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Patpong is one of Thailand’s oldest and most famous red-light districts.

For almost six decades, people from all over the world have passed through many bars and the night market in Patpong Soi 1 and Soi 2.

But a lot has changed since the golden era of Patpong.

Here are the best places to explore in or around Patpong these days.

Gogo bars

Thai bar girls from Pink Panther agogo in Patpong Bangkok

Since 1969, when the first gogo bar opened in Patpong, the street has become notoriously famous for adult entertainment.

Many bars opened and shut over the years but now, only a few stand tall.

And they even have some of the hottest gogo dancers in the city.

Here are the best gogo bars in Patpong.

Bada Bing

group of sexy Thai girls at Bada Bing Patpong in Bangkok

Located within Patpong Soi 2, Bada Bing is considered one of the best gogo bars in Bangkok.

Its intimate style, collection of young beautiful ladies as well as quality dancers have made it quite famous among locals and tourists.

Bada Bing makes for a great place to come chill, drink, party and enjoy watching the girls dance and move around.

While the bar doesn’t have any erotic shows, you can, however, invite any of the girls to your table for a drink and be able to chat with them.

And possibly more.

Bada Bing is also perfect to host a private event to celebrate a birthday or bachelor party as they have a private room on the second floor.

The Pink Panther

Muay Thai fighters inside pink panther gogo bar in Patpong Bangkok

Pink Panther is the oldest gogo bar in Patpong still open.

And it’s one with an authentic gogo vibe and ambiance.

There is no other gogo bar anywhere in the world where you can watch girls in bikinis and a live Muay Thai fight.

All in the same bar!

It’s quite an experience.

Black Pagoda

a group of girls wearing tiny tight silver costumes for a star wars event at black pagoda a gogo bar in silom in bangkok

You can see Black Pagoda when you look up as you walk down Patpong Soi 2.

The gogo bar is located on a bridge connecting the two buildings from each side of the road.

From downstairs, you can see the gogo dancers showing their moves to make you want to go up to have a drink with them.

Head to the stairs and go up to the third floor and you’ll be welcomed by 20 to 30 attractive girls, all ready to share a few drinks with you.

If you want some privacy, there’s a small private area above the bar where you can party with the girls without anyone seeing you.

XXX Lounge

three sexy thai girls wearing bikini are posing in front of pole dances in xxx lounge a gogo bar in patpong bangkok

XXX Lounge is an exciting gogo bar with about 50 girls rotating each night.

The design of the bar is like every other gogo bar with a stage in the middle with poles where the girls dance, and seats all around it.

What makes XXX Lounge very special is the selection of girls.

They always have the most friendly and smiley girls in Patpong.

And now they even have a small private area where “everything goes”.

You have to go there to try it.

King Castle

Thai girls dancing at the gogo bar King Castle in Patpong Bangkok

King Castle has over 100 sexy girls who rotate in shifts, dancing on stage or giving lap dances.

There are no erotic shows at this gogo bar but you can enjoy seeing the girls bust out their best moves on stage and around the pole.

Just like any other gogo bar, here you can invite a girl or two to your table.

But the best thing about King Castle is that the staff is never pushy.

Everyone is friendly and fun, making King’s Castle a great place to hang out when you are in Patpong.

Ping Pong Shows

Neon sign of Super Pussy in Patpong famous for its ping pong shows

Patpong is quite famous worldwide for its ping pong shows. 

But what is a ping pong show?

In simplest terms, it’s a sex show where a woman strips down naked or half-naked and starts to insert, inflate or eject objects from her vagina.

The most popular object is usually a ping-pong ball.

That’s where the name is coming from.

But it can be anything, even sharp objects like razors or darts.

There are only a few “bars” where you can see these shows in Patpong, and they’re often hidden above other bars or shops in Patpong.

Make sure you ask for the price before you walk to the bar to avoid being asked for extra fees and tips.

Patpong Museum

patpong museum sign in bangkok and street view

Patpong Museum is an exciting new space that holds the history of Patpong from the past 100 years, including what the CIA did there in the old days and the historic visit of many celebrities, including David Bowie.

In the museum, you’ll find a large variety of interactive exhibits, screens, games, and collections that takes you on a journey through Patpong history.

There are over 100 original pieces, spread across 6 zones in this 300 square meters museum.

Other than the museum artifacts, you will also be able to experience how gogo bars were in the 70s.

You’ll find an authentic replica of one of them at the end of the tour.

Soi Thaniya

view of soi thaniya in bangkok at night with a lot of neon signs advertising clubs and bars

Soi Thaniya is a beautiful revamped walking street complex in Patpong, Silom area.

