there.

Khaosan Road is another must-have experience if you want to see how wild the streets of Bangkok can be.

You can go on an improvised bar crawl down Khaosan Road while trying all kinds of insects on sticks, laughing balloons, drinking buckets of booze, and God knows what else. 

If you’re looking for a more local experience, RCA is where younger Thai girls go to party at Thai-style clubs.

Relax and see where the night takes you.

Try A Gentlemen’s Club

pimp girls in red lingerie on stage at the show

Bangkok is the city of angels who act naughty.

There are a lot of gentlemen’s clubs to choose from, but our top pick is The PIMP.

The PIMP is Bangkok’s number one gentlemen’s club featuring over 200 sexy Thai girls to entertain you all night long. 

In addition to all the sexy girls, you can expect spectacular shows, live music, and the best DJs.

Then even have private rooms if you want to party with the girls and your friends all night. 

The other option is to visit Thonglor and Ekkamai.

The two areas are full of luxury gentlemen’s clubs.

And it’s where you have the biggest g club in Bangkok, Elite.

You can rent a private VIP room for you and your friends or simply grab a table and let the sexy girls entertain you with games, shows, and some hot dance moves.

Go To A Nightclub

sparklers and VIP bottle service at a nightclub in Bangkok

Nightclubs in Bangkok are known for attracting sexy crowds and top DJs. 

Soi 11’s Sugar Club is a hot Hip Hop and RnB spot that’s very popular with Thai women, expats and tourists alike. 

If you prefer something more classy, Sing Sing Theater is the sexier club in Bangkok. 

The beautiful crowd Sing Sing attracts go there for the exotic Chinese theater interior, top DJs, and most of all, to see and be seen.

If you’re looking for a younger crowd check out Route 66 on RCA. 

This massive club attracts young Thais with international DJs, massive LCD screens, strobe lights, and smoke machines. 

Feel the pulse of the music and go wild at any nightclub in Bangkok.

Drink A Cocktail At A Rooftop Bar

tichuca rooftop bar where people gather for events and chill

Take in Bangkok’s beauty from an elegant rooftop bar.

Whether it is looking over the stunning Chao Phraya River or across the cityscape, you (and your date) will be impressed.

Head up to the 38th floor of the Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park hotel to drink gin al-fresco at ABar.

But it’s not all about the height.

Even though Escape isn’t the highest rooftop in Bangkok as it’s just a few floors up in the EmQuartier mall, it’s still one of the busiest.

Escape prime location and cool tropical vibes draw in young and trendy people, both locals and tourists. 

An evening spent at a rooftop is guaranteed to be a good time.

Drink Cocktails At The Best Bars

008 Bar thonglor
008 Bar

Bangkok is home to some of the top ranking cocktail bars and the best mixologists in the world.

For a uniquely local experience make your way to Chinatown to drink at Asia Today.

The way they use local ingredients is next level and make their cocktails super original.

Another popular one is Vesper Cocktail Bar in Silom

It was featured in the World’s 50 Best Bars 2022.

Vesper has mixed up some highly creative cocktails that will leave you wondering what to order next.

Cheers to an excellent night!

Be Naughty At A Gogo Bar

Thai gogo dancers on stage at Billboard Bangkok in Nana Plaza

For a night as unforgettable as it is unbelievable, go to one of Bangkok’s lively gogo bars. 

Nana Plaza is the Mecca for gogo bars and on the 3rd floor is Billboard, one of the very best.

Billboard is known for having the sexiest and wildest girls who put on some very naughty shows. 

The other popular red-light district in Bangkok is Soi Cowboy.

When you go there make sure you pay a visit to Baccara.

Baccara is three stories of fun.

The higher you go the less the girls wear clothes. 

Another fun feature of Baccara is the transparent glass floor on the upper floor. 

So those below can look up and see a whole other show.

It’s a feast for the eyes. 

Go-go ahead and get down and dirty in one of Bangkok’s sexy gogo bars.

Listen To Live Music

group of models dressed like the 20s era in the US at Abandoned Mansion live music bar in Bangkok

Bangkok has amazing music venues and lots of talented musicians and singers of all kinds.

For example, if you like jazz clubs, there is no shortage of them around the city.

One of the most famous is Alonetogether.

It is a speakeasy located in the heart of Phrom Phong in a two-story shophouse. 

