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In Thailand, a red-light district is an area where there are several adult venues close together.

It could be a plaza, a street, or a major road with a concentration of many adult venues.

The venues in these tourist areas include gogo bars, sex shows, sexy massage parlors, and each is full of sexy Thai girls.

Here are the best red-light districts in Bangkok and what you can find in each of them.

Nana Plaza

photos of thai girls wearing bikini posing in gogo bars in Nana Plaza in bangkok

Nana Plaza is the biggest of all the red-light districts in Bangkok.

The self-proclaimed “Largest Adult Entertainment Plaza in The World” is home to over thirty gogo bars, including four of Bangkok’s best, Butterflies, Billboard, Angelwitch, and Rainbow 5.

We recommend Angelwitch as it’s famous for its lap dance shows.

On the ground floor, you will find a few beer bars full of bar girls.

If you want to party with the infamous Thai ladyboys, head over to Obsession, Casanova, Temptations, or Straps.

And the area immediately surrounding Nana is well known for dozens of freelancers, hand job bars, and blow job bars.

Nana Plaza also has three short-time hotels on the third floor.

When you find a girl, you don’t have to go far for a fun time.

Nana Plaza is only 300 meters from BTS Nana station.


beautiful Thai gogo dancers in bikini on stage of the Butterflies Bangkok gogo bar in Nana Plaza Bangkok

Butterflies is one of the biggest and best gogo bars in not just Nana Plaza but in all of Bangkok with over 140 sexy dancers and models, 3 stages and a giant Jacuzzi. 

Other than amazing pole-dancing acrobatics, they have other erotic shows such as when the girls get in the jacuzzi filled with foam and play with each other.

It’s also more than just a gogo bar, it’s a full-scale adult entertainment hub with a nightclub-like vibe but with a warm and welcoming side.

Unlike most gogo bars where you might feel pressured to buy a girl drink, here you can just simply watch and enjoy while drinking and listening to DJs play clubbing music.

They have a great light and sound system that might even rival some of the clubs in Bangkok.

Butterflies is quite active on social media and are constantly updating their latest promotions and events so be sure to check them out online before you go.


hot Thai girls at Billboard gogo bar in Nana Plaza in Bangkok Thailand

Quite arguably, Billboard is the number 1 gogo bar in Nana Plaza and quite possibly in all of Bangkok.

Not only do they have the hottest girls in town on stage and in the jacuzzi, but they are also super friendly and provide excellent service.

Just call any of the 100 girls over from the stage, buy her a drink and chat along as she laughs at all your jokes.

Who knows, she may even like you.

Other than that, Billboard creates an awesome club-like experience with DJs playing classic and current music hits that make you want to sing and dance.

They also have an amazing light and sound system as well as LED screens that display promotions, music videos and sports.

Billboard is truly an adult entertainment playground that beats any traditional gogo bar.

Being the older sister gogo bar of Butterflies, Billboard has definitely set the standard and without a doubt a must-visit. 


group of sexy bar girls in black lingerie in front of Angelwitch Bangkok sign at Nana Plaza in Bangkok

If you are talking about a pure gogo bar experience, Angelwitch is a trendsetter with unique erotic shows and performances.

You won’t find ping pong shows or weird dirty stuff here. 

Instead, you get to see some amazing sensual shows such as sexy dance choreography, lap dances and even girls feeling each other up in a seductive yet passionate way.

It’s like the name suggests – the shows are a beautiful combination of an angel and a witch. 

Other reasons to visit this gogo bar are of course the sexy girls themselves in themed outfits and the friendly staff.

Rainbow 5

neon sign of Rainbow gogo bar in Nana Plaza Bangkok

Nana Plaza has not one, not two or three but FIVE Rainbow gogo bars.

Each one is unique but Rainbow 5 is the best with the hottest and sexiest girls.

It is also home to the most gogo girls in all of Nana Plaza and quite often you can see over 30 girls on stage at a time, many of them who are often topless.

The girls here also have dance moves to go along with their sexy bodies and beautiful faces.

