Dubai Luxury Club: a Taste of the Middle East in Ratchada

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If you like gentlemen clubs and haven’t been to Dubai Luxury Club yet, you’re clearly missing out.

This exclusive club located in Ratchada area opened only a few years ago, but it’s already seen as one of the best clubs in Bangkok.

If you want to meet sexy Thai angels and feel like a prince from the middle east, Dubai Luxury Club is for you.

What is so Luxurious About Dubai Club?


From the valet service to the expensive furniture, everything makes you feel like a VIP from the moment you enter Dubai Luxury Club.

sexy Thai singer at Dubai Luxury Club in Bangkok

The club’s beautiful interior inspired by the palaces of the middle east offers a true luxury feeling.

And that’s not even the best part.

Every night and all night, the club’s entertainment is a mix of shows by their beautiful dancers and some of the best local live bands and singers.

And the club clearly goes all-in with its selection of artists.

If you’re familiar with Thai music, you probably heard of Two Pee Southside, J Jetrin, Atom, or Bon Peacemaker, to name only a few of the prestigious bands and singers who performed at the club.

Thai singer on stage at Dubai Luxury Club in Ratchada Bangkok

And if Thai pop isn’t your thing, don’t worry; the club also has live music with the latest hits and all-time classics in English.

We can guarantee you’re never going to get bored, and their attentive staff will always make sure your drink and your hands are full.

Ok, that’s nice, but what about the girls?

Meet Their Gorgeous Girls

Thai girls working at Dubai Luxury Club a gentlemen club in Bangkok

Dubai Luxury Club is clearly not the biggest gentlemen’s club in Bangkok.

That doesn’t take anything from the VIP experience they provide, but it doesn’t have as many girls as its competitors.

So to be clear, don’t get there too late if you want to party with the most beautiful girls they have.

Thai models from Dubai Luxury Club in Bangkok

That being said, Dubai Luxury Club has a beautiful selection of hot and young Thai girls with beautiful faces, great attitude, and who will never shy away from a wild party.

So if you want to get out of Sukhumvit and party with gorgeous Thai girls, Dubai Club is a good place to visit for a fun night, especially if you go VIP.

Feel like a VIP in the Private Rooms

large private room at Dubai Luxury Club in Bangkok

If you’ve read the rest of the website, you should be familiar with gentlemen clubs and their private rooms.

VIP rooms, also called party rooms or private rooms, are clearly where things get interesting in these clubs.

And Dubai Luxury Clubs has a nice choice of VIP rooms for 2 to 20 guys, plus as many girls as you can fit.

All rooms are equipped with a private karaoke loaded with thousands of songs and a TV connected to the internet to stream your favorite hits from Youtube. The biggest rooms even have a private pool table.

And while the club has to close 2 am, you can party as long as you want in the private rooms, as you’ve got the cash to pay for it.


With a name like Dubai Luxury Club, you could expect something really expensive, but prices are actually quite reasonable. At least for members.

The price of memberships starts from 20,000 baht for 1 year and can get you up to 8 bottles (depending on the liquor and brand you choose).

For a private room, the price starts at 2,500 baht for members and 4,500 baht for non-members.

And for girls, the price starts between 1,900 and 2,660 baht for the 1st hour (they have PR, coyotes, and models, which all have different prices), and 380 baht for every 40 minutes after that.

The price per girl is actually one of the cheapest of all gentlemen clubs we’ve tested. And a great deal for girls that stunning.

But like other gentlemen clubs, keep in mind that getting a membership is the best way to lower the price of a night there. That’s particularly true at Dubai Luxury Club.

Contact Party Bangkok for more details and bookings on this page.

About Dubai Luxury Club

Dubai is an exciting gentlemen club using a middle east theme to get your attention (and ours).

But no doubt there’s more to it than a beautiful design and oriental dancers.

Dubai Club is a legit gentlemen club with truly amazing girls, great entertainment, a large choice of private rooms, and a true VIP experience for anyone with the right budget.

And if you’ve never been to this type of club before, The PIMP wrote a great post about the gentlemen’s club etiquette.

A must read before you go there for the first time.

  • Opening Hours: Daily 9 pm – 2 am
  • Address: Dubai Luxury Club, 202/1 Soi Ratchadaphisek 13, Din Daeng, Bangkok, 10400


How much cost a night at Dubai Luxury Club?

For a bottle and spending a few hours partying with a girl, take 5,000 to 10,000 baht with you. But for a true VIP experience at Dubai Luxury Club, be ready to spend well over 10,000 baht.

Does Dubai Luxury Club have parking?

Yes, Dubai Luxury Club has a large parking lot and a valet service to take care of your car.

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