They keep it simple and do it right by serving classic cocktails, featuring live jazz from Wednesday to Sunday, and you can smoke cigars on the second floor.

But the one that you must visit is Saxophone Pub, close to Victory Monument.

It is considered an institution in Bangkok’s live music scene. 

They have a large stage where some of the best musicians in the country play

They also serve tasty food and drinks. 

Step outside of what you know about Bangkok and explore its more musical side.

Go To A Music Festival

stage of Kolour music festival

Forget Burning Man. Thailand’s music festivals are absolutely epic. 

Kolour in the Park is one of the best electronic music festivals in Thailand. 

Now they even have festivals pop up in Bangkok and Phuket, so keep an eye on their social media to find out when and where their next event is.

And if you come during Songkran, you can’t miss the S2O Songkran Music Festival.

It is a wet and wild music festival featuring Trap, EDM, & more.

Water cannons soak the crowds as they jump and dance to impressive line ups and light shows. 

Score tickets to one of the massive music festivals and invite some cute girls to party with you.

Sing Karaoke

Thai karaoke girls in a KTV room at The PIMP Bangkok

While in Bangkok, try one of Asia’s favorite pastimes: karaoke.

There are tons of karaoke venues catering to different crowds and languages. 

There are almost always English song options and Thai, J-pop, and K-pop. 

For beginners, Woodball Karaoke is lots of fun.

Downstairs you will find the bar with cheap drinks.

Upstairs are private karaoke rooms. 

Renting a private room for 3 hours includes all the karaoke equipment and free flow drinks. 

If you want to sing in the company of some sexy girls, we’ve got you covered.

Check out some KTV bars that are full of cute hostesses. 

If you love music and sexy Thai girls in cosplay, then Bovy Karaoke in Lat Phrao is the place to go. 

Drinks are inexpensive, there’s the choice of sitting at the bar or renting a private room, and the girls are lots of fun. 

Gentlemen’s clubs are another great option for VIPs looking for a private KTV party in Bangkok

You and your friends will have a blast singing your favorite songs surrounded by the hottest girls.

Keep The Party Going All Night

private VIP room at The PIMP gentlemen club in Bangkok

Closing time in Bangkok is always changing, always negotiable, and always a surprise. 

So it’s good to know a few tried and true late night spots to keep the party going until the sun comes up.

Wong’s Place is legendary among the late club scene.

They list their hours as 10 PM to 7.30 AM.

If you want to drink all night, Wong’s is happy to supply. 

This place might not be trendy or luxurious but it’s full of character. 

Another late-late night option is booking a private room at The PIMP. 

While the actual club will close at 2 AM, those in the private rooms are welcome to party all night long with their friends and all the girls they desire. 

Most night clubs in Bangkok currently close around 2AM. 

A few might stay open later if the party is right and the club has a good relationship with the local authorities.

Throw A Party in A Hotel Suite

Extreme Wow President suite
Extreme Wow President suite

The best way to guarantee that the party can keep going is to rent a kick-ass hotel suite

Throw an ultra-private party at VIE Hotel penthouse 1.

There’s a private pool, jacuzzi tub, wine cellar, and an intimate rooftop terrace. 

It’s like having your own private resort to run wild in without anyone looking.

Want to make your party feel extra VIP?

Book The Park Hyatt Bangkok presidential suite. 

This suite is so good that people you invite to party won’t ever want to leave. 

Try out the suite’s kitchen with in-chef service and crack into the free-flow minibar. 

Gather around the home theater or explore the private plunge pool, sauna, and spa. 

Get your friends and some beautiful ladies, and have the most unforgettable night.


Eat At The Best Tables

Latest Recipe restaurant
Latest Recipe restaurant

Any great night in Bangkok must start with a delicious meal. 

Isao is a beloved sushi spot in Phrom Phong.

It offers high quality sashimi and creative rolls at a reasonable mid-range price. 

Isao is so popular, that like most good things, there may be an occasional wait. 

Entertaining a hungry group of friends?

One word: KoreaTown. 

KoreaTown Plaza is just a short walk from BTS Asoke and has tons of restaurants to choose from. 

You can get happy hour beers and Korean fried chicken or get a private room for KBBQ and all the soju you and your buddies can handle. 

