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There is a growing trend of Thai women choosing to date or marry foreign men.

In the past few decades, you would mostly see bar girls on the hunt for foreigners but recently, rich and independent Thai women have also decided that foreign (often western) men are more appealing.

While they don’t make up the majority of the Thai female population, there are still a lot of them.

Just take a walk along Sukhumvit Road in Bangkok or go to any pool party and you will notice how many Thai girls are on the lookout for foreign guys and there will hardly be a single Thai man in sight.

So, what are the reasons for this situation?

Here’s what we know:


foreign man with money raining all around him

At first glance, it would seem that Thai women are after foreign men for their money.

There is generally a misconception that all foreign men who come to Thailand are better off financially than Thai men.

In reality that is not entirely true.

There are plenty of Thai men that are rich but it is difficult for most Thai women to attain them as boyfriends or girlfriends.

Thai men with money usually look for young and hot girls with a model like body and a celeb like status (models, net idols…).

Something the average Thai girl doesn’t possess (at least in the eyes of Thai men).

So, therefore, Thai women are left to seek foreign men with any decent amount of money who in turn are also willing to spend on the girl(s).


white man holding a Thai girl

This brings us to another reason why Thai women want to date foreigners, which is status.

Just like money, Thai women don’t fit in the status criteria of rich Thai men so they seek that in foreign men.

Dating or marrying a foreigner suddenly becomes a status symbol for them. She will love showing you off to her friends and family.

Expect her to take pictures everywhere you go so she can show her Instagram followers how good life is with a farang.

Foreigners are also able to provide a sense of security that most Thai men can’t offer.

At least that’s true for girls who are not born into money.

So called “Hi-so” girls who are from wealthy Thai families will most of the time barely consider foreigners and prefer rich Thai men from the same social circle.


hot white boys at so bangkok pool party

Whether it is the color of their skin, their eyes, hair or general “different” look and features, Thai girls love the look of a foreign man. Especially a western, white man.

This could be for many reasons but it is not at all surprising.

It also simply comes down to taste.

Some women like bearded brown men. Others prefer white babyfaces.

Others may be drawn muscular Arabs or Africans. Because, why not, right?

To each their own.

Lifestyle & New Experiences

Thai woman holding hand at a temple in Thailand

When foreign men come to Thailand, they are looking for new experiences. They are traveling and doing things constantly.

Thai women are drawn to that and want a taste of that lifestyle and new experiences as well. They want to try something different than Thai men.

Language is another reason.

Thai girls want to learn a new language, whether that is to further improve their English skills or to learn a new one like French, German or Spanish.

There are even some girls who prefer Korean, Japanese, and Chinese, and like to listen to their music or watch TV shows.

Similarly, they might even be fascinated to learn about new cultures.

More and more Thai women are traveling solo and meeting foreign men within Thailand helps them practice or get accustomed to it before setting out on their journey.


white man in a shirt holding a girl in a dress

Thai men are generally known to be not very faithful or romantic despite what TV drama and movies show.

That isn’t to say that all Thai men are like that, of course, but in villages and low-middle class households, it is often the case.

This forces Thai women to seek love and attention from foreigners. In turn foreigners also tend to take better care of their Thai counterparts.

Of course, there are always exceptions and even foreign men cheat but it seems to be less frequent.

In the end, the formula is actually rather simple.

Foreign man comes to Thailand from his country where he is not desired because of his age, looks or status.

He is however, desirable to Thai women because of his age, looks and supposed status.

So, it works for both parties.

They are each looking for the same thing and it becomes easy and convenient.

What Thai Women Think About Foreign Men?

Thai woman on a swing thinking

We also met with some of our Thai female friends and asked them to get their point of view as well on why they prefer to date foreign men.

Here’s what they had to say:

“They are different from us, so that is very appealing”

“Definitely because they are more handsome and have interesting looks”

“I like their skin color” Most prefer white while some like brown or black guys.

“Thai guys are shy to show their love”

“Foreigners are sweet”

“For me, it is easier to talk with foreigners than a Thai guy. Thai guys are more complicated and tend to judge me.”

How Do You Know If A Thai Woman Likes You?

Sexy Cute Thai Girl in Bed at Bangkok Hotel

If you are wondering if a Thai girl likes you, here are some common signs that she just might:

  • She smiles at you a lot but looks away when you look at her
  • She laughs at your (not-so-funny) jokes
  • She likes to touch your arm or hair
  • She gets jealous if you talk to another girl
  • She invites you out again
  • She introduces you to her friends
  • She likes a lot of your IG photos

However, don’t assume if she does any one of the above actions, that she truly likes you. She might just be friendly or seeking attention.

But if you notice her doing at least 3 or more of these signs, then there is a high chance she is quite into you.

And if you’re not sure how to win a Thai woman’s heart, follow these tips.

Where To Meet Good Thai Women?

Thai Freelancer at Bangkok Nightclub

It really depends on what type of girl you are looking for and how easy you want it to be.

The fastest and easiest way to meet single Thai women is to hit one of the lady bars or a gentlemen’s club.

But if you are looking for genuine and good Thai women, you need to take a bit more time.

You can start with going to local bars, nightclubs, and party venues in places like RCA, Thonglor, Ekkamai, or Khao San.

Also check out some of the popular pool parties where there are plenty of single Thai bikini girls to meet.

Check out these 11 best places to meet Thai girls in Bangkok for more recommendations.

There are also plenty of online dating sites and apps where you can meet the right girl.

Last but not least, you might want to consider hooking up with girls from Bangkok top universities.

They often come from all over the country and are more traditional, in a good way.

We have a guide on how and where to meet Thai uni girls in Bangkok coming soon.


Do Thai women prefer foreigners?

Yes, a lot of Thai women prefer foreigners, whether it’s for their money, look, lifestyle, or the status they provide them.

Is it hard to find or date a Thai woman?

In general it is pretty easy to date a Thai woman. Like any woman, you have to show her your worth whether that is with money, looks, charm or something else. There are plenty of fish in the Thai sea, so keep at it.

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