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The dating game has changed, gentlemen.

Single girls have taken to the internet.

And so, to keep up, we’ve assembled 10 best dating apps guaranteed to find girls in Bangkok.

So ready your smile, photos, and texting game – as we show you how wrangled up the hotties in your area.

And where to find them online…

Because if you want to know the best place to meet them in Bangkok, we have another guide for that.

1. ThaiFriendly


Arguably the best “popping” local app out there, you’ll most likely be a busy boy from day 1 on this Thai dating app.

A slightly dated layout and quite restrictive with their 1 per 10-minute text allowance.

The navigation will likely take a while to get used to, as this app tries clumsily hard to impress you.

Though still, somehow, this app is popping!

So plan your texts and impress the single girls.

And if you’re lucky, you may find a cam girl or two on here, as the site is seemingly littered with them, client hunting, of course.

Play your cards right, and she may actually risk to meet you in person (cam girls have needs too, don’t they?)

So shoot your shot and dive into Thailand’s most underrated dating app.

If you’re curious to know more about it, read our review.

  • Downloads: 500,000+
  • Cost: Some free features. Upgrade 700-3,000 baht monthly

Official site Google Play | Apple Store

2. ThaiCupid


Thai Cupid is as renowned as the word “Cupid” itself.

But you’re gonna have to pay upfront before you can talk to any “Cupid Cuties,” as Thai Cupid isn’t one for “free love matching.”

Sorry fellas.

Take out your wallets and shell out the small cost, which is a meager amount compared to others on this list.

And the cool thing is, you can make your profile in-depth or as bare as you seem fit.

They’re quite flexible.

The girl’s info is laid out in stark detail across all profiles.

You’ll get to know her inside and out in 2 minutes flat.

So pay up and let Thai Cupid get you sorted, and you’ll be gagged, bound, and tied up beneath your girl in no time.

Remember, a little crazy is a good thing…

  • Downloads: 500,000+
  • Cost: Around 300-1000 baht monthly.

Official site Google Play

3. ThaiDateVIP

screenshot of the Thai dating site Thaidatevip

Meet your future Thai wife on ThaiDateVIP.

If you’re on the hunt for someone serious and special, this is the Thai dating site for you!

The site put a lot of effort into vetting profiles, helping the community, and building a safe space to find your future Thai partner.

The big selling point of ThaiDateVIP is its advanced filters to find your dream girl.

Oh, and did we mention the secret photo albums?

That’s right, you can upload photos on the site, but restrict who can see them.

Now only people who have requested to see the album, and who you approved can see the photos.

It’s better for your privacy, and to only reveal yourself to people you like.

  • Downloads: 50,000+
  • Cost: Some Free features. Upgrade for as low as 400 THB per month.

Official site Google Play

4. Thai Kisses

Thai Kisses girls

Welcome back to 2003! Or at least that’s how this shoddy website makes it seem.

Though once you get through the laborious profile set up, what’ll transpire after, is a world of bliss.

Thai Lovely’s layout is old, though their propensity for inclusivity extends to offering more than just the two genders.

Because on Thai Lovely, you’ll find hot women, men…and even ladyboys in Bangkok.

So set your dating preferences however you please, and start messaging away!

Though watch out, as you’ll only be allowed to contact every “human” 1 time…unless you purchase a membership.

So you’re better off buying their 1/3/6 & 12-month packages (between 400-1,300 THB monthly.)

  • Downloads: 50,000+
  • Cost: Some Free features. Upgrade to 1,200 baht monthly.

Official site Google Play

5. ThaiFlirting


A more elusive underdog among the many other more popular apps, Thai Flirting, has something special to offer…

Unlike Tinder or Bumble, apps that are mostly free, Thai Flirting is entirely free!

With an updated layout and design, Thai Flirting will have you up and ready with a bare profile in under 10 minutes.

With the smallest average user base on this list, it won’t seem that way when you actually gawk at the sheer number of single girls who flock to this app.

The only thing to gripe with is the text layout (a little too old school for our tastes.)

However, it’s all free – so send all the texts and website premade “kiss texts” you want!

  • Downloads: 10,000+
  • Cost: Free

Official site Google Play

6. ThaiLovely

Sample the scrumptious local populace as Thai Lovely will have you in and online, ready to go in minutes.

One of the many more apps for locals in Thailand, you’ll almost only find Thai’s on here.

When you log in, you’ll be able to see everyone online without swiping at all.

However, this freedom comes at a price.

Get in and exchange contact details quickly, as you’ll only get a few free messages (total) before needing to purchase a membership of sorts.

So while the layout and abundance of women presented off the bat are nice, prepare to spend a minimum of 1,000 THB to find your single lady.

  • Downloads: 100,000
  • Cost: Around 1500 baht monthly.

