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You’ve heard the saying… One night in Bangkok, and the world is your oyster.

Bangkok has arguably the best looking girls in the world.

And if you’re wondering where the best places are to pick up pretty Thai girls in Bangkok, you’ve come to the right place.

We have a list of places where you can chat with beautiful girls and places where sex is almost guaranteed.

1. Gentlemen Clubs

hot girls at Gentlemen Clubs

Bangkok is home to many gentlemen clubs that offer endless entertainment opportunities.

And with that entertainment, plenty of chances to pick up pretty girls.

Many of these clubs have hundreds of hot models all waiting to party with you.

Also, many of these venues have the best live music around.

The PIMP on Rotchanamin Alley is one example.

After the club closes, “everything is between the girls and the guys.”

Buy a few lady drinks, put on some charm, and you’ll easily pick up a pretty Thai girl.

Read our guide of the best Gentlemen Clubs in Bangkok to find where to go.

2. Chill Bars

hot girls at Chill Bars

Chill bars are a pleasant break from the wilder nightlife you’ll find in the city.

These are genuine Thai style places offering open, airy spaces filled with a variety of gorgeous servers.

These girls are often called “hosts.”

If you buy them a lady drink, they’ll keep you company.

Lady drinks are typically more expensive but include the company of a beautiful girl.

This is your chance to pick her up and maybe continue the fun after she’s off work.

While you’re there, listen to music, watch performers, and flirt with girls all night.

There’ll be plenty of food options as well.

You can read our top 10 of the best chill bars in Bangkok to pick up Thai girls.

3. Gogo Bars

hot girls at Gogo Bars

At gogo bars, you will find hot girls with minimal clothing dancing on stage.

In some cases, none at all.

When you first walk in, a hostess or “mamasan” will take you to your table.

If you’re looking to pick up a dancer, it might help to buy the mamasan a drink after you walk in the door.

She might even introduce you to some of the best girls!

Don’t be surprised if a dancer comes to sit next to you after her set.

And if she interests you, buy her a lady drink and see what happens.

Just be sure you don’t take the dancer home before paying a fee!

Bar fines in Bangkok can range anywhere from 500 to 2,000 baht, depending on the venue.

If you’ve never to one, or don’t know which one to go to, read our guide to Thai gogo bars for first timers.

4. Sport Bars

hot girls at Sport Bars

If you find yourself getting sick of the typical pubs, check out one of Bangkok’s many sports bars.

Most of these places have outdoor spaces.

There’s live music, pool tables, sports, and of course, plenty of beer choices.

Places like Hillary even have working girls playing pool with their customers!

There are more sports bars near Nana Plaza on Sukhumvit Soi 4.

A popular one is the Stumble Inn

If you’re in the Soi Cowboy area, check out The Oasis and Country Road.

This can be a nice change of pace if you’re looking to unwind.

They’re a great option if you want to chat with a girl casually and will likely go back to your hotel room if you like her.

There’s a ton of great sports bars in Bangkok to watch live games, and meet cute Thai girls.

5. Nightclubs

hot girls at bangkok Nightclubs

At nightclubs, you can meet girls organically or pay them.

The choice is yours!

Sing Sing Theater, BEAM, and Violett are some of the hottest nightclubs in Bangkok.

And you’re guaranteed to find some beautiful Thai girls to mingle with.

In Bangkok, you’ll be able to find a nightclub that suits your music taste easily. 

There’s hip hop, EDM, pop, R&B, house and even live music at some venues. 

Nightclubs have a great mix of local Thai girls, sex workers, and backpackers for you to interact with.

Just don’t forget your wallet – the drinks can add up.

And pick the right one. The best way to have the guarantee it’s gonna full of girls is to follow the ladies nights.

6. Pubs

girls at bangkok Pubs

With cute servers and great food, Bangkok pubs are the perfect venues to get your night started right.

There are thousands of options to choose from, so it’ll be easy to find the food you crave for.

Many of these places have favorites like classic beef burgers, chicken wings, or fish & chips.

Like sports bars, pubs are also a great way to have a conversation with a girl.

Try Scruffy Murphys or Hooters near Nana to start.

Besides the waitresses, you may find the odd beautiful hosts or single girls sitting by themselves.

Showcase your charm and impress the girl you’re trying to pick up!

7. Shopping Malls

Bangkok Shopping Malls

As an alternative to picking up girls at night, there are plenty of options to meet girls during the day as well.

One of those options is shopping malls.

Many of Bangkok’s biggest malls are located along with the BTS (Bangkok Mass Transit System), making them easily accessible.

However, high-end malls like Siam Paragon and Central World will attract classy girls.

They’ll be difficult to pick up!

Local shopping malls like MBK or Terminal 21 Asok have more local Thai girls.

They are much more approachable.

