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Hooters is a world-famous American restaurant and sports bar known for its sexy Hooters girls, hot chicken wings, Tex-Mex food, and burgers.

The brand has now expanded to over 30 countries and opened its first location in Thailand (and Asia) in 2014.

Over the years, Hooters has created fun and exciting vibes across Thailand and especially in Bangkok with two separate locations.

Here’s what you need to know about Hooters before visiting one of their restaurants in Bangkok.

Hooters Girls

Thai Hooters girls holding beer and smiling

The Hooter girls make up the spirit of Hooters.

These beautiful and hot girls dressed in the iconic Hooters orange booty shorts, push-up bras, and tight white tops with the Hooters logo are what makes the brand so unique.

But the girls are more than just eye candy.

Bangkok Hooters girls are known to be incredibly friendly and sexy.

They are what makes each visit to Hooters unforgettable.

Sexy Thai Tooters girls

They will speak to you, give you cute smiles, and are really good at recommending the right food or drinks for you, and encouraging you to drink more shots.

Not only do they draw in the crowd, but the girls also really know how to get the guys to keep coming back.

And make sure you stick around long enough to see their famous Hooters dance.

Hooters Nana

Hooters Bangkok in Sukhumvit Soi 4 opposite Nana Plaza

Hooters Nana branch is where you go to hang out or party with your mates.

The large restaurant is open-air with a very casual seating area.

As you look around the restaurant, you won’t miss the mechanical bull, which you can ride to impress your friends or the hot girls of Nana.

Careful though, it’s not that easy to tame the bull.

hot Hooters girl on the mechanic bull at Hooters Bangkok Soi 4

The vibe here is quite relaxed, as opposed to the street which is very lively.

And why wouldn’t it be?

After all, it is located in Sukhumvit soi 4, just across the road from the world’s largest adult playground, Nana Plaza.

The Hooters girls here are super fun and know how to light up the place.

It’s the perfect spot to start a wild night in Bangkok before heading across the road to Nana Plaza or go bar hopping in the nearby Sukhumvit Soi 11.

Hooters Soi 15

Hooters Sukhumvit Soi 15 in Bangkok

The Sukhumvit Soi 15 Hooters have a more chilled and laid-back ambiance.

The restaurant is mostly indoors with a small outdoor deck where you can watch locals and tourists as they walk down the road.

Inside it is slightly dimly lit, making it a better spot to bring a date or have an intimate time with friends.

No mechanic bull here, and no red-light district across the road.

But you can watch sports on TV and enjoy the music as you try to eat as many wings as possible.

And the Hooters girls at this branch are not any less hot or approachable.

Hooters girls in cowgirls outfits soi 15 Bangkok

In fact, it could even be argued that girls there are even more attractive.

And you’re just a few minutes walk from Sukhumvit Soi 11, or another popular party street in Bangkok, Soi Cowboy.


Thai Hooters girls holding Hooters wings

Hooters has an unbelievably large menu that has all your favorite American and Tex-Mex food.

The menu starts with platters, sliders, and nachos and moves on to dedicated sections for burgers, tacos, sandwiches, and of course, the famous Hooters wings.

Hooters food at Hooters Thailand

The wings are what Hooters is really known for.

You can order from 6 pieces to up to a whopping 50 pieces.

And they come in all kinds of sauce flavors and spice levels.

Of course, no menu is complete without drinks and it is complete with cocktails, special margaritas, draught beers, a whole lot of spirits, and shots!

Hooters drinks, cocktails and shots

If you can’t visit one of their locations in person, don’t worry as they have delivery options through Foodpanda, Grab, and Lineman, the three most popular food delivery apps in Thailand.

Events and Parties

Hooters party girls from Hooters Thailand

With beautiful girls in sexy outfits around serving you, delicious lip-smacking food, games, entertainment, and an overabundance of booze, Hooters makes for an ultimate venue for special occasions, whether it is a bachelor party or a birthday.

They also have a couple of packages, deals, and happy hours that you can take advantage of for your party.

In fact, you might want to take advantage of the 50% discount off the entire menu on weekdays from 3 to 4 PM.

Yes, that is correct, every single item on the menu is half off!

There is no doubt that you will end up having a legendary night with your friends or coworkers, which goes along with their slogan – Hooters Make You Happy.

If you want to watch sports while partying, Hooters even has a couple of flat-screen TVs for you to enjoy football matches and other sporting events.


Are there Hooters in Thailand?

Yes, there are Hooters restaurants in Thailand. Two in Bangkok, and one in Pattaya, Phuket, and Koh Samui.

Do Hooters in Bangkok do delivery?

Yes, Hooters do delivery in Bangkok. You can find their restaurants on Grab, Foodpanda, and Lineman.

What is Hooters famous for?

Hooters is famous for its wings, happy hours, and beautiful Hooters girls dressed in white/orange uniforms with booty shorts and push-up bras.

There’s no shortage of places to meet Thai girls in Bangkok, Hooters is just one of them.

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