When venturing into the Nana Entertainment complex, you barely begin to walk down the entranceway and calls and screams from the girls begin. With a large Neon sign and bright colors boldly standing out from the rest of the GoGo bars, Lollipop is right on your left and easy to find. When you have a sweet tooth, then this is the place to get some sugar. Lollipop gives you everything that is sweet and sexy wrapped into one package.

Upon entering, I caught the eye of one of these friendly ladies, and decided to have a drink and a chat outside and leave my company for a while. I was lucky that an NFL football game was on one of the big screen TV’s featured on either corner above. It is extremely difficult to have small talk with a sexy 22 year old while focusing on football. It was very surprising that my new friend spoke English quite well and was actually knowledgeable about the sport. I wish she could teach some girls I know from America. The funny thing is that Oh never asked for a lady drink. Normally that’s the first thing you hear after hello. After talking and watching the game for a few minutes, she asked if I was going inside because she had to go on stage. I agreed and wandered in thru the red curtain into the main part of the GoGo.

The Surrounding

Red colors everywhere with luscious ladies lining the unique elevated T shaped stage, set up in this multi tiered area. Three gorgeous ladies peered down at my group, and were pointing at one of us. This is what happens when you are 25 and look like you should be in a Boy band.

We had chosen to sit in the stadium style seating that surrounds the stage and is elevated off the floor. It gives a great view of all that is going on around you. Within minutes, Oh had come off stage and joined us when two more of her friends came over. As I said there are plenty of woman here and they are very good to look at.

The Price

Along the back wall of the club is a good sized bar featuring all your favorites. Lady drinks are reasonably priced but the prices on drinks are a bit high. For a clean establishment with good music and hot girls, it is worth the prices here. Bar fines are in the 500 – 600 THB range and the same charges apply for Short time (1500 – 2000 THB). Long time is in the (3000 – 4000 THB) range. The prices are negotiable to a point but that it up to the girl and how hot she is. There are numerous sexy women here so the chances of finding someone you like is quite high.

So if you are looking for something sweet to put in your mouth then stop by Lollipop and get your fingers sticky.

By Kevin Harrington