Official site Google Play | Apple Store

7. Thai Social

Thai Social
The app is aimed at Thai girls who like foreigners.

So be sure when you enter this little pocket of Thai abundance that you’re preferences are indeed for Thai’s.

Because that’s most likely all, you’ll find on Thai Social.

But strap on your boots, boys.

Because of Thai Social, they have video profiles!

So now you can see your future date in the virtual flesh, with voice and all, before ever even seeing her in real life!

Join group chat rooms or hit up cute strangers near your location in Bangkok (thanks to Thai Social’s alert system.)

Or converse in a Snapchat-like feature called “Flash Chat” – where you can set an expiration timer between all your texts.

All the trimmings, all the fancy tech – all completely free!

Though, of course, you can pay a small fee to get some extra perks.

  • Downloads: 100,000+
  • Cost: Free

Official site Google Play

8. ThaiMatch


Another local trove containing Thailand’s best single girls.

This one is a little more forgiving on the wallet, as you’ll get one free text every 10 mins.

So get your best pickup line ready, as the back and forth chats will no doubt take a while.

And watch out, as while the girls (and bots) will be thriving for your attention, the costs in purchasing packages & “profile boost” will rack up quickly.

Also, a bonus – get this app if you’re planning to hit up the Philippines right after, as this seems to be the only other region where Thai Match works.

You can even swipe for the Philippines while you’re in Bangkok.

It is good to note if you want a prep of the country’s finest women for your arrival ahead of time.

  • Downloads: 100,000+
  • Cost: Some free features. Upgrade 200-400 baht monthly.

Official site Google Play | Apple Store

9. Tinder


The most famous choice out there, log in and light up the spark to your life.

There are definitely a lot of Bangkok girls here.

As the pros of tinder are much the same as its cons – it’s trendy, simple, and easy to use (I love it.)

Meaning just like Facebook, nearly everyone who is anyone will have a profile.

The cons? You’re competing with, well…everyone.

While the choices of gorgeous girls will be plentiful, so too will the stiff competition.

Go in with your confidence and humility in check, and make sure you have some damn good pics.

And unless you want more than the gratis 100 swipes a day (with unlimited texting) – Tinder overall is a wicked free app.

So ruin your life on it ASAP.

  • Downloads: 100,000,000
  • Cost: Mostly free. Upgrade between 300-2,000 baht monthly.

Official site Google Play | Apple Store

10. Bumble


Bumble is the only app on the list to possibly outshine Tinder in its simplicity and ease of use. 

It’s just an overall solid contender.

When you feel like collecting more single girls in your erotic passport, give this app a try.

While not nearly as popular in Asia, the flock of babes that lay dormant within this app will be mostly “international.”

When you need a break from the locals, let the 100+ nationalities of girls hit on you first.

And you heard that right… because on Bumble, it’s the girl who makes the first move (for their safety & our now benefit – wink wink.)

Making this app a “lazy man’s gem,” as once matched, you’ll ONLY be chatting to Thai girls who actually like you.

Unlike Tinder…

And while you can purchase Bumble’s premium subscription, you really shouldn’t need to.

  • Downloads: 10,000,000+
  • Cost: Mostly free. Upgrade between 400-900 baht monthly.

Official site Google Play | Apple Store

Let’s face it.

You’re looking for apps cause you want to meet gorgeous girls in Bangkok.

But there are much easier ways.

Plus, you’re guaranteed to get what you’re looking for.

Here are some other ways to meet a sexy Thai girl:


Which is the best Thai dating app to meet girls in Bangkok?

Thaifriendly still reigns supreme if you’re looking to meet young and pretty girls, whether they be Thai or otherwise.

Which Thai dating app has the hottest girls?

While debatable, Thaifriendly has the highest frequency of users (single Thai girls).

But if you want to meet foreigners as well, go for Tinder, followed by Bumble (for its multinational diverse users.)

Which Thai dating apps are 100% free?

Most of the apps are designed so that you will spend money on them, eventually.
However, Thaiflirting is your best bet for having the most enjoyable experience, entirely free of charge.


Dating AppsGoogle PlayApple StoreCosts
ThaiFriendlyYesYesSome free features. Upgrade 700-3,000 baht monthly
Thai CupidYesNoAround 300-1000 baht monthly.
Thai FlirtingYesNoFree
Thai KissesYesNoSome Free features. Upgrade 1,200 baht monthly.
Thai LovelyYesYesAround 1500 baht monthly.
Thai SocialYesNoFree
ThaiMatchYesYesSome free features. Upgrade 200-400 baht monthly.
TinderYesYesMostly free. Upgrade between 300-2,000 baht monthly.
BumbleYesYesMostly free. Upgrade between 400-900 baht monthly.

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