It is filled with nice cafes, Japanese restaurants, shops, and office buildings, creating an ultimate lifestyle destination for locals and tourists.

There is also a naughtier side to Soi Thaniya.

Hidden amongst the eateries and shops are a few KTV establishments and soapy massage parlors as well.

They hide in plain sight and it doesn’t take much to find them.

Just look for the neon signs and the lines of beautiful women waiting by the entrance. 

Once you do, you will be taken for a surprise ride with amazing adult entertainment and services.


Thai girl in a red dress holding a guinness at chequers restaurant in Sukhumvit soi 4 Bangkok

There are dozens of amazing restaurants in and around the Patpong area. 

Here are a few worth trying.

French Kiss

French expats at French Kiss Restaurant in Patpong in Bangkok Thailand

French expats and people who love French cuisine have nothing but great things to say about French Kiss.

It is a gem of a restaurant in Patpong, with homemade delicious French food.

There is a good variety of dishes with both classics from French cuisine, like Andouillette, tartare steak, and duck confit, as well as a few Thai and seasonal dishes.

The prices are also quite reasonable, especially for French food.

For decades this place has been a haven for the French community and French cuisine aficionados.


interior of kikyo japanese restaurant showing small tables and traditional japanese decoration in patpong in bangkok

Kikyo is one of the hidden gems of Patpong.

You need to find the entrance in the car park next to Foodland, or just ask the staff there to show you the way.

Once inside, you’ll see why Kikyo is one of the most authentic and friendly Japanese restaurants in Bangkok.

The place is quite small, and the service is a bit slow, but it’s worth the wait as the food is delicious and some of the best value for money you can get in the area.

The Paddy Field

The Paddy Field Irish Bar in Patpong Bangkok

The Paddy Field is an oasis within the madness of Patpong.

It’s a calm bar with reasonably priced drinks, cold beer, and more importantly Guinness on tap.

The menu includes all types of Western and Asian dishes, from pizzas to burgers, to curries.

Hotels Near Patpong

Whether you’re staying a night or a few weeks around Patpong, here are the hotels we recommend.

The Rose Hotel Bangkok

bedroom showing a large bed at the rose hotel in patpong in bangkok

The Rose Hotel Bangkok is a stylish boutique hotel located in the Silom Surawong area, a couple of hundred meters from Patpong Soi 2.

The hotel offers great privacy and has been recently renovated in a contemporary Asian style.

It has a restaurant called Ruen Urai Fine Thai Cuisine and a swimming pool and pool bar at the back of the hotel.

It’s the best option if you’re looking for a guest-friendly hotel near Patpong.

The Siam Heritage Hotel

big traditional thai bedroom at the siam heritage hotel in patpong in bangkok

The Siam Heritage Hotel is located a short 50 meters from Patpong Soi 1 and 2.

The hotel offers 73 elegant rooms and suites, each with a blend of modern technologies and antique furniture from the Lanna and Middle Rattanakosin eras.

The hotel has two in-house restaurants, a meeting room for up to 30 people, a coffee bar, and a bakery.

The Siam Heritage Hotel is the option we recommend for a comfortable stay without breaking the bank.

Le Méridien Bangkok

Avantec Suite at Le Meridien Bangkok
Avantec Suite

Le Méridien Bangkok is an art-inspired 5-star hotel next to Patpong.

The hotel has newly refreshed rooms and features a variety of dining options including a poolside bar, a coffee house, and two restaurants.

The first restaurant serves European and Asian cuisines, while the second one is a Memphis-style smokehouse with a BBQ called Rolling Ribs Brew Bar & BBQ.

The hotel also has a coffee house, a poolside bar, and a mid-century-themed bar called Tempo Bar that serves cocktails, wines, and spirits.

There’s even a spa and a fitness center.


How To Get To Patpong?

Patpong is easily accessible by taxi or by BTS.
Sala Daeng is the closest BTS station to Patpong.
It’s only a 3-minute walk from here.

What Is The Best Gogo Bar In Patpong?

The best gogo bar in Patpong is Bada Bing.

What Happened To Patpong Night Market?

The night market in Patpong closed during the COVID pandemic and never came back to life.
Here are other night markets in Bangkok you will like.

Is Patpong Better Than Soi Cowboy?

Both Patpong and Soi Cowboy are great red-light districts.
But Soi Cowboy is by far the most lively of the two these days.
Learn more about it in our review.

Are There High-End Gogo Bars In Patpong?

Patpong only has gogo bars.
But for VIP parties with hot Thai girls, the best venues are gentlemen’s clubs.
While there aren’t any notable ones in Patpong, there are plenty of gentlemen clubs in Bangkok.
The best of them is The PIMP Bangkok.

Patpong Map

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