Bonus points, after dinner you can check out some of the karaoke spots in the KoreaTown Plaza.

You can’t party on an empty stomach, so you may as well have a great meal!

Try The Best Dining Experience

Le Normandie restaurant
Le Normandie restaurant

Impress your date, your friends, or yourself with a multi-course menu by one of Bangkok’s top chefs. 

Khao at Ekkamai 10 has been awarded one Michelin star. 

It’s a wonderful place for the foodie who wants to learn more about the magic of Thai cuisine. 

Khao also embraces high quantity staple Thai ingredients and prepares them with expertise and creativity. 

For the ultimate Thai food experience opt for a 6- 8- or 10-course menu at the Chef’s table. 

But if you’re looking for something even more incredible, try Sühring.

It tops all the Michelin starred restaurants in Bangkok. 

Sühring has managed to make German food modern, fun, and exciting in the Thai foodie scene.

Another popular option is North.

It’s a fine dining restaurant exploring all things Northern Thailand and Chiang Mai related. 

If you don’t have time to visit Chiang Mai, you should make a reservation at North. 

Book a table and have the most impressive dining experience of your life.

Try The Street Food

old Thai woman preparing pad Thai in Khaosan road Bangkok

One of the best things to do at night in Bangkok is to explore the street food scene. 

Yaowarat (Chinatown) is the destination for all things street food. 

Your senses will be sent into overdrive while walking down Yaowarat Road as food vendors line both sides of the road and all the smaller sois (alleys).

In Chinatown you can find dimsum, Chinese donuts, noodles, seafood, shark fins, bird’s nest soup, roasted chestnuts, and more!

Not ready to dive right into the street food scene?

Then try the Terminal 21 food court at Asoke BTS.

Here you can find some of the most popular Thai street foods all in one clean and air conditioned place. 

Every neighborhood in Bangkok has its own street food venders so don’t be afraid to stop anywhere and to try the local food stalls.


Go To a Night Market

cute Thai girl at Jodds Fair night market in Bangkok

For an adventurous night in Bangkok check out one of the many night markets. 

Jodd Fairs, located behind Central Rama 9, is popular with young Thais and in-the-know foreigners. 

It’s not so big that you will get lost (or too sweaty), but big enough to have loads of Thai and Korean food options, desserts, and drinks. 

For something a bit more touristy, try Asiatique The Riverfront.

It’s a beautiful spot on the river that is easily accessible by taxi or boat. 

It’s perfect for a date or a pleasant walk to pick up some tasty treats, souvenirs, and ride the ferris wheel. 

There are night markets all across Bangkok.

We have a complete list of the best night markets in Bangkok ready for you.

Find the nearest one to you and then off you go on your food adventure!

Go On A Dinner Cruise

cruise boat during NYE fireworks in Bangkok Thailand

A dinner cruise is a romantic way to explore the Chao Phraya River in the cool evening breeze. 

The Apsara Cruise by Banyan Tree (5-Star Hotel) serves a luxurious multi-course Thai menu on a restored antique rice barge.

The staff is wearing traditional Thai costumes to add to the authenticity of the experience.

You can also try the Bangkok Wonderful Pearl Dinner Cruise.

This cruise sails past all the most popular sites like Wat Arun, the Grand Palace and more.

Wonderful Pearl serves up a buffet accompanied by performances of Thai traditional dance and live jazz.

Embark on a relaxing journey down the Chao Phraya river tonight.

Smoke Weed

truck selling cannabis in Khaosan road Bangkok

Thailand is experiencing a marijuana boom now that it is newly legalized (though there are some gray areas about recreational marijuana use).

Despite the controversy, weed dispensaries have popped up on every corner like Starbucks. 

THE DISPENSARY Sukhumvit is an impressive flagship store in Phrom Phong. 

There are also smaller, more lowkey dispensaries like Fat Buds in Ekkamai to pick up some green goodies.

If you are looking for somewhere to chill and smoke you should check out Marley’s in Thonglor. 

Marley’s is all about chill vibes.

They have a selection of cannabis products, food, drinks, games, and a private party room. 

But the most unique dispensary is Arcadia, in the hip neighborhood of Phra Khanong.

It sells pre-rolls that can be enjoyed on the rooftop. 

Downstarts you can play arcade games and grab a craft beer, cider, or kratom drink. 