Rainbow 5 doesn’t have erotic shows but it’s easy to forget that when the girls are dancing in front of you or sitting by your side.

Soi Cowboy

photos of Soi Cowboy by night with front views of gogo bars and thai girls waiting for customers outside

Soi Cowboy has been called Bangkok’s smallest red-light district, but it’s still a “big” attraction.

It’s only 150 meters long but packed into that 150 meters are over 40 beer bars and gogo bars.

Soi Cowboy has a definite carnival vibe and is a must-see on your first visit to Bangkok.

Each gogo is colorful and brightly lit, with loud music blaring out of their open doors.

On weekends, Soi Cowboy has a bustling atmosphere, and it’s hard to get a seat at their two most popular bars: Crazy House and Baccara.

Suzie Wongs has the most erotic shows, including a free ping pong show and a lesbian “girl on girl” show.

On the other hand, Cockatoo bar is one of the top places in Bangkok to meet hot Thai ladyboys.

Soi Cowboy is only a short walk from both BTS Asoke station and the MRT Sukhumvit station, so it’s easy to go there regardless of where you stay in Bangkok.


sexy Thai girls of Baccara bar in Soi Cowboy Bangkok

Considered the most popular gogo bar in Soi Cowboy, Baccara is spread across a 3-story building, filled with close to 200 sexy Thai dancers and models.

The best part of this bar is that each floor gets more exciting than the previous one.

As you enter, the girls are in uniform.

Go higher and they start stripping.

First, they go topless and finally fully naked. 

There is also a surprise for those sitting on the first and second floors.

If you look up at the ceiling you can see a transparent dance floor on which the girls are dancing in mini skirts.

Talk about a cheeky upskirt.

It is definitely a naughty setup here.

The quality of girls and service at Baccara also is top-notch and very well worth paying a visit.

Suzie Wong

A thai gogo dancer is posing near a pole dance in suzie wong a gogo bar in soi cowboy in bangkok

For the best sex shows in Bangkok, there is none better than Suzie Wong. 

It has been in the heart of Soi Cowboy for 22 years where you can see everything from ping pong shows to raunchy sex shows and the best part is that you don’t have to pay for them.

Just keep ordering drinks and you are good to go.

While the girls here aren’t as beautiful as Baccara, they are still quite decent.

Other than that, the gogo bar is clean, service is good and safe.

Lots of tourists go here and it is even a great spot for curious couples who want to explore the adult nightlife of Bangkok.

Crazy House

a group of girls wearing tiny colorful bikinis posing at crazy house gogo bar in soi cowboy

It’s not just a gimmicky name.

It’s literally a crazy house filled with seductive bar girls.

While some of them are in bikinis or topless, most of the girls dance and walk around completely naked.

This makes Crazy House quite famous and different from other gogo bars in town.

It is often crowded, which is another reason why it is called the Crazy House.

But no worries, as the bar also has a second floor where you might get more space to drink with one of the gogo girls.


thai girls dancing in a gogo bar in Patpong in bangkok

Created just after the Vietnam war, Patpong is the red-light district in Bangkok with the richest history and where Thai gogo bars are born.

Patpong consists of two parallel streets surrounded right in the city’s central business district of Silom.

Patpong 1 and Patpong 2’s are lined with many types of bars, including gogos, a BDSM fetish club, and a few beer bars.

Bada Bing and Black Pagoda are the most popular venues today.

But the area was actually founded and built up by King’s Castle, a group of three famous gogo bars.

Patpong is also home to the first ping pong shows in the country.

These are shows where girls perform tricks with ping pong balls using their nether regions.

Patpong is within walking distance of both the BTS Sala Daeng station and the MRT Silom station, and all newcomers to the city should visit the Patpong night market, at least once.

Bada Bing

three thai girls wearing sexy school uniforms are posing at bada bing gogo bar in patpong a famous red-light district in bangkok

Bada Bing focuses on something that many gogo bars don’t – quality of service and a good customer experience.

