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Thai Freelancers: Sex Warriors of the Streets

Before we explain how much Thai prostitutes in Thailand cost, let’s first explore their profile and try to understand what makes their naughty minds tick.

Thai Freelancers make up the most significant population of hookers in Bangkok. These Bangkok girls are Thai prostitutes who work for themselves. They set their own hours and charge whatever they want. You can call them independent Thai escorts available on the streets of Bangkok.

Thai Freelancers are the mercenaries of the sex trade.  They move around in packs and are highly trained by their older sisters. They are fighters in the field, operating with a straightforward objective; to grab as much of your cash as they can. This is perhaps why the girls call customers “Walking ATMs.”

Thai Freelance Motivation & Insights 

Thai Freelancer Working
Thai Freelancer, Strong Independent Women Working the Streets

So why would some Normal Thai Girls want to be street hookers and roam the streets instead of getting paid a salary to work in the bars like Thai bar girls?

Independence:  The simple explanation is that they don’t work for anybody like thai girls in the bars. Therefore, they will not get deducted if they are late or skip a day. When thai freelancer misses work, they can simply relax at home, enjoying Thai food with their friends. Everything in Thailand is cheap, so freelancers can go a long time without returning to the streets to find more money.

Busy Schedules: Another case might be that the freelancers are going to Thai University or perhaps working in the daytime. It’s a known fact that many Thai University girls take a bus from the outskirts of Bangkok to Nana Hotel looking for a sex tourist to take care of them for the weekend.  

Underage Girls:  Bars require all staff to be at least 18 years, so the final reason might be that the Thai Freelancer could be underage, just another horny Thai teen dreaming of making it big on the sex tube. This is why it’s always wise to request the freelancer’s Thai ID before taking them to your hotel. To stay out of trouble with authorities, we recommend you only take gilrs at least 18 years which is the legal age for consensual sex.

Thai Freelancer Price & Costs

Thai Freelancers Waiting in Front of Nana Hotel

Now with all that background, I’m sure you’re wondering how much you’ll need to pay for sex with Thai freelancers.

Short Time: Price Ranges from 1,500 – 3,000 THB. (1 hour)

Long Time: Price Ranges from 3,000 – 6,000 THB. (Overnight)

Now that might seem high for some guys, but just think how much you’re saving by not having to buy them drinks or pay bar fines at the bars?

Getting the Best Price Offer from a Thai Freelancer

Consider these basic strategies to get the best price offer from Thai Freelancers.

Stay Cool:  If you discover a freelance lady you like but cannot afford to pay the total price, inform her that you will give 20% less than the asking fee. If she declines, just give her your mobile phone number and let her know you’re willing to help if she has trouble finding clients tonight. This simple technique usually works.

Try to speak Thai:  Learning the basics of the Thai conversational language these days is not difficult, and communicating in Thai significantly improves your chances of obtaining lower long-term rates. Women will be a little more relaxed with the situation.

Play with Her Mind: Pretend you’re under the influence of alcohol. Make slurred speech seem as though you’re going to doze off at the pub. Your Thai hooker will think that you can’t get it up and that you might even fall asleep at the hotel. And in that case, she will be able to slip out of bed without lifting a finger.

It’s important not to be too pushy with the girls, especially if you ask for reduced sex prices

Best Places to Find Sexy Thai Freelancers

Finder Hot Thai Freelancers at Nightclubs in Sukhumvit

More than half of Thai freelancers are based in the Sukhumvit Soi 4 to Soi Cowboy side street area. These street whores are working the streets of Sukhumvit at early as 7 pm.

You can find most gathered in front of Nana Hotel (just across from the entrance of Nana Plaza).

If you can’t find a sexy Thai freelancer standing the street, or if you just don’t like the hassle of picking up a street hooker, you can try to find them at these venues, both close to Nana Plaza:

Thermae Bar:  This famous bar has a nice collection of Thai freelancers. It’s Located on Sukhumvit between Soi 13 & Soi 15.

Nightclubs:  Many freelancers frequent the bars and clubs on Sukhumvit Soi 11. Nightclubs like Sugar, Levels, or Insanity are meat markets and the best venues to find many girls. It’s easy to spot a group of Thai freelancers. They are sitting at a table with friends sipping house drinks provided by the club management. These girls usually never open bottles. And if you can VIP bottle for the table of cute gilrs, it’s the best way to show power and chat up the girls before selecting the hottest girl to take back that night.

Dating Apps: Social networking apps are great ways to find Thai Freelancers for meet-up sessions.  Thaifriendly is the oldest and best dating app on the market with the most number of Thai Freelancers, in addition to many ordinary thai girls. For a comparison of all Thai dating apps available, check out this summary list.

And if you’re tired of chasing thai freelancers or just want a “sure thing,” check out our article about Thai Bar Girls. We explain everything about how to pick up a prostitute working for the bars. And for the bars in Bangkok with the sexiest girls, don’t miss our summary review of the Best Thai GoGo Bars.

Picking up Thai Girls girls for sex in all tourist areas around Thailand is pretty much the same. So make sure to check out our Thailand Sex Guide, which lists all cities and places you can find Thai hookers.

How do I know the Thai Freelancer is not a Ladyboy?

A lot of guys worry about making a mistake and taking a shemale back to their hotel. So unless you are hungry for a sausage feast, the easiest way is to check the girls’ Thai ID card. It’s written clearly to stay if they are “Mr.” or “Miss.”

Of course, there are other ways to Spot Thai Ladyboys, and you can read about it in this article.

Is it possible have sex with a Thai Freelancer for Free?

Is there a service to send a Thai Freelancer to my hotel?

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