They also host fun events like High Jinks rooftop comedy night meant to be enjoyed while blazed. 

Move over Amsterdam; here comes Bangkok!

Meet Thai Girls

Go To One of The Top Place to Meet Thai Girl

cute Thai girls at an after party at CHOW cafe and bar at the Metropole hotel in Bangkok

Thailand is the ultimate playground for single men.

Ladies nights are a great place to go on the hunt for single Thai girls.

Most clubs, bars, and rooftops promote ladies nights events on any given night of the week or weekend.  

Check out ladies nights at Sing Sing Theater, Sugar Club, Havana Social, and Iron Balls Distillery & Bar. 

If you want to make sure nothing is left to fate, head over to Sukhumvit Soi 11 or to Soi 4 (also called Nana).

You can meet loads of flirty freelancers at many of the pubs and sports bars on Soi 4 near Nana Plaza

Check out Hooters, Stumble Inn, and Scruffy Murphys. 

If you’re looking for a mix of fun loving regular Thai girls as well as bar girls and freelancers who are looking for foreign men, then head to Sukhumvit Soi 11

You might not be in Bangkok for a long time, but at least it will be a good time!

Go To A Chill Bar To Party With Hot Thai Girls

Sexy hostesses from a chill bar in Bangkok

Chill bars are great if you don’t want to worry about sitting alone. 

Just buy these ladies a drink and their attention is all yours. 

Chill bars are Thai style spots with hostesses.

They serve food, drinks, and some even have sexy shows.

FAST Nawamin City Avenue in Lat Phrao is a fun 50’s themed bar staffed with cute girls waiting to serve you.

Or you have 19 Hole which is on the outskirts of Bangkok.

But it’s well worth the travel because of the sexy and wild girls who work there.

There’s food, drinks, Burlesque shows, and most importantly lots of cute girls happy to be all over you once you buy them a drink.

For the ultimate chill night, try out a chill bar.

Try A Thai Dating App

Like everywhere else in the world, if you want to meet single girls you have to get on the apps.

If you’re already on Tinder and Bumble they will work in Thailand and are very popular.

On Tinder you can meet regular Thai girls looking for dates and hookups as well as freelancers.

Bumble tends to be girls looking to date and will have more of a mix of Thais (usually with good English) and expat women. 

You can try downloading ThaiFriendly when you are here if you want to meet lots of sexy Thai girls.

ThaiCupid is also a solid bet.

Their main demographic is Thai women seeking foreign men.

ThaiCupid has loads of fun features like an extensive app search functionality to find the Thai women of your dreams. 

If you aren’t ready to strike out in the wild, a dating app is the best place to find a cute girl without leaving your hotel suite.

Take Your (Future) Thai Girlfriend On A Date

hot Thai girl texting her date while drinking cocktails with her friends at Crimson room cocktail bar in Bangkok

Now that you’ve got the girl, you need to take her somewhere nice.

If you want to go big and romantic a rooftop is guaranteed to impress.

Take in the beautiful views while you chat over classy cocktails at Octave or Tichuca Rooftop Bar- both located in Thong Lor. 

If you are looking for more of a casual or interactive date night idea, ask her to meet you at a night market.

You and your girl can get lost together, try Thai treats, and grab a drink at Jodd Fairs Night Market in Rama 9 or the Srinakarin Train Night Market. 

Bangkok at night is full of romance; all you need is a pretty girl by your side.

Discover The Naughty Side Of Bangkok

Get a Sexy Massage

Like all fairy tales, no night in Bangkok is complete without a happy ending.

Paradise Massage Bangkok on Sukhumvit 22 is in the business of fulfilling all kinds of fantasies.

You can try out a prostate massage, body-to-body massage, blow jobs, “full service”, and even kink. 

Need something even more uplifting?

How about a bubbly, soapy massage to get squeaky clean?

Maria in Ratchada has actual working models as soapy, sexy masseuses. 

If you’re in the mood for a quiet night in, you can call out for a massage.

Healing Hands has very professional and gorgeous Thai women who give excellent aromatherapy massages and are very willing to provide extra services.

Try out a naughty massage to work out all your kinks.

Forget about having an early night; you can sleep when you’re dead.

Explore the rest of our website to learn more about the best things to do in Bangkok.

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