With tons of stores and restaurants at local shopping malls, you won’t have difficulty finding ladies to hit on.

Who knows, maybe the two of you can sneak into a changing room for some discrete public fun!

8. Night Markets

Night Markets girls bangkok

Night markets in Bangkok can offer a carnival-like experience with plenty of activities to keep you entertained.

They are also a great place to take a date or casually meet strangers.

You can shop for souvenirs, local food, or maybe even some sexy lingerie.

While it’s only open on Fridays, Chatuchak Market is the biggest market in Thailand and has plenty of potentials to pick up girls.

Make sure to bring some comfortable shoes.

Most night markets are quite big and can take a while to explore.

If you like a girl with an appetite, the W market is rated as the best night market for food in Bangkok.

9. Rooftop Bars

bangkok Rooftop Bars girls

If you’re looking to pick up a fancy girl, go to one of the many rooftop bars that Bangkok is famous for.

You’ll easily find some of the best-dressed girls in Bangkok.

Rooftop bars come in many forms and cater to a variety of budgets.

Nest located in Khlong Toei is an example of a more affordable rooftop bar.  

Vanilla Sky at the Skyview Hotel is more expensive.

But regardless of the venue, one thing is for sure: there are always hot girls waiting to be swept off their feet.

If the drinks don’t get her in the mood, the views certainly will!

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10. Universities

sexy bangkok University girls

If younger girls are your thing, Universities are another great way to pick up girls during the day.

A lot of universities have food courts, libraries, swimming pools, and gyms.

This makes them ideal places to meet cute girls.

There are always college-aged girls in Thailand looking to meet foreigners.

Especially if you have money.

However, many Thai girls are shy, and it helps to have a Thai speaking friend or learn a few Thai pick up lines yourself.

Have your Line ID ready.

You won’t regret it.

11. Dating Apps

thai Dating Apps

There are several dating or hookup apps available for travelers in Bangkok.

ThaiCupid and ThaiFriendly are two of the more common apps in Southeast Asia.

Tinder is also a good option—especially if you’re trying to meet other backpackers or foreigners.

Most Thai people use either Line or Whatsapp to communicate, and you should download them the second you get off the plane.

One thing to keep in mind is that many sex workers also use these apps.

So don’t be surprised if you match with a hottie, and she immediately offers you a “private massage.”

And if you’re not sure which dating app is best for you, read our list of the 9 best Thai dating app to find single girls in Bangkok.

Now that you know where to meet them, all you need is to learn how to seduce them.


Which places have the hottest girls in Bangkok?

Gentlemen Clubs definitely have the hottest girls in Bangkok.

On most nights, there are hundreds of girls you can pick up.

They’re always wearing sexy dresses or costumes.

A real sign that they’re ready to be picked up by anyone!

Just look at the girls at The PIMP Bangkok!

Which places in Bangkok have the hardest girls to pick up?

If you don’t have many charms, it may not be easy to pick up Thai girls at shopping malls, night markets, and universities.

You’ll definitely need to have some confidence.

Other places to steer clear of are corporate business centers or at work.

Where are the best red light districts in Bangkok to pick up sexy Thai girls?

Nana Plaza, Soi Cowboy, and Patpong are rated as the best red-light districts in Bangkok.

There are plenty of go-go bars where you can easily pick up pretty girls.

You’ll need to bring some money and pay for lady drinks.

And potentially take them back to your hotel room after.

There are many hotels perfect for a short time or guest-friendly where you can take them.

Where can you have sex in Bangkok if you don’t want to spend time picking up girls?

There are many places where you can pay for sex.

These include soapy massage parlors, BJ bars, hotels with sideliners, happy ending parlors, and escort agencies.

Generally, you will pay more for Thai girls who are young and pretty.


Places to Pick up Thai Girls in Bangkok

PlacesType of GirlsCost
Gentlemen ClubsWorking girlsLady drinks, food, VIP rooms
Chill BarsWorking girlsLady drinks, beer, food
Gogo BarsWorking girlsbeer, cocktails, lapdances, lady drinks
Beer BarsWorking girlsbeer, cocktails, food
Night MarketsNormal girlsfood, souvenirs, drinks
NightclubsNormal girls (some working girls)beer, cocktails, lady drinks
Pubs & Sport BarsNormal girlsfood, beer
Rooftop BarsNormal girlsbeer, cocktails, food
Shopping MallsNormal girlsnothing
UniversitiesNormal girlsnothing
Apps & OnlineNormal girls, Working girlssometimes subscription

Places to Have Sex with Thai Girls

PlacesType of GirlsCost
Soapy Massage ParlolsWorking girlssex, massage
BJ BarsWorking girlsBJ
Happy Ending ParlorsWorking girlssex, massage
SidelinersWorking girlssex
Escort AgenciesWorking girlssex

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