Apart from being one of the best and favorite gogo bars in Patpong, it is also the largest in the area with 2 floors of fun and entertainment.

The lounge sofas make it incredibly comfortable to relax, drink and enjoy while watching the sexy girls dance on stage.

The girls here are young, attractive and quite cute with a pleasant attitude and friendly personalities.

While you won’t get to see any sex or erotic shows from any of the girls, you can enjoy looking at them or holding them in their sexy outfits.

The bar can also host private parties in one of its VIP rooms, which you can fill with the best-looking and fit girls to celebrate any occasion with you.

Black Pagoda

a group of girls wearing tiny tight silver costumes for a star wars event at black pagoda a gogo bar in silom in bangkok

Black Pagoda stands out from the rest of Patpong’s adult nightlife scene, mainly because of its unique location, design and structure.

It is built on a sky bridge that links two sides of Patpong soi 2 with 2 glass walls that look onto the street.

They have managed to seamlessly blend a nightclub concept with a gogo bar at Black Pagoda, making it quite unique.

Even the interior is chic and classy, which is unlike typical gogo bars in Bangkok.

It’s a place you go to have both a clubbing experience with live DJ performances while also being able to watch or interact with beautiful girls dancing in sexy outfits on stage.

It’s the best of two worlds here.

Black Pagoda even hosts underground parties with sexy women keeping you company.

King’s Castle

Thai girls dancing at the gogo bar King Castle in Patpong Bangkok

King’s Castle is one among three different gogo bars owned by the same group and this one is by far the biggest and best one. 

Naturally, it also has the most gogo girls.

At any given time, you can watch and enjoy over 30 girls on stage as over 100 beautiful girls rotate around at different shifts.

There are no erotic shows here but girls really know how to dance and move around the stage or the stripper pole.

Just like any other gogo bar, here you can invite a girl or two to your table but it is not mandatory and no one pushes you to do it either.

The staff is quite friendly and fun, making King’s Castle a worthwhile bar to visit if you are in Patpong.

Sukhumvit 24 and 24/1

hot Thai girls in Sukhumvit 24

The massage shops on Sukhumvit 24 and 24/1 are known as the oil and special massage parlors.

Sukhumvit 24/1 has over eight of these parlors and they provide more than just normal Thai massage.

The two most popular are Cherry Massage and EZ Massage.

The massage shops all offer a Thai oil massage followed by a special service of your choice.

The special services can be a handjob, blowjob, full service, or any combination of the three.

Oil massages start at 400 THB, and sex costs anywhere from 500 to 1,000, depending on the level.

Most of these shops are open by early afternoon and have a great lineup of pretty girls to choose from.

To get there, take the BTS and get off at Phrom Phong station.

Cherry Massage

sexy thai girls posing for sexy massage advertisement

Cherry Massage is one of the best places to get a happy ending massage from a range of beautiful young Thai girls who are in their early to late 20s.

They provide different types of options ranging from Nuru and Thai to oil and lotion massages.

But no matter which one you choose, the girls really know how to serve you with sensual attention and care.

Their rooms are comfortable and have mirrors to enjoy seeing the action from every angle.

EZ Massage

sexy thai girls posing to advertise massages in bangkok

EZ Massage is a full-service massage parlor that also offers 24-hour outcall and escort service.

At the shop though, you can enjoy oil, gel, and lotion massages as well as aroma therapy starting at 2,100 THB.

That includes happy endings.

They have 30 girls more or less to choose from, each willing to give you the best massage and sexual experience of your life.

Most of them are quite beautiful and sexy.

They also have models sometimes but that will cost you more.

Petchaburi Road

Petchaburi Road

Petchaburi road offers a different type of adult experience.

It is home to several soapy massage parlors.

Some featured in our article about the best soapy massages in Bangkok.

These soapies offer sensual soapy massages, including happy endings and full service.

Rates start at 1,300 THB for two hours.

Some of the more popular soapy parlors here are Nancy Soapy Massage, Biwa, and Angelina Massage.

