Gentleman Club vs. Erotic Massage: Which is Better?

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An Exclusive Gentlemen’s Club in Asia features live music, sexy dancers, and beautiful young women.

The party models at the clubs are fun will keep you company all night.

Girls at the Pimp Club Bangkok
*Image: Girls at the Pimp Club Bangkok

Erotic Massage: Limited Amenities

High-end erotic massage parlors have started offering VIP services, similar to gentleman’s clubs. Examples include large suite rooms, TV entertainment centers, and membership packages.

But their venues are missing one key element: Entertainment.

There is no DJ, no live band, no sexy singer on stage, no dancers, and no DJ. There is no common area, only a room for and naked girls.

And most notably, there is no bottle of whiskey on the table to play games and get the girls drunk.

Erotic Massage: Designed for Sex Only

The girls are at an erotic massage parlor are there strictly for sex. And they usually want to get it over as fast as possible, moving like robots through the day and night.

That’s the feedback a lot of people leave after visiting Kapooclubs for example.

The charm of these places is the girls don’t have much experience, but the problem is they often do things mechanically.

Further, the rooms at massage parlors are not large enough for a party with your gang, well, unless you want to schedule a gang bang!

Erotic Massage: Expensive – Close Early

From a short-term point of view, an Erotic Massage Parlour might appear more affordable.

You get a beautiful girl, shower, sensual massage, and sex for around 3,000 baht over 90 minutes.

Slam, bam, thank you, mam.

But if you want to continue the party, you pay another round — another 90 minutes, there is no negotiation, and the cost of the girl will be another 3,000.

So you now have a 6,000 baht tab.

Furthermore, most massage girls are tired after getting rammed by five guys that day, so they want to go home and sleep. And Massage Parlours have strict rules to shut down at midnight with no option to continue.

And where does that leave you to pursue the night?

Gentleman Club: Adult Entertainment for Less

That’s quite a bit more than you would pay for the same amount of time at a gentlemen’s club.

Run time for a party model costs you about 4,000 baht for 3 hours in a gentleman’s club.

At a gentleman’s club, you can enjoy the company of a beautiful lady in a VIP setting for as long as you want, even see the sunrise,

But at a gentleman’s club, you can eat, drink, and sing and listen to music in the privacy of your VIP rooms, with dozens of beautiful women to entertain you and your friends.

So if you have the stamina, you can party all night and see the sunrise.

Sure the cost of a standard package at a Gentlemen’s club does not include sex at the Erotic Massage.

But if you hit it off with the girls, you might get Girlfriend Experience (GFE) to brighten your spirits.

Did you ever have had a gorgeous woman land a french kiss on your lips with precision after only 5 minutes of meeting you?

Gentleman Club: The Civilized Choice

In conclusion, from an entertainment point of view, a gentleman’s club offers much more value, assuming, of course, you have both the time, mood and friends to join the party.

And of course, if you like the girls at a gentleman’s club, you can always negotiate and take them back to your hotel.

That’s the point of a gentlemen’s club.

There’s no guarantee, and there’s more challenge involved to get the girl.

For Gentleman.

If you’re curious to learn more Thai gentlemen’s clubs and how they work, read this post.


How much does it cost for a wild party at a Gentleman Club?

In Thailand, the cost is roughly $300 USD per head for a full night party

Can I have sex with the girls inside a Gentleman Club?

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In the end, you know what’s best for you and your friends.

Bangkok Nightlife Team

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