Angelwitch Bangkok: The Best Sex Shows in Bangkok?

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If you think gogo bars have nothing left to surprise you, check out Angelwitch in Nana Plaza.

Angelwitch is located on the left side of the second floor of Nana Plaza, right next to the famous Spanky’s. You can easily recognize it by its flying witch logo.

But what’s interesting about Angelwitch is what happens on stage. It’s his shows that are completely different from any other gogo bar.

About Angelwitch Bangkok

  • Prices: drinks start from 150 baht / bar fine from 700 baht
  • Opening Hours: Daily from 8 pm – 2am
  • Address: 2nd floor of Nana Plaza, on your left

Why Go To Angelwitch Bangkok?

girls working on an erotic show at Angelwitch bar in Nana Plaza
  • Angelwitch’s famous shows. Angelwitch offers sensual performances every hour, each lasting about 15 minutes. They are put together by an in-house choreographer with decades of experience. The shows range from a sexy lap dance to two clad girls massaging each other, all the way to lesbian shows with up to 5 girls. And often the girls end up completely naked.
  • No ping pong shows. There are no ping-pong shows or other dirty stuff. The shows are all about sensuality and the girls playing with each other. And with the audience.
  • Spectators can participate in the shows. That’s right, some shows involve the audience. So if you’re lucky enough to be sitting right next to the stage, you’ll get a chance to participate.
  • A regular gogo bar between shows. Outside of the 15 minutes of shows every hour? Angelwitch is just another gogo bar. The girls dance on stage, and you can invite the one you like for a drink.
  • Angelwitch girls’. Angelwitch has always had a great selection of girls, but in recent years they’ve gotten even better. The standard may not be as good as Billboard or Rainbow 5, but it’s still one of the best in Nana Plaza.
  • The girls have moves. Not only do the girls have nice bodies, but they know how to use them. All the moves they learn for the sexy shows, they can use to turn you on in ways you never thought possible.
  • The girls’ outfits. As for the outfit, the girls wear different types of dresses and lingerie, but the most common uniform is a black bikini with high heels. It’s all very sexy and shows a lot of skin.
  • Only rock music. Ok, maybe not only, but the music at Angelwitch is mostly rock. It’s very different from other gogo bars.
  • The staff is super nice. Another thing we like about Angelwitch is that everyone is super friendly and fun. That includes the mamasans and the waitresses. Everyone always has a smile on their face. It’s always a pleasure to party there.

Next time you’re in Nana Plaza, you should definitely stop by to watch their shows.

Thai girls in red underwear and high heels on stage of Angelwitch gogo bar in Bangkok

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