The go go’s of Patpong have reputation for lots of hustle, hassle, and even the occasional bill padding, and while there are a number of go go’s in the area which don’t help the rep, there are a several a go go’s here which are as good as anything Nana or Soi Cowboy have to offer.

Bada Bing makes you feel at home

Fans of the Sopranos will no doubt already know the name Bada Bing, the infamous New Jersey strip club from the epic TV series, and Patpong’s own version of this sexy gogo is well worthy of the buzz. Several friends of mine had been raving on about some recent wild nights at Bada Bing and so I finally decided to finally check the place out. I have to say I was left very disappointed. Disappointed I hadn’t come here a long time ago.

I loved the placed and I was instantly made to feel at home. Now in most gogo bars the priority of the staff is to get you seated, put a drink in your hand, and then try to get a girl sat on your lap (with a drink in her hand). While I didn’t have to wait long for a drink in Bada Bing, I never felt hustled into picking a girl to sit with me, nor did I experience a line up of bikini babes begging me to buy them an overpriced drink. Instead I was simply greeted with smiles and allowed time to enjoy my drink and take in the surroundings (a breath of fresh air for this notorious nightlife zone).

Quality over Quantity

Able to get a good undisturbed look around the bar, I was surprised at how spacious and well laid out the place is. The seating around the edge of the bar is booth-like and very comfortable, with a good view of the central stage and yet enough privacy for those looking for intimate conversation. The stage itself is quite large, and yet not over crowded, so the dancers have plenty of room to do their thing and you can genuinely get a good look at everyone. The great thing about Bada Bing is that they’ve built the bar around their staff, with lots of fun and interesting personalities. While each night of the week there is a theme of dress, the dancers and coyotes are still given lots of freedom to personally style their own costumes and add accessories to help show off their individuality. It’s also clear by looking at the staff; the management have opted for ‘quality over quantity,’ which is a big thumb up in my book.

The fun and friendly party vibe make Bada Bing a place like no other!

The decor and buzz also got two thumbs up. It’s clean and cool, and the fact it remains popular with lots of in-the-know expats, as well as a steady flow of fresh-faced tourists, there is very much a fun and friendly party vibe. The bar also has a private area upstairs with its own bar and gogo stage, as well as views down onto the ground floor stage, which I was told is available for large groups and parties; a perfect venue to start a true ‘one night in Bangkok’ style stag party or birthday!

I didn’t pay too much attention to the drink prices but after several gin and tonics and a couple of lady drinks I was expecting a much larger bill than I received. The prices here are far fairer than I’ve experienced in other go go’s in this part of town.

Bada Bing will sure surprise you.

Despite it being my first visit to the bar, Bada Bing has been around for 3 years now, and they certainly know what they are doing.  The fact the bar is owned and run by a team of farang really makes the place work for me, especially the efforts of the manager, Alex, who spent the night doing laps of the bar ensuring all the customers were welcomed in and kept happy. For those who have had less than satisfactory experiences in the Patpong gogo bars, and are tired of the usual Silom hustle, Bada Bing is well worth giving the area another chance, I think you’ll find you’ll very pleasantly surprised. Not only will I be back, but I have a feeling this joint will become my new Saturday night ‘regular.’

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