Butterflies Bangkok: A Mix Between a Gogo and a Nightclub

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Go up to the top floor of the famous Nana Entertainment Plaza to find one of the most incredible gogo bars in the city, Butterflies Bangkok.

With its unique ambiance, hot young Thai girls, and a large jacuzzi filled with Thai babes rubbing each other, Butterflies is a must-try in Nana Plaza.

girls wearing black bikinis on stage of the Butterflies Bangkok gogo bar

About Butterflies Bangkok

  • Prices: drinks start from 160 baht / bar fine from 800 baht
  • Opening Hours: Tuesday to Saturday from 8 pm – 2 am
  • Address: 3rd floor of Nana Plaza, on your right

Why Go To Butterflies Bangkok?

girls in a hot tub at Butterflies Bangkok in Nana Plaza
  • It has the same owners as Billboard Bangkok. Butterflies is run by the same team behind the famous Billboard agogo, which shares the same floor in Nana Plaza. Why it matters? Only because Billboard is one of the best gogo in Bangkok, known for its incredible shows, great service, and most importantly, stunning girls. And the management has clearly applied the same magic recipe to select the girls for Butterflies.
  • Butterflies Bangkok girls. The bar has about 50 to 80 girls on weeknights and up to 100 on weekends. All young, fit, and just the right amount of wild. So it doesn’t matter what kind of girls you like, with so much to choose from, there’s no doubt you’ll find one you like.
  • A welcoming gogo bar. Butterflies is warm, inviting, and offers something different from the other bars in the building. When you enter the bar, you’ll immediately see two stages on either side of the bar with poles for the girls to dance on, and then a large Jacuzzi in the middle for…
  • The sexy foam shows. Butterflies has a huge Jacuzzi where the girls love to get wet, cover themselves in foam, and rub each other. If you can, grab a seat right next to the jacuzzi, get ready for a sexy show like no other.
  • Clubbing music and DJs. The bar has invested a lot of money to get a world-class sound and lighting system to make it feel like one of the top clubs in Bangkok or even Thailand. And it works well. They also have very good DJs who play a nice mix of classics and current hits. Butterflies is a good alternative to traditional gogo bars for those who like gogo dancers and EDM.
  • Great staff and service. Last but not least, Butterflies is also known for the quality of its staff and service, like Billboard. The staff there will take good care of you, whether you want a drink, a few girls to party with you, or more.
sexy Thai girls on stage at Butterflies gogo bar in Bangkok

Butterflies Bangkok is a must-try whenever you are at Nana Plaza.

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This way Bangkok’s gogo bars will have no secret for you.

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