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Bangkok nightlife might be as busy as it’s ever been, it hasn’t fully recovered from COVID yet.

The city used to have plenty of nightclubs open after 2 AM, which is the legal opening hour for bars and clubs in most areas of Bangkok.

But unfortunately, places to keep partying past 2 am in Bangkok are rare now.

You can still do it, but more than ever, you really need to know what the late-night spots are.

Lucky for you, we do.

Here is where to go in Bangkok for after-parties.

Penny Black (closes at 3 AM)

Thai girls and MC at Penny Black club in Soi Cowboy Bangkok

Located in Soi Cowboy, on the right side of the street when you enter from Asoke, Penny Black is the most popular after-party “club” in Sukhumvit.

After 2 AM, everyone from the clubs in Sukhumvit soi 11 and the nearby gogos in Soi Cowboy moves to the 2nd and 3rd floor of Penny black to keep drinking.

The entrance is free, the bottles and drinks are cheap, and it’s busy every night.

It’s also where you’ll find all the bar girls and ladyboys working in the red-light district that haven’t yet found a client for the night.

That’s a place where you’ll meet a lot of interesting (and drunk) people.

Mustache (closes at 3 AM)

late night club mustache in Sukhumvit soi 23 in Bangkok

Mustache is not only known as the best techno club in Bangkok, but also as a popular after-party club.

With their new location in Sukhumvit Soi 23 (only a few hundred meters from Soi Cowboy, and Penny Black), they stay open until 3 am on the weekend.

When other clubs in Sukhumvit have to close at 2 AM.

If you prefer house and techno music and an underground vibe, Mustache is for you.

The entrance is 300 THB with 1 drink.

The Davis (closes at 4 AM)

drone view of The Davis hotel and pool villas in Bangkok Thailand

The Davis is one of the party-friendly hotels in Bangkok we often recommend to our audience.

Their 2 bedroom Ambassador suite comes with a private jacuzzi big enough for 8 people and the suite can have up to 30 people.

But the rooms are not the only place where you can party at The Davis Bangkok past 2 AM.

Go to the Corner Wing of the hotel after midnight and you’ll see they turned the lobby into a club with techno and house music played by some of the top DJs in Bangkok.

Entrance is 400 THB, and the drinks and bottles are pricey (at least 250 THB for a drink, and 3,000 THB for a bottle), but at least you can keep the night going if you don’t feel like going home.

Mixx (closes at 3 AM)

girls partying at Mixx Discotheque in Bangkok Thailand

Mixx is one of the top nightclubs in Bangkok and for sure the best late-night club around Siam.

The entrance fee is 300 THB and includes 1 drink.

The club has 2 areas with each a different style.

The busiest is the “red room” on the left, where they play Hip-Hop and the latest hits.

The “blue room” on the right is all about house music, and where the Eastern European girls love to party.

Mixx Bangkok is known for being full of freelancers.

So if you don’t want to go home alone, you’ll find plenty of options at Mixx.

CHOW Cafe & Bar (closes at 4 AM)

cute Thai girls at an after party at CHOW cafe and bar at the Metropole hotel in Bangkok

The Metropole hotel on Rama 9 isn’t the first place that comes to mind when you want to party in Bangkok.

But the hotel’s bar and restaurant, CHOW, has recently become a popular after-party spot.

After midnight, the bar dims the light, the DJ turns it up, and people from the nearby clubs in Thonglor and RCA meet there after 2 AM.

When you’re partying in Thonglor or RCA, that’s clearly the best late-night bar you can find.

Lucky Club (closes at 5 AM)

This bar is so low-key that you’ll have a hard time finding it if you’re going there for the first time.

Most taxis who wait for people outside the clubs know it though.

Tell them you want to go to Lucky, and they’ll instantly know what you’re talking about.

Don’t get fooled by the look from outside, there’s really a bar inside.

Pay your 300 THB, grab your free drink ticket, and walk inside.

The bar is not small, but it’s not big either.

You can hardly put 100 people in there.

There’s a small dance floor next to the DJ playing every type of music, from Hip-Hop to EDM.

But you don’t go there for the music, but for the affordable drinks and the chance to keep dancing and partying past 2 AM.

The PIMP Bangkok (no limit)

Beautiful Thai models in a Karaoke room at the PIMP Bangkok

A lot of people ignore it, but The PIMP Bangkok is actually the only gentlemen’s club in Bangkok where private parties can last all night.

While the pub area, where you can enjoy live bands and sexy shows, has to close at 2 AM, there is no limit of time for the VIP rooms.

Get your private room, fill it with party models, and you can party for as long as you want.

That being said, they have a pretty limited number of VIP rooms, so don’t forget to book in advance if you want to get one.

Map Of The Best Late Night Clubs And Bars In Bangkok

Don’t Know Where To Party In Bangkok?

You’re in the right place, we have all the information you need.

Head back to our homepage to learn more about the best areas and places to party in Bangkok.

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