Many of these soapies are within walking distance of each other.

So finding a girl you like will be easy.

Most of the soapies are close to Phra Ram 9 MRT station and Airport link (Ramkamheng or Phetburi).

This makes it a very convenient layover if you’re stopping in Bangkok.

Nancy Soapy Massage

sexy thai girls wearing lingerie posing for massage parlors in nancy soapy massage in bangkok

If you are ever driving down Petchburi road and you see a giant pink building, you will now know that this is one of Bangkok’s iconic soapy massage and bathhouses.

But it’s also more than that.

Nancy is an entertainment hub with 30 karaoke rooms and VIP rooms for massages and sex.

Nancy is known for hundreds of beautiful girls, delicious food, drinks, and great service within a relaxing atmosphere.


interiror of biwa a soapy massage parlor in bangkok

Biwa is a local soapy massage place where prices are a bit lower than other places.

It’s also a little basic and less nice than any of the massage places in Sukhumvit or Patpong.

The girls here are seated in a fish bowl type of area and are separated into two categories – the 1,300 and 1,000 THB ones.

The 1,000 THB ones are a bit older and less pretty.

Angelina Massage

views of angelina massage, a sexy massage parlor in Petchaburi Road

Angelina Massage parlor isn’t the best of the bunch as it looks more like a restaurant than anything else.

The girls aren’t that pretty here either and are quite plain looking and devoid of personality.

But what this place lacks in aesthetics, covers up in service.

It’s also less expensive here than in other red-light districts.

Also, the girls are more likely to give you a better time if you are nice to them.

Sometimes you pay a lot at popular massage parlors and don’t get the best service.

Here you don’t need to worry about that so much.

Just like at any other massage shop, make sure you ask the mamasan which girl will give the best service to you.

It’s not always the prettiest one that is the best. 

Huai Khwang

front view and sexy thai girl posing for black caviar soapy massage in bangkok

Huai Khwang is home to the highest concentration of soapy massage parlors in Bangkok.

These places are the closest you’ll find to brothels in Bangkok.

The soapies in Huai Khwang are more upscale and more expensive than the ones on Petchaburi road.

Poseidon and Black Caviar are the most popular soapy massage parlors.

Both are located on Huai Khwang’s Ratchadapisek road.

The sideline girls working at these clubs feature former models as masseuses and offer their clients sensual soapy massages and lots of extra services.

For more information on how these places work see our complete guide to soapy massages in Thailand.

The rates at these types of places are higher than the happy-ending massage shops in Sukhumvit.

You can buy 90-minutes for the girls starting at 4,000 to 5,000 THB.

Thai girl in a bathtub at a soapy massage parlor in Bangkok Thailand

Soapy massages are not the only adult entertainment available in Huai Khwang.

Huai Khwang is also known to be home of the best gentlemen’s club in Thailand, The PIMP Bangkok.

A high-end nightclub where you can party with over 200 sexy Thai girls any night of the week.

Huai Khwang is easily accessible via BTS or MRT.

Both BTS station Huai Khwang and MRT station Pha Ram are just minutes away.


rooms and large bathtubs for soapy massages in Poseidon, a soapy massage parlor in bangkok

This is one of Bangkok’s most iconic adult entertainment complexes.

To many foreigners, it might be a hidden gem, tucked far away from the tourist zones of Bangkok.

But to the locals, it is the most popular soapy massage and pseudo gentlemen’s club in town.

As you enter the main lobby area, you will be transported to Victorian times with antique interior designs and furniture.

Here you can relax, listen to music, and order drinks as you take your time choosing the girl.

There is also a full menu that includes Japanese and Thai dishes.

Once you have chosen a girl, move on to selecting one of many luxurious rooms that resemble those of 5-star hotels.

The rooms come in different themes from African and Egypt to Thailand Victorian styles.

They even have a room that is called the Palace that comes with an oversized jacuzzi, meeting room and a karaoke system.

Black Caviar

sexy thai girls wearing lingerie posing to advertise for black caviar , a soapy massage parlor in bangkok

Black Caviar is both an executive club and a lavish soapy massage parlor.

It is an extremely luxurious and extravagant place, which you can see in all its furniture and interior design.

You almost feel like you are at a 5-star hotel.

Then once through the lobby, you will be taken to the reception area where you can choose from over 50 of the most beautiful, elegant and sexy models in Thailand.

Prices for models start at 4,000 THB and go up to 18,000 THB for a 90 minute massage that includes a full-service happy ending.

You can also host big events and private parties here in one of their VIP rooms where you can bring multiple girls to party with or more.

The club also has an incredible international fine-dining cuisine that you can enjoy during your visit.

The PIMP Bangkok

Thai models at The PIMP Bangkok for Miss PIMP election

You can go to all the gogo bars and all the luxury gentlemen’s clubs in Bangkok and none will compare to The PIMP. 

This one is just another level with its entertainment, VIP rooms and an unbelievable selection of beautiful women.

It’s also not as expensive as some of the other clubs like Black Caviar.

Here you get what you see and pay for the best at reasonable prices.

It’s truly an entertainment hub where you can go drinking with friends and colleagues, party with hot girls, dance to EDM and sing along to live band performances.

They also have incredible erotic shows by sexy dancers that will keep your mouth open wide in awe.

sexy strip show at The PIMP Bangkok gentlemen club in Thailand

It’s got everything you need for a memorable guys’ night out.

When you are done with all the fun in the main room or the club is closing down, you can take the party to one of the private VIP rooms and keep going till the sun comes up.

Feel free to bring as many girls as you can with you.

They will keep the party going with you as long as you want.

Saphan Kwai

sexy thai girls wearing uniforms posing at gogo bars in Saphan Kwai in bangkok

If you thought Bangkok’s only gogo bars were located in Nana, Soi Cowboy, or Patpong, think again.

Saphan Kwai has a long history in Thailand’s nightlife.

This area was created about the same time as Patpong to cater to local Thai houses at the Suthisan Army base.

And now this local gogo zone with 8 or 9 bars spread out over 100 to 150 meters.

The largest and most popular gogo is T-Ded 99.

Some of the bars have a second stage where they feature topless and nude dancers.

There are no lady drinks or bar fines.

A short time is 1,500 to 1,600 THB and 500 THB more for a long time.

Most of the staff and customers are Thai.

Westerners are welcome, but learning some Thai might be helpful before you pay it a visit.

Saphan Kwai is easily accessible via BTS/Skytrain station Saphan Kwai station.

T-Ded 99

thai girls wearing nurse uniforms at t ded 99 a massage parlor in bangkok

This is another local massage / gogo bar that is aimed at lower-income Thai men.

It’s an ideal place to go for cheap food, massage and happy endings. 

It’s not frequented by tourists and you won’t find the best-looking girls here but if you want cheaper services, this is a good enough option.

T-Ded 99 also has karaoke rooms where you can drink and party with girls.

Are Red-Light Districts In Bangkok Safe?

girls in front of Cowboy 2 gogo bar in Bangkok

Yes, all red-light districts in Bangkok are friendly and safe.

You’re not likely to run into trouble as long as you use common sense.

Don’t make yourself a target.

Pay your bills with small denomination baht bills, and don’t flash large amounts of cash.

Nana Plaza is designated a tourist safety zone by Bangkok police.

front view of bang rak police station in bangkok

Patpong has a tourist police station in the middle of the district.

The important thing is always to be aware of where you are and what’s going on around you.

To avoid problems, leave your valuables in your hotel room.

Stay on the main streets and don’t venture into the back roads with the promise of free shows.

Prostitution in Thailand is illegal, but all of Bangkok’s red-light districts are safe.

Keep An Eye On Your Tab!

sexy Thai girls in school uniform at Lollipop gogo bar in Nana Plaza Bangkok

You may have avoided the nasty ping pong shows and clip joints.

But just because you are in what seems like a normal gogo bar, don’t assume you’re in safe hands.

Always make sure to keep an eye on your bill.

If you are unsure about the drink prices, don’t be afraid to ask.

Especially when buying a lady drink for any staff in the bar.

These can sometimes be much more expensive than regular drinks.

lady drinks bangkok

Bill padding is less of a problem at the moment.

Some bars even ask you to check and sign your bill each time you order a round of drinks.

You’ll rarely be asked to sign a bill in Nana or Soi Cowboy, where bill padding has never been a big issue.

The normal procedure is for all your bills to be placed in the wooden cup in front of you.

Feel free to check them and to ask questions immediately if you see anything unusual.

If you order a drink and don’t see the bill in front of you, then your internal alarm bell should start to ring.

Always ask to have every bill receipt kept within sight.

Check them closely to ensure they are correct.

Just Say ‘NO’

night view of soi cowboy a red light district in bangkok filled with pink neon lights, customers and working girls

As soon as you turn into a red-light district, there’s a chance you’ll be greeted by a lot of locals asking for your attention.

They’ll be keen to escort you to their favorite bar.

It shouldn’t take you many milliseconds to figure out they are not up to no good.

You’re likely to find them to be very persistent.

Even after saying “NO” they’re likely to follow you and continue to offer friendship, hoping to win you over.

Don’t trust these guys by any means, and certainly don’t let them lead you to any bars.

The chances are you’ll be taken to a seedy show bar.

You’ll discover the first drink/entry fee is 5 or 6 times compared to other bars.

Then, you’ll leave with a bill that will put a serious dampener on your night.

The best way to avoid this scam is to ignore them completely.

As you pass, they will try to engage you in conversation.

They’ll ask you what you are looking for, and where you are going, offering to take you to the best bar in the area.

a sexy thai girl wearing a bikini and high heels is posing on the counter of a bar in soi cowboy in bangkok

As soon as you engage in conversation with them, you are on their hook.

And your first 10 ‘NO’s’ will be ignored.

If you do find yourself having to respond, simply say ‘no,’ smile, and walk away, completely ignoring them from then on.

Their attention will soon be drawn to the next oncoming foreigner face.


What Are The Most Popular Red-Light Districts In Bangkok?

The biggest red-light district in Bangkok is Nana Plaza also known as the world’s largest adult playground.
There are over 40 gogo bars and clubs on all three floors full of Thai gogo dancers.
The streets around Nana are also full of action.

In Which Red Light District In Bangkok Are The Best Soapy Massages?

The red-light district in Bangkok with the best soapy massages are Petchaburi road and Huay Kwang (especially Ratchadapisek road).

In Which Red Light District In Bangkok Are The Best Happy Ending Massages?

The red-light district in Bangkok with the best happy-ending massages in Bangkok is Sukhumvit soi 24.

Where Can I Bring A Girl From A Red Light District In Bangkok?

Many hotels are guest friendly in Bangkok, check our list to find the best girl-friendly hotels in Bangkok.

Bangkok Red-Light Districts Map

Find the best red-light district near you.


Red Light DistrictsVenues
Nana PlazaGogo Bars
Beer Bars
Blowjob Bars
Soi CowboyGogo Bars
Beer Bars
Ping Pong Show
PatpongGogo Bars
Strip Clubs
Fetish Bar
Ping Pong Shows
Sukhumvit 24 and 24/1Special Service Massage
Oil Massage
Petchaburi RoadSoapy Massage Parlors
Huai Kwang
Ratchadaprisek Road
Soapy Massage Parlors
Gentlemen's Clubs
Saphan KwaiGogo Bars

Where Else Can You Party With Hot Girls In Bangkok?

If you like gogo bars and red-light districts, you’re going to love gentlemen’s clubs.

This is the high-end version of adult entertainment in Bangkok.

They have hundreds of hot Thai girls, the best live music and DJs, and private rooms where everything goes.

Check out the list of the best gentlemen’s clubs in Bangkok, or go straight to the #1 Gentlemen’s Club in Thailand, The PIMP.

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